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Final Fantasy VII: The Ultimate Walkthrough chapters

Final Fantasy VII was a turning point for the series and the entire JRPG genre. The soundtrack composed by Nobuo Uematsu, the characters invented by Tetsuya Nomura, the story by the author Kazushige Nojima and the partial transition to 3D provided the game with a separate place in the hearts of players.

After 23 years, fans received a remake of this game. How did it turn out? Everyone will answer for themselves. We can only say that the game is very different from the original, and this difference is for the better. It seems that this is exactly the story that should have been told back in 1997.

However, this article will not focus on the features of the new game, but on how to complete it. If you are stuck at some point in the game, do not want to miss a side quest, or just want to find out all the secrets right away, read on to find out more.

How many chapters are in FF7 Remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake consists of 18 chapters. All of these chapters vary in length. Some, like the first mission at the very beginning of the game, last about an hour. Others can take much, much longer – especially chapters that include side quests. Some chapters give you a chance to breathe and explore, while others are very story-driven, with lots of cutscenes and boss fights. In hard mode, the chapters get even longer as the battles get harder.

Chapter 1 – The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

final fantasy

Getting started is nothing more than an extended tutorial on the basics. The game will teach you how to attack and defend. Fight enemies and get into the reactor. Then go to the Mako vault. Set a bomb with a timer for 30 minutes – this will give you more time to escape. Along the way, you will meet wipers, robots, and stormtroopers. Get out of the burning base faster.

Chapter 2 – Fateful Encounters

final fantasy

In the sewers, open the boxes. After some time, you will unlock a new spell – healing. Get to Sector 8 Station. Follow the mysterious character. When fleeing the city, don’t try to chase Aerith. Fight soldiers using the Punisher mode. Take the train to Barrett.

Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum

final fantasy

In the slums, you will have a lot of time to explore the area, but do not forget about the main goal – to go to Tifa. After talking to her, you will hear suspicious voices at night. Another vision will happen. Then, together with Tifa, you will go to the city. Soon, you will need to fight monsters, and you will learn how to unlock more powerful weapons, upgrades, and attack options. You will receive a new one from the arms dealer – the Iron Blade. Some surrounding characters may give you side quests.

In the city center, you will have to fight the hooligans. Then go with Tifa to the Seventh Heaven bar. After talking on the street, you will meet a bunch of thugs with whom you will have to fight.

Jesse will give you a new task, and you will learn how to summon Ifrit.

Chapter 4 – Mad Dash

final fantasy

Approach enemies at high speed using turbo mode. If you choose the right side, you can destroy them pretty quickly. After the trip, you will reach the family house, steal the access card from Jesse’s father. Making small sabotage, you will have to face a lot of resistance. Use Ifrit. In the end, you will return to the slums again.

When fighting ghosts, use Tifa’s quick attacks. The enemy has resistance to sword attacks, but with the help of Tifa, he can be quickly dealt with.

Chapter 5 – Dogged Pursuit

final fantasy

A new attempt to destroy the Mako reactor. A compulsory document check will be carried out on the train. Destroy robots in 3 minutes and jump off the train. On the street, Tifa will help you cope with other robots.

On the wall near the stairs, you will see a graffiti dog. Run upstairs and destroy enemies. Use the Blizzard to destroy the monster queen.

After that, use spells to deal with the flamers. Kill the Crab and go down to the reactor.

Chapter 6 – Light the Way

final fantasy

You will need to go through a complex system of tunnels. In this chapter, you have to actively interact with mechanisms. When the time comes to fight your enemies, use Tifa’s quick attacks. In section G, be careful, as new opponents can send you Sleep.

Chapter 7 – A Trap is Sprung

final fantasy

Get to the Mako vault. After the explosives detonate, run out of the reactor. Move across laboratories and weaken the boss. After battling many enemies, you will face him.

Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard

final fantasy

You will meet Aerith, and you will have to defeat the new boss – Reno. After the battle, run from the church to the station. As a result, you will reach the Aerith house. In this chapter, you will need to find the missing children and face new enemies – werewolves and hedgehogs.

Chapter 9 – The Town That Never Sleeps

final fantasy

Aerith will want to help you get back to the slums. When you need to control a large mechanical arm, stop it over the yellow field and move Aerith up the mountain. Fight machines. Use mechanical arms to move further. When you reach a dead-end, be careful when fighting bandits, as they like to send Sleep to the enemy.

Don’t gamble with Sam. He has a fake coin and you will always lose. It is better to order the most expensive massage.

In the arena, you will have to fight. After completing the missions, find Aerith and dance with Andrea. Disguised as a woman, go to Corneo.

Chapter 10 – Rough Waters

final fantasy

In the sewers, you will need to defeat the monster Abzu. After the battle, use the lever to lower the water level. In this chapter, you will find weapons for Tifa. Move on and fight monsters. In this chapter, you will also have to interact with various mechanisms.

Chapter 11 – Haunted

final fantasy

At the train station, you can find new weapons for Aerith. The following locations are linear, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties here. Move and kill enemies. Over time, you will find yourself in a haunted hangar. Remember that they are vulnerable to fire. After defeating the ghosts, you will need to fight a new boss. You can rob another boss named Eligor and get staff from him.

