TWIFT | CS:GO | Counter-Strike tournament return to Royal Arena

Counter-Strike tournament return to Royal Arena

In less than two weeks in Copenhagen will be fucking hot! On November 2nd, 2019, BLAST Pro Series returned to Royal Arena in front of 12,000 roaring fans. Six of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world will compete live on stage to win the iconic BLAST Pro Series trophy and a share of the $250,000 prize pool. It’s quality over quantity time.

It’s hard times for Danish Astralis, as they must try to get their first BLAST Pro Series title on Danish soil. However, Astralis with 22 points is going to fight hard for the title, as they will face badass teams such as the world rankings current #1 with 26 points- Team Liquid (USA), the international star team from the FaZe Clan 20 points. the Swedish legends NiP with 16 points?, NaVi(Russia) with the world’s best player and cloud9 (USA) both with 6 points.

The special BLAST format means the audience has the opportunity to watch their favorite teams live on stage for at least 3 matches. It also means that the teams have the balls to play in front of fans, which according to Astralis’ Peter Rasmussen makes a huge difference to the players. He says that it’s always something very special when playing in the Royal Arena, where the audience welcomes you in a way the team dared not dream of just 3 years ago. Astralis have had some wild experiences in recent years, but the support they experience on the home court of the Royal Arena is one of the greatest things a player can achieve. Over the past two years, the team has been virtually prospering in international Counter-Strike. Right now, the Danish team is in a place where they have to fight to get back to the top. No one can be in the first place all the time, but Astralis ambitions and hunger do not change because competitors are getting better too. Team member Peter is absolutely sure that they will be here for many more years, and will continue to develop their game with the goal of winning many, many more trophies home to Denmark. Especially the homeland BLAST pro series. The best present to give a true fan is a winning game and looks like the Astralis are ready to play one.

The format of the BLAST Pro Series is compact, fast and hard-hitting for players. It gives a completely different dynamic and pressure on the teams, and it opens up for surprises since all the group play matches are one map and only the best two go directly to the final.
Jordi Roig, Executive Producer BLAST Pro Series explains, that they are constantly working to develop the format and spectator experience with the goal of creating the most interesting, engaging and entertaining esports tournament and live experience possible. One of the main goals of the format is to guarantee the fans and viewers that they can experience their favorite teams on stage for the crucial and most exciting matches. They are currently preparing for the 2020 season and will have a lot of experience with all the productions made. There is no doubt that they will ultimately like to weigh the competitive high and remove some of the coincidences that are also in a format with the so-called “Bo1” matches, where you only play one map because most professional and best-prepared teams have the best opportunities in BLAST. However, organizers don’t want to compromise on the live experience and can guarantee that everyone will be even wilder, more fun and bigger than the first two tournaments in the Royal Arena.

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