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10 Tips in FIFA 20 That Will Help You Win

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First of all, EA should fix this fucking game. If this game wants you to win – you will win. But if it wants you to loose – it doesn’t matter how good you are on the virtual pithc. You will fucking loose. This game sets my ass on fire. And not only mine. And it’s not just for Ultimate Team.

The developers surprised the fans with the release of the new FIFA 20. It seems that FIFA 20 has undergone major updates and is now full of totally new features. Also, it has many basic mechanical settings that have been changed. Remember these 10 tips to better understand the new mechanics and succeed in this computer game.

1. Try New One-On-One System

How does the one-on-one system in FIFA 20 work? EA introduced the new one-on-one duel system in FIFA 20. It calculates who should win the ball based on several factors:

– Football player characteristics (e.g. strength, weight)

– Position relative to the ball and the opponent (angle, speed, body position)

– Team defensive scheme

Another new feature is Football Intelligence. It is based on three components that relate to ball ownership, playing without it and the physics of the ball itself. In one-on-one situations, players will have more options both in attack and defense, and dribbling fans will be able to stand out thanks to new feints. The physics will be completely redone for the ball, the developers promise realistic bounces and twists.


The more complex but interesting one-on-one combat system is for both attackers and defenders. For the first, Strafe Dribbling was invented. The essence of the trick: you roll the ball and wait for the opponent to rush at you. Forwarding and stroke is a favorite feint of yard dribblers. But here, FIFA seems to have blundered – the player with the ball backs too quickly, which is wildly unrealistic. Plus, during strafe dribbling it is generally impossible to take the ball away.

But it’s now more difficult to beat on the forehead because the defense has the Controlled tackling skill. EA develops the theme with “press the right key on time” – now if you choose the right moment, you will win the ball.

2. Counter Attack

When trying to counterattack, many factors should be taken into account, such as the accuracy and speed of the ball, an error in an opponent’s attempt to take the ball, an unsuccessful or too short pass, a technical error, etc. Any, even the smallest, opponent’s error should be used. The vast majority of counter-actions are carried out on the flanks of the field, where you have fast players who can take a far-flying ball. Such a ball often leads to a throw in the penalty area and creates a dangerous situation. The second way is to play the ball in the center of the field, giving one long pass (above the field) to the running player.

Speed Planning And Support

Plan your passes in advance and execute them at a certain speed so that they reach the receiving player without slowing down the speed of the game. When one player passes the ball, the recipient will have to go back to take such a pass, and therefore slow down the attack. In this way, the adversary gets time to react and organize an additional defense. Moreover, a quick exchange of passes opens up zones in the defense of your opponent.

3. Try Different Passes

The accuracy of passes in simple situations will be increased: passes given without pressure and with a good location of the player’s body are more likely to reach the addressee. They will also add a new type of a pass “with the ball raising” (a soccer player raises the ball slightly above the ground so that he flies over the defender’s leg). Previously, AI was responsible for making such tricks – the computer itself determined the moment when the ball should be raised – in FIFA 20 this will be done by the gamer.

The mechanics of awnings and standard positions will also improve – EA Sports has corrected situations in which tall strikers were guarded by undersized rivals. The results of the struggle of two players for a riding ball will become more diverse because of jumps and collisions in a fight, it will be more difficult for an attacker to score a goal. Also, during penalties, it will be possible to indicate the point where the player will aim, set the impact force and the side in which the ball will spin.

4. Defense in FIFA 20

The defense system will also be updated – the emphasis will be on the manual control of the defenders. So, the effectiveness of “containment” (while holding a certain button your defender takes care of an attacking opponent, the computer will try to select at the right time) will be reduced – AI-controlled players will stay at a distance and will respond more slowly to movements of the player with the ball. It’s now more profitable to manually select the moment for selecting the ball.

5. Various Feints

Performing techniques and tricks in FIFA 20 allows you to be effective during the game. It is also easier to beat players of the opposite team.

Some of them you can do while running, others while standing, and the most advanced are only for the best five-star players in FIFA 20. As in the previous parts of the franchise, to perform a certain trick, you need to do a certain action with the right analog – counterclockwise or clockwise.

But they made feints harder to perform in FIFA 20. Moreover, each repeat of the trick increases the chance of making a mistake. This means that to win rivals using a single five-star football player, as in the previous parts, will become unrealistic.

Also, a chance to make mistakes will affect all the tricks, which include the need to make 180-degree turns. Therefore, in FIFA 20 you can now forget about hitting the goal in the position from the back (if the player is deployed while receiving the pass with his back to the goal). The goal from this position will be very difficult to score.


In FIFA 20, the complexity of some feints has changed compared to the previous part.

One star

The simplest kind of tricks that absolutely every player can handle.

Two stars

A little more advanced tricks, which, however, most players still can cope with. Tricks are mainly based on moving the ball in the legs – this is a very effective way to confuse the opponent.

Three stars

This time you can only perform the following tricks at an average pace. We recommend you to test these tricks in training modes, and then use them on a field.

Four stars

One of the most difficult tricks. They require the right timing, as well as the right player at a high, almost top level.

Five Stars

Usually, the most difficult tricks to perform are reserved for the best players, whose rating is five stars.

6. Timed Finishing

Timed finishing is a mechanic that allows you to turn any strike into a world-class strike with just one additional press of a hit button, at the right time. This opportunity introduces a new dimension of risk/reward in all shots in FIFA 20, the decisive factor is the choice of the moment of impact.

