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Tokyo Olympics Might Be Scrapped Due to Coronavirus

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan, which have already been rescheduled for the period from July 23 to August 8, 2021, can be permanently scrapped if there are no corresponding opportunities for their holding. This was stated by the head of the Games, Yoshiro Mori. That’s not good news…

This decision of the organizing committee of the summer games in Japan is associated with a pandemic of fucking coronavirus infection. There is still no vaccine from this crap. If until the next year the world fails to defeat COVID-19, there will be no opportunities for sporting events, and Tokyo Olympics will be just scrapped…

According to Yoshiro Mori, re-rescheduling the date of the Olympic Games to 2022 is just impossible. So, you can forget about this awesome competition for a while. Also, the head of the Association of Japanese Doctors, Yoshitake Yokokura, said that there is no effective means of combating COVID-19 and the developed vaccine, that’s why the 2020 Olympic Games could be scrapped.

“We are talking not about whether or not the capital of Japan should host the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but how difficult it will be,” said the head of the medical association.

Tokyo Olympics
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He also noted before, that the large-scale sports games had to be scrapped due to military operations, natural disasters. An invisible infection in our times is the same evil enemy and a serious occasion to cancel all events.

According to experts, the creation of vaccination against this coronavirus can take up to one and a half years. So, there is no guarantee that humanity will get rid of the disease closer to 2021. It can take a lot of time to distribute COVID-19 drugs around the world to remove the foci of the disease. Considering that at the moment more than 3 million infected in the world have already been diagnosed, this process can take a very long time. In addition, Japan faced difficulties because of the postponement of the competition date in Tokyo next year due to sponsors who also found themselves in crisis conditions.

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Tokyo-based Olympics and Paralympics Minister, Seiko Hashimoto, said that there are not so many sponsors who are ready to support the Olympic Games again. This may lead to the fact that some athletes may not receive the necessary financial assistance for their activities. Training, which will be prolonged for another 12 months, may affect sports facilities and organizations.

“Most sponsorship contracts with athletes and sports federations are valid only in 2020. We will make significant efforts to negotiate,” said the Minister.

According to a Sankei newspaper survey, five Japanese sports federations announced the inability to receive sponsorship on time and 22 more confirm that they will also be experiencing difficulties soon. All this is connected with the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Japan has already invested more than $ 12 billion in organizing the competition and such unforeseen expenses in connection with the pandemic and the postponement of the event may not be affordable for the country… The failure of some sponsors has played a key role in the growing threat. This information has been discussed many times on Reddit Olympics. 

The situation was commented by the Prime Minister of the state, Shinzo Abe, he stressed that the Japanese authorities were not ready to pay for the additional costs incurred with the postponement of the Olympic Games.

“I didn’t promise that Japan would take overtime expenses at its own expense. It is not true. We will try to ensure that the Olympics in 2021 was held under the auspices of the victory of the world over COVID-19,” said Abe.

Also, earlier on the website of the International Olympic Committee, it was said that the prime minister would take care of all the difficulties that arose, but most likely, his final answer is not positive for the Olympians.

Course, we hope for the best!

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