TWIFT | Esport | Cloud9 made a cosplay makeup video

Cloud9 made a cosplay makeup video

Sounds strange, right? Well, let’s try to call it a team building activity. It all started when one of the Cloud9 members, Sneaky put on a cosplay costume for his fans. “It actually doesn’t look that weird, maybe I’ll try it”, says Sneaky. He didn’t only try once, it’s his hobby now. Guess that his teammate was like: Strange flex, but ok…Imagine the shitload of jokes, possible with such a friend by your side.

Anyway, his friends were quite supportive, that with time the team decided that they

can do a video where all of the guys get cosplay makeup K/DA style (which is a virtual music band). Now, why would one do this? The Cloud9 guys believe that if people are enjoying it, it’s not a bad thing. People said the same about Nazism in the 1930-s, but fine.

The video is indeed hilarious. It’s always fun to watch tough as fuck bearded guys, get loads of make on their face and for the cherry on top putting on a purple wig. Or a super muscled man with pink fluffy ears, it even might have some charm in it. In the end, the team says that it was boring as hell to sit on the makeup chair for such a long time. How do women do that all the time, and more importantly, why? The worst experience had Denis, who was laughing his ass off while the others were doing their makeup, but got depressed after he got his makeup done. Well, Denis, we kinda understand you!

But yeah, if you are wondering what to do with the squad on the weekend search no more, just do a freaking cosplay makeup, it will definitely bring you guys to another level of bromance. And you’ll also have a shitbag of jokes and dirt on each other for years to come.

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