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The Iconic “Si” Celebration Of Cristiano Ronaldo

The cult Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebration, invented at the departure of Real Madrid to the States, was even copied by Mbappe and Neymar.

In football, there have been cult celebrations before. Montella flew to the sideline like an airplane. Bebeto rocked an imaginary child at the World Cup 94. Pele jumped half a meter and cut the air with his fist as if trying to knock out an 8-bit mushroom from Mario.

The rituals of the big scorers scattered around the world and became fashionable, but did not have much marketing value. Today, players advertise their brands, launch challenges and register copyrights. A goal kick becomes part of the hard work of promoting a trademark.

The celebration of Cristiano became the same recognizable personal feature as the legendary pose in front of the free kicks. Ronaldo runs up, jumps, turns around in the air and emits a powerful “Siii”, landing on his legs wide apart. Fans play along, photographers catch chic shots ‒ the show has a success!

cristiano ronaldo goal celebration

The ritual surpassed in popularity of other famous celebrations ‒ the mask of Dybala, a heart with hands from Bale. The corporate gesture is adored by millions of fans, but it infuriates no fewer people.

Attitudes towards Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates are a phenomenon. Few football gestures are copied more often (even in other sports) and few are annoying so many people. The celebration is known as selfish and arrogant; Ronaldo is criticized for the fact that he equally marks “nine” goals through himself, and the penalty (the claim is that it is too pathetic for simple goals). A pose and hands that look like Superman’s cloak seem to be narcissistic.

There is no special symbolism in the celebration ‒ just a spectacular ritual with which Cristiano notes a job well done. His perception is personified: no one would blame if the Suarez were doing the same. In the performance of Ronaldo, the gesture is perceived tougher, but it does not bother him: “This celebration brings me luck, so I will not refuse it.”

It all started in the USA

For the first time, Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal celebration took place in Miami in the finals of the first International Champions Cup. In August 2013, Real Madrid beat Chelsea 3-1, while Ronaldo took a double. In the second goal, he closed Isco’s canopy, ran to the flag and presented a new ritual.

cristiano ronaldo goal celebration

Over time, the striker finished off the details ‒ there was a U-turn and widely spaced legs. It’s not in vain that Ronaldo calls the celebration happy: in the next five years he won the European Championship, four Champions League and four Golden Balls. And just once lost to Lionel Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo Si Story

The Cristiano Ronaldo Si call has a rich background. He first thundered it at the presentation of the Golden Ball in 2014, when Cris screamed right from the stage. Then no one understood what happened, Bild and Gazzetta Dello Sport called the scream a yell from Tarzan, but Guillem Balague quickly orientated: “Ronaldo’s warlike roar “Siii ”. I know that it sounds completely wrong, but it really is Si.”

cristiano ronaldo goal celebration

Ronaldo then confirmed: “Real Madrid players know that I always scream like this when I score a goal or celebrate a victory. This is our team chip.”

The tradition was born on the American tour of Real Madrid back in 2011, helped to rally the team and had great two-way fun. It is unclear who first issued the battle cry, but the birthplace is known ‒ the field of California University, which the club used for training. Then the players celebrated goals and victories in matches.

Over time, a gradation appeared that made the scream more interesting. Ronaldo, Bale, and Benzema marked goals in training like that, Sergio Ramos ‒ kicked through himself. Marcelo celebrated forwards between his legs, and Casillas ‒ cool saves. But in official matches, the cry became associated primarily with Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates.

cristiano ronaldo goal celebration

When Ronaldo scored at the Juventus Stadium, the entire stadium shouted Siii.

Now Cristiano Ronaldo Si passed in other sports

Cristiano’s brand gesture quickly spread throughout the world ‒ now everyone is copying it. Mbappe said that he celebrated in the style of the Portuguese when he played at the Academy of Monaco. Neymar recently imitated Ronaldo in the training of the national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal celebration was repeated by Lewis Jett of the Australian Coast Eagles, Australian football team. Jacksonville NFL team kicker Josh Lambo (entered the American football after soccer) celebrated a field goal like that, and Chicago player Lamar Houston, after a successful defensive action, tore the cruciate ligament, trying to repeat Cristiano`s movement. Some French guy answered “Siii!” to the priest’s question “Will you marry …”.

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