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FIFA 20 Winner’s Guide

Frankly, there is nothing hard in winning, just make the right transfers, attack only with the fastest players, and follow the scheme with three forwards. But is it really that easy? Nope, there are a lot of underwater rocks on the way. To save your time, we’ve gathered a maximum of guides and hacks, enjoy! 😉

Change the perspective

For a better view change your camera type, so that you are able to see more and react better. In the settings go from television to cooperative type. Another variant is to buy the home stadium of your team and have the best view with the camera, that is based under the roof. It gives you a huge perspective of all the players. Don’t worry, the stadium isn’t that expensive, so it’s a totally reachable goal!

Upgrade your attack 

While playing in PvP or PvE mode, it’s a hard task to attack through the center, that’s why it’s better to go through the flank. But the penalty area isn’t your final destination, your aim is to bring the ball inside the penalty area. There are different ways of succeeding, here are some.

You can try using your feint arsenal to get to the needed spot and then attack yourself. Or just shoot from the flank. It’s a very effective method. If you make it right he will find the foot of the kicking player on the near or far post with a probability of 80%.

Early bird catches the worm

The best transfer prices are early in the morning. Your direct competitors are in the same time zone as you. Therefore, if you wake up early in the morning, it’s worth picking up a smartphone and making the maximum number of bids, which will close soon. During the day you will see that part of the bets brought good profit, which is difficult to obtain at other times. Also, keep an eye on the Portugees and Chinese league players, they often have a lot to offer.

Change the arrangement without stopping the game

A wonderful feature from FIFA 20. You can adapt your game to any circumstance without losing the flow of the game. The strategy is effective because the enemy doesn’t realize the structure change and doesn’t understand why his methods succeeded a minute ago, and now you have to look for a new gap in your defense. Play on account, if you need to recover urgently, then bring 3 forward, if you are playing on hold, then concentrate on the support zone and defense, increasing the number of players.

PvP and PvE need an individual approach

Various game modes-different tactics and composition are needed. So, for example, when you play against a real player, a team playing well against a bot is practically useless, and vice versa. This is explained by the fact that in the Weekend League or Division Rivals modes fast players with a delivered blow are useful, and in Squad Battle physically powerful players (height, weight, stamina, and long shots) show high efficiency. Keep that in mind when building tactics and choosing players before the start of a match.

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