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The First Women’s Golf Tournament 2020

The First Women’s Golf Tournament 2020

In March 2020, Saudi Arabia will become the center of incredible events. The largest state will host the first-ever women’s golf tournament! Beauties will prove that not only men are worthy to occupy the heights in this sport. The competition is organized in collaboration with Golf Saudi and the Saudi Arabian Golf Federation.   

Saudi Arabia will become the center of history from March 19 to 22, 2020. Women will demonstrate that golf is not only for men. Ladies European Tour (LET) Tournament will surprise us.

Ladies European Tour 2020: What to Expect from a Significant Day

Competitions will be held in the western part of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club.

According to the Executive Director of Ladies European Tour Alexandra Armas, the tournament has exciting prospects. Without a doubt, participants and fans of sporting events will face four exciting days given the quality of events organized for Saudi International. This is how it is worth meeting the spring: with dignity, very sporting, and with prospects!

— “This is a great experience for the players. I’ve been to Saudi Arabia several times and I was lucky to have several golf lessons for local women,” — said Armas.  

Women competitions in this male sport should change the whole outlook on the game. Previously in golf sport, there were not many women who wanted to prove that there was a place for young ladies. Only in 2016, Korean girl Inbee Park showed that she could beat anyone. Now the participants in the Saudi Arabia tournament want to follow her fucking great example!

The prize for participating in the Ladies European Tour 2020 is a good motivation for the girls. It is reported that the winner will not only go down in history but also receive one million dollars. More than a hundred representatives of the beautiful sex will fight for the main prize.

Not Only Women’s Golf: Good Changes for Girls in Saudi Arabia

This is not just another competition, it is a great opportunity for women from Saudi Arabia to defend themselves. Women’s rights here still stand on a very controversial indicator. This is one of the countries where gender segregation is so pronounced.

But changes are coming in Saudi Arabia. In addition to the women’s golf tournament, there is more exciting good news. For example, a previously indisputable decision on social rules is slowly moving aside. The case concerns custody systems where earlier women could do anything solely with the consent of a male relative. Also, recently, it was announced that Saudi Arabia authorities would stop supporting restaurants where sex divisions are still followed.

In early August 2019, the Saudi authorities allowed 21-year-old girls to travel unaccompanied by a guardian. The decree, signed in early August by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, became a breath of fresh air for many women in the kingdom: they gain the right to travel on their own upon reaching adulthood.

According to the latest innovations, now women in Saudi Arabia can also drive a car, go to university or get a job without the mandatory permission of a male guardian. In particular, changes in labor legislation specify that a “worker” can be either a woman or a man, and the pay does not depend on the gender of the candidate, it is equal. Moreover, employers will be prohibited from dismissing or threatening to dismiss a woman during pregnancy or maternity leave, which is 180 days. The permission to independently apply for a number of documents – a passport, certificate of marriage, divorce or birth of a child – will simplify the life of the female half of the population of Saudi Arabia.

The Freedom to Develop Any Way You Want

Girls can go traveling, raise children without constantly thinking that they need to carry out all the questions through men’s opinions. Women will do their favorite sport in the end. Isn’t that cool? We are living in the 21st century, and it seems everyone has long been living in the freedom of choice, but for some, it has only just begun to enter the minimum norm.    

We hope everything will continue to change in the same spirit of freedom and the girls will not go too crazy under the smell and taste of freedom of choice. Well, this probably will not happen, since their appearance is still under the control of the religious police, which monitors the observance of a modest dress code: a long dark dress – abaya, and a scarf. For violation of the traditions, a woman faces a punishment, one of the mildest punishments of which is lashes. Also, release from prison for a woman is possible only after the request of the male guardian.

What is most surprising, many women get used to these rules and do not want to change their lives. Perhaps this is a matter of centuries-old traditions and religion. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is happy with the implementation of democratic initiatives in Saudi Arabia and is looking forward to the First Women’s Golf Tournament 2020!

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