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Sunningdale Golf Club in England Being Sued by a Golfer

You might think that golf is a peaceful kind of sport where nothing happens except rich people pushing around a fucking ball. Friendly people meet each other to play with their balls and compare who’s better in that. And concerning the fact that this is almost a solo game, no troubles between these players can happen. But not for the Sunningdale Golf Club in England

Recently one guy decided to start a little war with that famous Sunningdale Golf Club, England. His name is John Cawood, a 72-year-old boomer from Australia and a former lawyer. He sued this exclusive golf club, which is also one of the best in the world, for being kicked out. The golf course terminated his membership in 2015 because John had been playing more than his ass had to. As he had his “overseas membership”, he was able to play golf only 30 times per year. 

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But as the managers of the club claimed, his cunning ass managed to play too much and attend the golf club more than that ‒ around 90 times a year. Members said he had been attending the club like his fucking country pub or something. Such stars like Sean Connery and Hugh Grant are also among members of the golf club. But, what if John Cawood was slandered, and members of the club and their captain are the real motherfuckers? 

This is just exactly what John said in court. He said that the captain and members didn’t really like him, and decided to throw his ass out the club using this lie. He claimed that during his “overseas membership” he had been paying around $1500 for these fucking 30 games per year, and only in 2006, he paid extra money for playing more than that. Maybe the bad guys of the club were envy that they have to pay $5000 for full membership, and this old boomer for $1500 had been having more fun there? No one knows why exactly members of the club were about to get rid of John. Clash of personalities or just his shit lessons for everyone how to play, it’s hard to tell.

All we can say is that Central London Court listened to every side of the case and decided that the Sunningdale Golf Club members were wrong trying to throw out John from their community. The court agreed that John was slandered and ordered the club to reinstall John’s membership and pay him a little for the troubles.

The main idea of the court was the fact that golf in that situation with John wasn’t just kind of sport where he could lose some weight or something, it’s his way of life, even more than just a fucking holiday hobby. So, it looks like fucking karma and justice really work together to punish cocksuckers.

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