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Half-Life Alyx’s no-VR mod

For 13 years, players around the world have been waiting for the sequel to the second episode of the incredibly famous Half-Life series. And they waited, but unfortunately for many, among the requirements for the game, players found the mandatory use of VR. After all, VR devices are not that cheap, and not every player can afford them. Especially if the player is only interested in this one game.

In Argentina, one of the creators of various mods for games decided to support all gamers and fans of the half-life series. He decided to use his skills in creating mods to develop his version of the sequel, which does not require expensive VR devices.

However, this is far from an easy task. Some modders, like r57zone, have already attempted to relieve players of the need to use VR devices in this game. However, camera shake and control problems made it difficult for players to enjoy the game. Many tasks easily performed on VR were almost impossible to accomplish with the keyboard and mouse.


However, the Argentine modder SoMNst was more successful in this.

About a week ago, he showed off his achievements on Youtube in creating a mod, with the laconic name “No VR”. The mod is still under development and only 2 chapters are available, but even now it is clear that SoMNst has coped with many of the problems that other modders have had. He got rid of the camera shake and also solved control problems. When using VR, the player controlled each of Alix’s fingers separately. However, for a classic PC game, this was extremely inconvenient. But, in the new fashion, Alex’s hands are controlled by the mouse and keyboard, and the fingers are now linked together. In some moments, weapons and Omni-tools move on the screen even more smoothly and naturally than when using VR joysticks. What’s surprising about this project is that if other mods are created to get a new gaming experience, then these gamers are waiting, on the contrary, for the original, classic half-life game.

Of course, it is very difficult to cope with such a project alone, so two more modding colleagues joined SoMNst. After all, it is necessary to redo not only the management but also many graphic components. Teamwork will speed up the process and release of the mod for the remaining nine chapters of the sequel.

Also, SoMNst added that although he went through half-life 2: Alyx on VR, he understands that not everyone can buy such a device, and in his homeland, it is almost impossible. In addition, he believes that the experience with the sequel will help in similar future projects. After all, he would not want to buy an expensive VR device for just one or two games.

The great news is that the world of gamers is full of superheroes who are happy to give good and joy to others without demanding anything in return.

We hope SoMNst and his team will cope with this task and present their new No-VR mod soon!

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