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FIFA 20 Updates. The Most Important and Interesting

From the La croqueta spams to el Tornado crosses – FIFA 19 was filled with flawed game mechanics, a fact which forced professional FIFA players and content creators alike to talk about the issues plaguing the game on their various social media platforms.

FIFA 20 developers release patches constantly and pay attention to user requests. I will not bore you with all FIFA 20 updates and patches but perhaps it’s worth clarifying the most important and key points.

List of changes:

1) Further improvement of the FIFA dribbling response presented in-game update No. 2.

– The response is improved when dribbling without the use of any modifiers or special techniques. This change applies to players with average dribbling, dexterity, and balance of 80 and above.

2) Increased the effectiveness of simple strikes delivered from the penalty area from a distance of 13.7 m and closer to the target.

3) Shots from a very sharp angle are now even more likely to hit the target.

4) The maximum inactivity time of a player during a ball in the field center is reduced from 30 to 15 seconds.

5) Accelerated goalkeeper gear animation from the goal.

– The effect of changes in the pass speed from the gate presented in update No. 7 extended to other standard provisions, so these changes were canceled at the request of the gaming community.

6) Reduced the likelihood of errors when striking from the green zone.

7) Now, to quickly draw a standard position, the user must select the direction of the draw.

8) Increased the speed of jerking out from dribbling to the side for players with an average value of dribbling, dexterity, and balance from 80 or higher.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

The list of corrections: a huge list that you are unlikely to be interested in reading but fixed a lot, just believe me. 

Career mode

List of changes:

1) Made changes to the level of “Ultimate” to increase the complexity of the game.

2) In the tab “Communication with players” added links to the “Team Center” and “Team Management”.

3) Adjusted the color of some hairstyle options for trainers. The most important change by the way!

The list of corrections:

1) Indicators of the players’ form and superimposed on other interface elements were removed from the Career mode.

2) When editing in a player’s career, goalkeepers were not dressed in goalkeeper uniforms.


The list of corrections:

1) Within the framework of MLS tournaments, some teams did not play the required number of games.

Display and design

List of changes:

1) Added and updated more than 70 faces of football players.

2) Updated various sets of uniforms, balls, billboards, emblems, and portraits of players. Beauty salon and not a game.

The list of corrections:

1) Corrected the insufficiently smooth movement of the game camera, which in some cases was manifested during passes with a low trajectory.

2) Corrected incorrect text alignment when downloading compositions updates.

3) At the Centurylink Field stadium, the image sometimes disappeared for a while during the celebration of a goal.

After this patch 1.13, several less important updates were released.

Electronic Arts have installed a big FIFA 20 patch called Winter Refresh. New cards of the “Best Moments” series for idols, as well as a special team of the week, appeared in the game.

The Winter Refresh`s team of the week included players Christian Eriksen, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alphonse Areola. Electronic Arts has also increased its overall rating on the FIFA Ultimate Team. The highest increase was received by Mateus Cunha ‒ his rating increased from 74 to 87.

More than 50 players have updated the features. Among others, the list included Briton Daniel James of Manchester United, Mason Mount of Chelsea and the Italian player of FC Roma Nicolò Zaniolo.

After installing the update, players will have new challenges and the opportunity to receive rewards for their implementation.

The Latest Update 1.17

Gameplay (General):

A player who was with the ball after performing a special trick will not perform a selection instead of a hit.

Improved control accuracy when using online matches sticks.

FIFA Ultimate Team

In the latest update, FUT received useful “chips”:

Now the player can see the digital value of the delay (ping), on which the outcome of the match most often depends. This feature is currently only available to PC users.

The response time bars, which will still be displayed on the lobby screen, have the following meanings:

5 strips ‒ 30 milliseconds or less;

4 strips ‒ 31-76 milliseconds;

3 strips ‒ 77-100 milliseconds;

2 strips ‒ 101-150 milliseconds;

1 strip ‒ 150 milliseconds or more;

The tab “Talents” has been added to the player details window, which lists all the talents that a player has.

That is all FIFA 20 news for today! All of them you can find on the official website.

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