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How to Change Blood Color in PUBG

In the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you can change the color of the blood displayed when hit by opponents. Some players focus on the blood around the opponent when shooting to adjust the fire, so setting a convenient color of blood can significantly increase the accuracy of your aim and boost the overall level of performance in the game PUBG.

In order to change the blood color in PUBG, you will need to open the game client, go to “Settings”, on the “Game Process” tab and select the “Color blindness mode” item. In 2020, four PUBG blood color options are available:

pubg blood color

Normal (red color)

Deuteranopia (purple). You can change the blood to purplish-red in deuteranopia mode. This color is poorly visible on PUBG maps and is not recommended for players with normal vision.

Protanopia (blue)

Activation of the protanopia will make it possible to make blue blood. The visibility of this color is average, not for everybody.

Tritanopia (purple)

Tritanopia is the choice of PUBG’s streamers, the blood is bright purple. It allows you to change the approach to shooting, as the poisonous “purple cloud” is visible even from 600 meters when hit, which will help you to adjust aimed fire.

The first one is standard, red blood. The remaining three colors are for people who do not distinguish between shades due to vision problems. But professional players and streamers immediately realized that this display option is suitable for them, as changing the color of blood helps to shoot PUBG more efficiently. In fact, the color of the zone wave and the blood itself changes. Thus, experimenting with the settings for blood colors, you can choose the most convenient option.

pubg blood color

How to get green blood in PUBG 

Green blood in PUBG is also well noticeable, it came to us from Chinese servers. Indeed, it is in the Celestial Empire that one cannot demonstrate red blood in games. Therefore, PUBG Corp invented such a simple “crutch”. But due to the fact that this green (turquoise) blood is too noticeable, it was changed not so long ago, greatly dimming the brightness. You can activate the green color of blood like this:

⚫ Right-click on the PUBG game launch shortcut, click on “Properties”

⚫ “General” item, select “Launch options”

⚫ Enter the parameter in the launch shortcut: “-koreanrating”

pubg blood color

⚫ Save and run the game client

pubg blood color

How to get blue blood in PUBG 

In 2018, the default red blood cunning gamers changed to bright blue. Previously, this variant of blood color in PUBG could be included programmatically. But since 2019, the PUBG developers have decided that this PUBG blue blood interferes with other players, introduces an imbalance in the game, and completely removed the blue color from the game.

P.S. Unfortunately, the koreanrating does not always work. Especially in 2020 with an updated PUBG

How to get blue blood in PUBG Xbox

PUBG provides the blue blood feature to please countries such as South Korea and China where violence in video games is under intense scrutiny. Blue blood helps PUBG Corp remain within reasonable limits.

Start by going to your settings to turn a blue blood on. Click the right D-Pad button twice, and switch two options to the right for the script. This will get you to the Korean. Press B to exit the menu, save the setting and restart the game. The blood will be blue again when you restart the game.

You can change your language back to English at this stage, but be careful if you do, when you close the game, keeping it as English will turn the blood color back to red. If you want to keep the blood blue, your language must be set to Korean before you close the game any time you play.

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