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Full Overview Of Preloaded Final Fantasy 7 Remake

On April 3, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be available for preload a few days before the official release on PS4. Players could not play after downloading the game, but it would give more time to download and prepare for the game. A great news PS4 for pre-load games was commented by Yoshinori Kitase.

“We know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many people having to stay at home, some of you may be experiencing extra pressure on your internet bandwidth,” said the game’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase, in a news release. “We wanted to give all our fans some extra time to download the game.”

Few of the Final Fantasy games can compete with the seventh in the number of spin-offs and related works. Square Enix was actively trying to turn it into a franchise called Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. In terms of content variety, it is in no way inferior to what the company deployed around Final Fantasy XV.

No wonder, Seventh Final Fantasy lore is truly eventful and rich in characters. Each incarnation of the universe revealed grains of information about it: for example, Crisis Core talked about the war with Wutay and showed the internal structure of the SOLDIER squad, and Before Crisis showed the structure of Shinra.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, however, focuses on the life of Midgar ‒ the central city of Gaia. Deliberately or not, but the developers managed to do something that, perhaps, not a single work under the Final Fantasy 7 brand managed to make the player believe in this world.

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The PS4 remake events cover about a quarter of the history of the original game, but Square Enix did not dissemble when they said that the duration of the first episode would be comparable to a full game. It took about 35 hours to complete the Final Fantasy VII Remake campaign, along with most of the side quests ‒ not comparable to the main parts of the series, but still quite a lot for the prologue.

Of course, the plot of the original game was deepened and expanded. However, It remains almost the same: Cloud, a former member of the SOLDIER elite squad, reporting to the Shinra energy corporation, joins the eco-terrorists from the Avalanche group opposing this company.

The series of events has also not changed much, but almost every key scene has become longer, and heroes who did not play a special role before have received much more screen time, which is why their personal stories now cause a much stronger emotional response. This means that, for example, Jesse, Biggs, and Wedge are now not just extras, but full-fledged characters that can even be empathized with.

Moreover, familiar episodes now feel completely different. Remember the weird scene in the Honey Bee Inn brothel where Cloud had to wear a woman’s dress? So now it is perceived not as a wild filler, breaking its tone from the main narrative, but as a really important stage in history, which, moreover, is brilliantly furnished. Even though the escape from the crowd of half-naked mustached men was still cut out.

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The authors of the remake carefully transferred all the locations from the first quarter of the origin to the game and filled it with interesting stories and gameplay situations.

It is also important how these locations are made. Midgar’s neighborhoods are full of life: adults, children, and animals scurry around the streets, everyone is busy with something, they talk, discuss recent events and react to heroes. 

Residents of Midgar regularly remind the player of the completed side quests, and when Cloud walks through the city in a dress, every person he meets considers it their duty to comment on his appearance. Moreover, even merchants in this episode react to the clothes of the protagonist. Of course, there is no question of any simulation in the spirit of Gothic or GTA, but it seems that for the first time in 23 years this metropolis felt not just as a decoration.

Even its most deaf areas are full of details, although there are still questions about the level of design. Almost all locations here are corridors with small forks, which, as a rule, lead to treasure chests. In its structure, Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Remake resembles the tenth of a series and not the original one ‒ this is the same long linear adventure that takes the player off the leash only closer to the final.

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But this does not mean at all that the player has nothing to do here, except to follow the plot. For obvious reasons, Cloud will not get into the Gold Saucer, but there is no shortage of all kinds of mini-games. In addition to the “classic” squats in the gym of the hot Wall district, in the remake, you can compete on the horizontal bar, dance with the eccentric owner of the Honey Bee Inn and, of course, ride a motorcycle. Almost every segment of the story has some unique mechanics (albeit not always successful).

Combat System

This remake is great reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts, which Tetsuya Nomura was also responsible for developing. In general, the gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Remake is much closer to KH than to the rest of the series ‒ and first of all, it concerns the combat system.

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The player can choose from two modes: normal and so-called “classic”. In the first you need to independently move around the battlefield, dodge, defend and attack. In this case, spells and items can be used only after filling in a special ATB scale, which slowly accumulates itself, or quickly when the hero attacks.

