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15 Perfectly Good Reasons to Date Football Players

All football players live for work and achievement, this is their fucking lifestyle.This is also fame, recognition, and big money. Football is one of the most popular and admired world sports. This game is not only about chilling on Saturday evening with two bottles of beer or going out for a match only once a week, but it’s also a professional and hard work, which consists of numerous training.

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Being a football player’s girlfriend is romantic and wonderful, but it’s not so easy as you may think. You have to get used to the challenging schedule and lifestyle of your soulmate. There are many bonuses in such relationships. Baby, try on the willingness to become a girlfriend of a handsome sexy star with a ball!

Here are reasons to date a football player:

1. The earnings of the football player are so decent that you probably still can’t imagine how much they are. We couldn’t tell you about this exactly but to make it easier to touch the real numbers, I propose to imagine a fairly high salary. And now multiply it by one more decent number. This may be the approximate income of your future boyfriend. Look, the famous Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo receives a tidy sum of 73 million dollars in salary. Shocked? Yes, not often guys earn that kind of money. And this is one of the most popular reasons for a girl to date a football player.

2. Here is the second great reason to date a football player! The work of football players involves constant traveling, matches, games around the world. In the process of business trips, they manage to have a great rest. That’s how they kill two birds with one stone, by working and traveling at the same time. By the way, football players need mental support so wives and girls often go to matches. You will be able to see beautiful places and at the same time support your partner in his important moments.

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3. Football players are really the best husbands and fathers. Not a widely known fact, however, football players have enough time to become good family men and spend time with children. The thing is that their career lasts only about 8 years, but during this time they manage to strengthen financially and in all other senses. And at the age of 35, these handsome men are already asked to retire, yeah, paradoxically as it is… For a girl who looks at the future and plans a family life this is a profitable jackpot and one of the best reasons to date a football player.

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4. Also, all football players are open to sensations. They have special rituals that may appeal also to you, after each hard training, they go for a pleasant massage which is one of the most important and necessary for their body. So if you suddenly want a candlelight massage too, I assure you that both of you will like this great idea.

5. Football players are very emotional and sincere, they often express their different emotions, whether it is joy or pain. It is pleasant and interesting to communicate with them. And certainly, it is not boring, thanks to their charisma and energy. So if you like emotional guys, this is a great reason to date a football player.

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6. Football players have always had a lot of courageand girls admire their initiative, bravery, determination, so, for example, the Chelsea player Didier Drogba managed to end the war, which lasted five years in Côte d’Ivoire. Thanks to his brilliant intelligence and courage, Didier could persuade the fighting factions to participate in a football match with Madagascar. It was such a proposal that brought results and got Côte d’Ivoire to peace and love.

7. Another advantage of football players is their good eating habits. They always eat right, as a special training regimen makes them maintain the entire body in shape. With such a guy, you will certainly always be motivated and under reliable control. You will have the motivation to make sports to feel his admiration and attraction.

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8. Most football players are people with a good soul. They not only take care of their neighbors, friends, colleagues but also work with charitable foundations and give help to them. Craig Bellamy supports the financial academy in Sierra Leone. Along with him, cool guy Pavel Nedved also gives everything collected for the matches when playing for the Czech Republic, and sexy man Juan Sebastian Veron sponsors the Argentine school.

9. Professional football players are usually multicultural. They have social contacts in almost all corners of the world, adopt the culture and values of different countries, and maintain different types of communication with other nationalities. It’s one of the great reasons to date a football player to meet different people.

10. Football players are masters of parties and hangouts, they certainly know the addresses of the best restaurants and clubs in the city. Just imagine, my girl, you will have so many new places to show your new luxurious outfits.

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11. Remember that when you date a football player, you will have a lot of paparazzi photos, as they love athletes more than other stars. So get ready for fucking publicity and work on self-confidence. You will have a bunch of different photos from the most unexpected sides.

12. Football players are generous and courteous, they will take maximum care of you, wherever you are. So if you want to find a second daddy, it’s a great reason to date a football player.

13. Football players are great runnersand they can run more than six miles per game. You can learn to run better with him, and if you hate running, like me, you’ll have one more reason to be proud of your sexy boy.

14. These handsome men know what style is! They dress tastefully and beautifully. All fashion houses look at them, providing them with their services. So you will not burn with shame when he puts on tasteless jeans. This problem of all ordinary girls will not affect you, because you are an unusual girl of an unusual guy.

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15. Maybe it’s funny, but if you have a green lawn at home, it will always be mowed. Since these guys are just pedants in matters of grass length, as this is part of their workspace. Your lawn at home will always look perfect.

Now you have more than enough reasons to date a football player… Are you ready to make fucking love with a smart handsome?

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