Chapter 12 – Fight for Survival

final fantasy

In this chapter, your team in Sector 7 will have to prevent the destruction of the column. When Cloud is alone, supply it with Healing Matter. When Cloud is cornered, you switch to Aerith. Then Tifa will join Cloud as a healer. Move forward and you will soon meet the boss. However, despite the victory, you will not be able to save the column.

Chapter 13 – A Broken World

final fantasy

Make your way through the ruins. And soon you will have to fight a lot of enemies and get through the mechanical arms from Chapter 9. From the Grungy Bandit, you can steal the Champion’s belt. Buy Big Bertha for Barret from the arms dealer.

When you play as Barret, you have to clear your way, destroying the rubble on the route. When you meet Tifa, unite your forces to fight the enemy more effectively. In this chapter, you will have to defeat a boss who is essentially the result of a failed experiment. So get ready to be resourceful to deal with it.

Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope

final fantasy

Leave the room and meet one of your companions. You can then buy new items for party members along the way, and new quests will be available to you in the Colosseum. In the sewers, you will need to kill a lot of enemies, but the levels are linear, so moving along them is a matter of time. Use a Healing Matter to quickly heal team members. You can get the “key” if you defeat the next boss.

Chapter 15 – The Day Midgar Stood Still

final fantasy

The team will have to save Aerith. Fight the soldiers, and keep moving through the city until you reach a place patrolled by Valkyrie. The chapter will end after defeating this enemy.

Chapter 16 – The Belly of the Beast

final fantasy

When you enter the headquarters, all that remains is to save Aerith. Controlling Tifa, you will need to get a special key card. With it, you can unlock all passages. Move forward and explore the area. You will only enter the battle on the 63rd floor. The combat simulator is similar to Corneo’s Colosseum. Here you will also find a merchant from whom you can buy another weapon for Barret.

When you get to the room with a vending machine and a shop, get ready for a battle with a new boss.

Chapter 17 – Deliverance from Chaos

final fantasy

After saving Aerith, escape the building. Along the way, you can get new weapons for Aerith. After a while, Red XIII will join you. You will soon find new weapons for Cloud as well.

Red XIII will help you get through the net. To fight groups of enemies, you need to make sure that each character is equipped with a Healing Matter. Switch the levers to advance further.

An opponent named Swordipede is very unpleasant. Try to hit him right in the head and use the entire space of the arena, move quickly, and use Barret’s help. Do the same with Tifa and Aerith.

When the team reunites, follow the substance that is spilled. There will be heavy battles on the roof, so be smart about your team’s equipment.

Chapter 18: Destiny’s Crossroads

final fantasy

After escaping the headquarters, you will need to ride a motorcycle again, as in Chapter 4. To win, do the same. You can kill the giant robot after breaking three wheels on each side. Get ready for a long battle. Dodge the robot’s attacks. This is the most difficult of the Final Fantasy chapters.
In the future, no less difficult opponents await you. They have heavy attacks, so use the Punisher Mode. Let Aerith do the healing.
The last boss in the game – Sephiroth. Be creative in fighting him.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: side quests

final fantasy

In addition to the linear storyline, there are many side quests available in Final Fantasy. Of course, you can skip all of them, but you will receive different prizes for completing them. Besides, this way you can fully complete the entire game. Among other things, the latest devices, armor, or weapons are available as prizes.

List of side quests

Chapter 3

  • Lost Friends;
  • Chadley’s Report;
  • Rat Problem;
  • Nuisance in the Factory;
  • On the Prowl;
  • Just flew in from the Graveyard.

Chapter 6

  • Collapsed passageway;
  • Behind The Fan.

Chapter 7

  • Waste Recovery;
  • The Gate Won’t Open;
  • The Mysterious Moogle Merchant;
  • Kids on Patrol;
  • Weapons on a Rampage;
  • A Verified Hero;
  • Paying Respects;
  • The angel of the Slums.

Chapter 9

  • Burning thighs;
  • The Price of Thievery;
  • Shear’s Counterattack.

Chapter 10

  • On the Other Side;
  • Chapter 14;
  • Missing children;
  • Chocobo Search;
  • Corneo’s Secret Stash;
  • Johnny’s Wallet;
  • Secret Medicine;
  • Subterranean Menace;
  • The Power of Music;
  • Wavering Heart;
  • Malicious Goons.

Game Tips

final fantasy

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a rather complex character leveling system, based not on learning skills, but Matters. At the same time, the combat system provides ample opportunities for the use of any tactics. This can be tricky to figure out, so here are a few tricks that can help you unleash your potential better.

Punisher Mode

This stance allows for stronger attacks and counterattacks when playing as Cloud. The most important feature is the ability to quickly counterattack. That is, instead of a simple defense, the hero can block the strike and immediately hit back. In difficult conditions, this can turn the tide of battle.

Dodges and Blocks

To effectively evade attacks, you need to learn how to accurately time and consider the nature of the enemy’s attack. Therefore, if you see that you will not be able to dodge the attack, block the strikes.

Binding of matters

Some weapons have pooled Matter slots. If you insert Matters into them, they will be connected and acquire new properties.


Give the material called Auto-Cure to the character controlled by the AI. In this case, the character will use the spell when the health value decreases. To get it, complete Battle Intel Report 1 from Chadley’s list.

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