TWIFT | Esport | 6 tips to tear up the street in FIFA 20’s Volta mode

6 tips to tear up the street in FIFA 20’s Volta mode

6 tips to tear up the street in FIFA 20’s Volta mode

Sick and tired of classic FIFA? Want to show off what you’ve learned in the streets? Here’s your chance. FIFA has brought us a new mode, Volta, to test our skills and have some fun. It feels like that put old but gold FIFA big moment in a blender, added a bit of FIFA Street nostalgia vibe, mixed it all together and served us on a plate. And let me tell you, it’s better than a dessert.

The mode does resemble what we all are used to playing. All in all, it’s still football. But there are a few things coming out different from both a traditional 11 v 11 match and FIFA Street techniques. So, in all the generosity of ours, we are here to help you master the game with a carefully selected and tested list of tips and tricks. Even if you haven’t played it at all, it will at least help you understand how it works in general and will prepare you for future battles. That’s why go on and learn how to kick your opponents’ asses in no time.

Traning day

You can be a top-best-pro-super FIFA master, but don’t skip the training day. You do need a bit of practice to get used to the Volta mode in FIFA Street 6. The training option becomes available right after you’ve finished your first match in Volta. There are a few reasons to get and have a crack at some training drills. First, it will level up your game. I’ve already told that, but despite how pro you are, there is no such thing as too much practice. 

Secondly, which may be the very argument, it will give you experience points. Do you remember The Journey mode where you could earn points to buy skills and boost yourself in the League? Exactly the same for Volta. And you definitely don’t want to miss an opportunity to level up. 

Once you’ve maxed all the points out of the mode, you won’t get more of them. But you can get more skills just going there again and again. Play moves pretty fast in Volta, so good knowledge of the core tenets is going to stop you from getting digitally pantsed by your opposition.

Skills, skills, skills

Have I mentioned skills yet? But this time it’s not the ephemeral ability you may or may not have. This time it’s about real as never in-game skills, measured by twinkling stars. Street football is not your academical full-on game where it’s all about precision and knowledge. Volta is based on fun, joy, silly tricks, and taking every opportunity to hit the back of the net. And the silliness, and, probably the effectiveness of your tricks are in direct correlation with the number of stars you have.

You start off with only two stars, which gives you no chance to show off and perform some real magic tricks to hammer the ball into the opponent’s net. So your first goal in FIFA Street 6 should be to get yourself up to the five-star level. At this point, you will become the Messi of Volta, leaving players in your dust as you fly around the pitch in the showiest, hardest to predict way possible.

Use the simple skills system

Have you ever heard about Occam’s Razor? No? Ok, let me educate you then. Occam’s Razor claims that the simplest answer is often the right one. And this rule is very much applicable to FIFA where the simplest skill is usually the best. So why mess with success if everything can be done so simple? You need no more but two buttons (hold down R2 + L2 or RT + LT for Xbox One controllers) and the left stick (wiggle it, wiggle that piece of plastic). And bam! The game does everything for you. This combination activates the skill moves the game thing is now the most appropriate. 

I can hear you now screaming in disgust. I’m sure you can remember a shitton of button combinations. Leave it for 11 v 11. In Volta the tempo is so fast, you won’t have time to push 15 buttons to make your players dance ballet with a ball. Therefore, leave the heavy lifting for the game itself and focus on teasing your opponents with newly-invented curses.

Play it off the walls

Volta has a ton of locations from all over the world. And they are fucking amazing! And what’s the best part? They have walls! Not all of them, of course. But some of the arenas are walled off, locking the ball inside a restricted area. It may look like you are trapped and imprisoned but in fact, it gives you more freedom in your moves.

You can take advantage of having a wall when you are being pushed into the corner by playing the ball against the wall. If you still have enough space, you’ll be able to bounce the ball off the wall and get it past the one following you. It won’t work every time, for sure. But still worth trying.

Jockey for position

In Volta, as already said, you won’t have the same space as in a usual game. The pitches are so small that three players can already make a crowd and cover a good load of the ground. Narrow space, fast-paced game, ten seconds and you lose control over the ball. To take advantage of the conditions yourself, hold down L2 (LT for Xbox One players) and move your player in between passes. Ten seconds, and now you nail it intercepting the ball.

What’s more, is FIFA 20’s new contextual defense. With this new feature, the player will automatically block the shot, if anyone, he is jockeying, will try to make a hit. There’s a good argument for just holding down the button to Jockey whenever you’re off the ball.

Don’t move your keeper

In Volta, you don’t have a keeper as is. None of the moving figures will be glued to the goal waiting for a moment to protect it. So when there’s an attack rushing to your goals, the nearest player will take on the role. But you better resist the temptation to move the player and try to ward off the goal. Keep the keeper in place. Here you can again take the advantage of small Volta pitches and use the now-familiar L2 (LT for Xbox One) to hold down a move to jockey towards the attacker. This will let you close the distance while blocking as much of the goal as possible. The less of the goal your opponents can see, the harder it is for them to score, as you’ll intercept or block most shots, pissing them off. If you do this successfully enough, you can just imagine the rage they’ll have. And we all know that the more emotional you play, the worse you play.

Volta mode is a great way to break down the 11 v 11 matches with a dynamic, ass-burning and controller-breaking experience. Have fun!

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