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How To Fix Mic In CS:GO

Your mic is not working during CS:GO gameplay? Check this guide about how to fix an issue with not working microphone in CS:GO. 100% Working Tips. Counter-Strike is one of the most popular first-shooter multiplayer games ever made. It’s already classic, and we’re guessing many of you have played it. 

Like any multiplayer game, the mic is essential to the gameplay. Especially when you have to leave the game because the mic is not working in CS:GO. The irritation is endless, that’s why here you’ll find all the answers on how to fix mic in CS: GO. Make sure you have communication on point with your teammates without any CS:GO mic crisis. 

Why CS:GO mic won’t work? 

Asking the right questions always helps, when you’re trying to get the needed result. Let’s look up the reasons why could a CS:GO mic not work. Notice that there can be other causes, but here we’ve gathered the most common ones. 

mic not working in csgo
  1. Settings restriction 

Quite often a windows update can wash away all the access granted to different apps. That’s why you’ll need to set the permission from scratch manually. 

  1. Drivers 

Re-installation of bad drivers always helps. It’s possible that some of the drivers literally won’t let your mic work, because they’re outdated or corrupt. 

  1. Wrong ingame settings

Always remember that CS:GO has its internal settings. There you can find the ones that control the input of the microphone or the threshold volume. The missettlement of these settings can bring you a lot of challenges, so make sure you have them done correctly. 

  1. Damaged microphone 

One of the most logical, yet underrated reasons. Maybe it’s just your mic that is the problem. We sure hope that’s not your case, though.

Note: Before going further with the exploration of the solution, log in as the administrator of the computer and of course have a stable internet connection if you need to download any drivers, for example. 

Enable your microphone

Let’s start with the basics. Sometimes the microphone just isn’t enabled. Further, you’ll see how to make sure your mic is properly enabled. 

  1. Press Windows+R, in the dialogue box type “control” and press Enter 
  2. Once you’re in the control panel, find Sound and proceed to the Recording tab.mic not working in csgo
  3. The option Show disabled devices and Show disconnected devices must be shown. For this to happen right-click on any empty space.
  4. In the case where microphone or headphones display in the window, right-click on them and select Enable. Now try to hear the microphone.
mic not working in csgo

Note: To avoid any conflicts with the computer’s microphone you can try setting the mic as a default device. 

What about the threshold levels? 

  1. Once again go to your sound settings. There, with a right-click select Properties
  2. Find the Levels tap.
  3. Set the mic levels on the maximum and please make sure it isn’t muted. mic not working in csgo
  4. Click Apply in the end to save the changes. 

Setting permission to CS:GO

Remember we were telling you about those insidious Windows Updates? In one of the updates, a new feature was added. The main point of it was to let the user limit his applications as the heart desired. Microsoft cares for your privacy. Here is a guide through the privacy settings. 

  1. Press Windows+S, in the dialogue box type “settings” and press Enter. 
  2. Click on Privacy, next click on the Microphone with the left navigation bar.
mic not working in csgo
  1. Check if the following options are turned on:
    Allow Desktop apps to access your microphone

Allow access to the microphone on this device

Allow apps to access your microphone.

  1. Save your changes, launch CS:GO, and check if it helped.

Setting CS:GO from the inside 

Before diving deep with the drivers, let’s check the internal settings of the game. 

  1. Launch the game, find the Gear icon (on the left pane) and click on it.
  2. Next click the Audio Settings tab, now click Audio. 
mic not working in csgo
  1. All of the Audio Settings must be turned on for efficient work. 
mic not working in csgo

An additional tip, if you have randomly muted a friend and now can’t hear them.

  1. Go to Game Settings, there, click Communication. Search for any muted users. 
  2. Find the Controller and allocate yourself a shortcut key, so that the mic will always be reachable while you’re playing. 

Hardware damage 

The variant where the headphones or the mic are just physically damaged is always pushed to the back row, but often this is the main reason. No matter how many troubleshooting tips you try, if it’s broken they won’t be helpful. 

To check if the damage is physical simply try connecting your mic to a different computer. There, keep it simple and check the mic on Skype for example. 

Restart the Windows Audio Service 

You can also try to fix the problem by restarting your service. To do so, open the Run window, there, type services.msc; then click OK to open Services. There, scroll until you find the Windows Audio service. Then right-click it and select Restart.

mic not working in csgo

Afterward, restart your device and check if your mic works in CS:GO.

Microphone drivers 

If you’ve got that far, you are ready to go deep. The thing is that if all the methods from above weren’t useful, probably the drivers of your mic are outdated or just broken. This way, they hinder the communication between the device and the operating system. Further, you’ll find two ways of updating the drivers. 


  1. Press Windows+R, in the dialogue box type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter. 
  2. Now that you are in the device manager, find the “Sound, video and game controllers”. There you’ll see your Microphone device. Right-click on it and select “properties”.
  3. Next on is the Drivers tab. There, select Rollback. This way you’ll default any drivers installations. 
  4. If it’s not in default, click on “Update drivers software”.
mic not working in csgo


Go hardcore, uninstall your device. Restart your computer. Afterward, plug the setback. By doing this, you’ll start the automatic download of default drivers. Make sure you restart your computer, before checking any drivers. 

If even this doesn’t help, try downloading the official drivers for your mic from the manufacturer’s website. 

Good luck with the maps! Always stay tuned with your team and remember, you can always buy a new microphone or headphones. 

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