In the “Classic” mode, the characters attack and defend themselves, so you just have to follow the ATB and select the necessary skills from the menu. In both cases, the player is free to switch between the three characters in the group (despite giving the only Cloud exploring locations with a few exceptions).

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Regarding the attack, as in Kingdom Hearts, only one button is assigned, so there are no combos. But the situation here is different than in Final Fantasy XV ‒ a remake requires the player to be more involved in the process.

It is necessary not only to search for enemy weaknesses and be able to use them but also to remember their attack patterns, as well as learn to block enemy attacks in time and switch between heroes at the right time.

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In addition to the basic strike, each of the four central characters has special abilities. Cloud can change his stance to inflict increased damage to opponents, sacrificing his own mobility. Barrett can attack enemies at a distance with a strong shot, or push everyone in his path if he is equipped with melee weapons. Aeris puts a kind of time bomb on the battlefield. Tifa has several special attacks at once, between which you can switch.


The abilities of the characters depend on the chosen weapon. The system of materials migrated to the remake without changes ‒ you also insert small multi-colored balls into special slots in the equipment, which open access to all kinds of spells or increase the performance of heroes. However, now all swords, staves, gloves and machine guns have a special ability. If you use it often enough, the character will learn it and can use it with other types of weapons.

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Besides, weapons in the remake can be upgraded. Increasing the level, the character, in addition to increasing the characteristics, gets five points to improve weapons. They can be spent on opening new slots for substance, increasing its combat performance and other useful bonuses on a special screen that painfully resembles the kristarium from Final Fantasy XIII. However, here sometimes you really have to think about the choice, because points at the first passage are unlikely to be enough.

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All this makes the role-playing system of the remake flexible and deep. There is a spot for experimentation and you are free to create even the wildest builds. A Barrett-Hiller who prefers close combat is a viable thing.

More than a remake

Overall, Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Remake is a great preload game. Authors carefully and with incredible love recreated almost every scene from original source and organically supplemented the main plot.

The original Final Fantasy VII had a huge impact on the entire industry, set the vector for the development of the genre. It, like no other JRPG, needed a remake so that newcomers could also join this story without fear of ancient graphics. And now, 23 years after the release of the original, we …Didn’t get a remake.

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Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix brilliantly tricked everyone. Contrary to the name, Final Fantasy VII Remake is more than a remake. This is not a rethinking and not a “modern reading”, but a completely different story, however, only those who are familiar with the original can understand this.

The game diligently pretends to be a cautious remake, plays on the feelings of the fans, forcing them to walk around familiar locations. At the same time, almost from the very beginning, something shyly appears in the plot that is designed to turn everything upside down.

For beginners, the final may seem like wildness, but Final Fantasy VII Remake, as it turned out, was not made for them. This preload game is not a way to join the classics, but an occasion for veteran thoughts. It’s hard to talk about it without spoilers, but no matter what you expect from the remake, you get something completely different.

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Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Remake gracefully with a new storyline asks fans one simple question: do you really need a remake? The staging itself can lead to a stupor for those who love the original and appreciate its history. There is no single answer and Final Fantasy VII Remake can not only disappoint, but even piss off someone.

Once again, listening to the old story that you remember from childhood is, of course, nice, but you need to move on. Whatever the remake eventually came out, it still could not compete with the original ‒ its influence is too great. The developers were well aware of this. At the same time, they did it so adroitly and beautifully that ignorant players will not notice the catch, and the old fans will only have to curse or put up with humiliation.

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The original Final Fantasy VII tells a story about people tormented by their past, about how they try to find themselves and decide for themselves who they should be. The remake goes further and raises these issues not at the plot level, but by its very existence. In this regard, the preloaded game of 2020 is much bolder and deeper than the original source of 1997 and even all the parts of Final Fantasy before it.

Of course, it’s too early to say what the story will turn out ‒ all the same, we have only the first episode, and whether we will see the rest is still unknown. However, it is already evident that the authors set themselves a much more ambitious task than simply retelling the old game. And they are doing great.

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