The basic mechanics of shots have not changed, but if you want to make your shot potentially unbreakable and add strength and accuracy to it, after the first click of the strike button you just need to press it again.

However, this is easy in theory. In practice, the second press should be made at the perfect moment: the wrong choice of the moment can even worsen the initial blow. When the FIFA trainer is on, there will be a color bar with a slider over the player’s head.

The second time, you need to press the hit button when the slider is in the center of the green zone. With the exact choice of the moment of impact, you will see a short message above the scale: “Perfect moment!”

7. The Goalkeeper May Go Outside the Goal Line.

In FIFA 20, a player is allowed to make the goalkeeper go out and claim a cross. By tapping and then holding down Triangle / Y, your goalkeeper will rush off his line and jump to either catch or punch the incoming cross. This sometimes can save your game, but like in real life, it is very dangerous.

8. Learn All Kinds of Shots

Choose the type of free-kick and the player who shoots through the penalty

Before you shoot a free-kick at the opponent’s goal, you need to decide which shot you want to choose, as well as the player from the team that will perform it. As for the athlete, select a player with suitable attributes for the position from which the penalty kick will be performed. When you select the gamepad, hold down the R2 key (RT for Xbox One). Be sure to take into account his statistics on the power of blows, the accuracy of shots and execution of shots on a curve

Adjust Your Running and Angle

Before performing a free-kick, you need to adjust the angle of inclination, as well as select a running mode. This plays an important role in the successful execution of a free throw. You can choose between standard, direct or lateral field movements.

Use the Impact Indicator

Before punching a free-kick, use the new FIFA 20 feature called “Shot Indicator” to visualize which path and direction your shot will be directed to. Keep in mind that the impact indicator when playing a punch does not take into account the number of rotations when aiming.

Shock boost

As soon as you aim in the right direction, press the O (B for Xbox One) key to determine the impact force. The longer you hold the key, the stronger will be the shot on goal.

How in FIFA 20 to break a free Knuckleball kick?

To perform a shot, follow the joystick trajectory “From bottom to top.”

How to break the Low Driven free kick in FIFA 20?

To perform a shot, follow the joystick trajectory “From top to bottom”

How to break the Top-spin free kick in FIFA 20?

Use the joystick to draw the Bottom-Up trajectory in a straight line. The ball must be directed straight to avoid trajectory distortion due to rotation.

How in FIFA 20 to break a free kick on the curve?

Use the joystick to move left or right with wide movements (depending on the curve you want to apply).

Timed Finish free-kick feature in FIFA 20

The “Timed Finish” function was introduced in last year’s version of FIFA and was available for performing free penalty kicks. This function is activated by pressing the “Shoot” button again.

9. Penalty

How to shoot a penalty in FIFA 20? FIFA 20 introduces a new penalty system. Shooting in the old style will not work, but you need to get used to the new one. However, if you have good skills you can make incredibly accurate shots.

The first thing that catches your eye is the “floating” sight (1), the default position of which exactly matches the center of the target. However, it is constantly moving, so if you aim the sight to another place and release the analog, it will return to its original position. This works similarly to the corner kicks from the previous part.


The crosshairs move aggressively, so you need to concentrate to keep it in one position, while the scale of the blow above the player’s head is filled. Besides, the impact force is indicated by an expanding circle around the sight (2).


When it gets too big, the kick is likely to be too strong and the ball will fly far beyond the goal. In this case, it is important that when charging the force, the reticle would still be movable and freeze only when we release the strike button. That’s why it’s very difficult to control.


Using Timing During Penalties

FIFA 20 has returned the Timing system, which we can use, but we are not required to. Proper use of this system occurs when – after you release the hit button, quickly press it again. This should happen when the player’s foot touches the ball. So this is really a split second.

The above example shows that we were able to perfectly apply such tactics. This is indicated by the green crosshair (3). He is also in a difficult place to defend, so the goalkeeper will have real problems with the defense, even when he rushes in the right direction.

Crosshairs can also turn yellow (4) or red (5). In the first case, this is the average successful use of timing – if in this situation the blow is not very strong and the crosshair is within the goal, the ball may fall into the net if the goalkeeper does not catch it.


If the sight is red, the ball will almost certainly fly away from the target. All of this will be useful when playing alone or online. But what if you play together on the same console?

Then, so that the player managing the goalkeeper does not know what kind of blow the opponent is going to strike, we can change the position of the sight at the last moment. Nevertheless, it is very risky, it is likely that we will keep the sight where we want to break through.

Another way is to simply disable the crosshair – click the cross (in the settings). If you want to shoot near a post or crossbar, turn the stick until you feel a slight vibration.

In turn, if you play as a goalkeeper, it is worth recalling a trick that still works – look at the player’s head. It will move – literally a few pixels – in the direction in which the player aims and is likely to strike. It is worth trying to rush in the same direction.

10. Continue to move around the field

The correct movement on the field is undoubtedly an extremely important problem in the FIFA 20 series of games. Thanks to the correct movement on the field, you can solve dangerous moments at the opponent’s goal in your favor, as well as effectively stop the actions of attacking opponents. Remember that playing offensive or defensive is not just using acceleration.

Permanent Movement

During the game in FIFA 20, there should be no situation when the player with the ball stands still. The ball must be in constant motion, because playing with the ball breaks the enemy’s defenses and forces them to switch to other players, thereby opening up new paths to the goal.

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