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If You Have Questions About Your Penis Size, Read This

The Average Penis Size 

Do you have a small or large penis? Finally, through research, it is possible to draw reasoned conclusions about penis size, one of the most important concerns for men around the world. According to the latest data, the average length of an erect penis is 5.15 inches, and in a calm state – just over 3.54 inches.

To reach this conclusion, the British researchers analyzed 20 previous studies of the male bolt, which included 15,521 participants aged 17 to 91 in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US.

In terms of thickness, studies have shown that the average penis size is 3.66 inches in circumference when relaxed and 4.57 inches when erect.

Let’s Start with Fascinating Facts About Manhood:

1. The largest penis in the world today reaches almost 13.78 inches in an erect state. There are rumors that exist larger “samples” but keep in mind that the sexual organ must also function normally.

2. The smallest penis registered by doctors was only 0.59 inches long. However, there were even such cases when the head was just attached to the pubis …oops!

3. But there is nothing critical in this: plastic surgery does wonders. Doctors proved that it is possible to increase the penis by 2.76-3.15 inches, this is only in the quiescent state.

4. The average penis size at rest is only 3.15-3.94 inches. Of course, everything is individual!

5. In a state of erection, the penis increases not only in length, but also in volume, and reaches more than 5.15-5.51 inches.

6. Let’s retreat to the area of ​​the animal world. The blue whale has the biggest penis in the world. How much do you think? About 11.48 feet!

How to Measure your Dick Length in the Right Way? 

To objectively compare the length of the different penis with slightly different shapes, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of measures to lengthen the penis, the simplest method is still used – the length of the penis is measured in an erect state, without correction for the shape of the penis:

The ruler is placed on the stomach and applied to the penis. In this case, two methods of fixing the ruler are selected – without forced pressing to the pubic bones, but only by lightly touching the skin in the region of the root of the penis (Method A) and pressing the ruler to the pubic bones as much as possible (Method B). From this point, the length is measured to the farthest point of the penis. Naturally, the penis length measured by method B will be 2-3 cm (or even 5-6 cm in obese patients) longer than the length measured by method A.

Does Size Matter? What Do Women Think About This

Average Penis Size

If you’re still worried about the importance of your penis size, then spoiler – size doesn’t matter. It is not the size of the penis that is important, but the ability to work with it. That was how the majority of women answered during one of the surveys. Why do we need a big and boring one? Let it be small but cheerful. Another audience expressed a different opinion. The size is important purely from a psychological point of view. With a large penis, you can have “one-time” sex, but for a permanent sex life, a 6 inch penis is preferable – others expressed their attitude.

How to Correct the Size?

Average Penis Size

Nowadays, penis enlargement is not a problem. There are a great many ways and techniques. 

  • Penis enlargement surgery is effective but expensive. Also, it requires a long recovery period and is fraught with complications. 
  • Pumping. This technique serves both to lengthen and increase the thickness. 
  • Extender. The length of the penis increases due to stretching. You need to use it for a long time to achieve tangible results. 
  • Dietary supplements normalize the work of the male reproductive organs.
  • Creams and gels help to increase local blood circulation. Due to regular use, the size increases, and there is also a pleasant bonus in the form of increased erection. 
  • Massage has a strengthening effect. You can practice by yourself after training with a specialist. Exercises help strengthen the pelvic muscles and remove congestion. Improved blood circulation increases the size of the penis.

Techniques to Build Confidence

Average Penis Size

Confidence goes a long way in achieving goals and success, not only in everyday life but also in the bedroom with a partner.

If you are unhappy with your body, and especially the part below the belt, we have prepared some tips:

  1. Do not compare yourself with others, your friends, and even more so with representatives of social networks. Social networks are just an ideal picture, but not reality.
  2. If you want to improve your confidence in your sex life, experiment with positions and try different sexual techniques until you find the perfect one.
  3. Talk heart-to-heart with a partner. Maybe your problem is far-fetched.
  4. Going in for sports, excellent physical shape, a toned body, and good health will increase your mood and mood for life in general.
  5. Write down negative thoughts about yourself on paper, and refute them. For example, I have no friends, and I’m lonely. Answer: It’s not true. I have real friends. And so every negative thought. We are sure that you are just winding yourself up.
  6. Ask for help from a specialist. It can be a psychotherapist or a sexologist. If the problem is serious, you should not solve it alone.

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