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How to Play as an Impostor in Among Us And Win?

Among Us is a massively multiplayer indie hit that sank into the shadows for two years. The development team had time to think about the sequel when suddenly streamers and video bloggers of all stripes began to tirelessly play this unusual social “action”. By the end of September, it’s daily online was already over 60 million people.


What’s so attractive about Among Us? It’s simple, approachable, and super fun. The game takes place on a spaceship. Four to ten people can participate in the session. Before it begins, players will be given the role of a crew member or an impostor. The task of the former is to fix everything that is broken. The latter must interfere with the work of the crew members, arranging sabotages and killing unsuspecting poor fellows.

At certain points in the game, the stage of discussion and voting begins. For example, there was a murder. Then the players start a heated argument. The impostors must prove that they are members of the crew and happened to be near the corpse, perhaps they wanted to offer him ammonia. And the crew members must guess ‒ who is the impostor? Let’s take a look at the basic tips to help you win in the Among Us.

Five tips for crew members

If you play with a friend

Try not to run around the ship alone ‒ this will make you an easy victim of an assassin. But beyond that, you also run the risk of arousing the suspicion of other people. If there is no one to blame, or the impostor is especially dastardly, you will easily be condemned for not being seen and you were wandering somewhere alone.

Explore the ventilation system

This is important not only for the impostors but for the crew members. Most rooms have an air vent. They are like shortcuts between rooms, with the nuance that only impostors can use them. If you see someone behind you one second and then in front of you shortly thereafter, they are likely moving through the vents. Innocent people will never approach them, and neither should you.

Be the perfect crew member

Since this is a social game, the most useful thing you can learn is how to read the behavior of other players. As a rule, impostors try to divert attention from themselves, although some of them are skillful enough to do this quietly. Suspicious behavior includes conversational tactics as well as erratic movements around the map.

For example, impostors will constantly run around sabotage areas or try to merge with the team, as we reported earlier. But remember, not everyone knows how long it takes to complete a particular task. And maybe you have a task that is not available to anyone, and the player pretends to complete it? Then you know who to vote for.

Don’t overuse an emergency meeting

If there is one thing other players hate, it is people abusing the meeting feature for no good reason. You only have one chance at this, so keep it in case you think you might be in danger, or you know for sure you’ve found an impostor.

Complete tasks

Last but not least, don’t be a bum. No one likes trolls or people who walk aimlessly. This only complicates the game for those who invest in the session. Complete tasks and try to win, not just swear during meetings.

Among us is a game that requires extreme concentration and attention, because every mistake can lead to failure.

Finding an impostor is difficult, as crew members need to track their movements and keep a close eye on as many teammates as possible. But that doesn’t mean being an impostor is an easy walk. Acting among a group to be destroyed without arousing suspicion can be hellishly difficult. I propose to consider the most common mistakes players make as an impostor.

Common mistakes of the impostors


Use ventilation in front of the crowd

Air vents are critical to successfully playing as an impostor. They give impostors the ability to quickly travel through different rooms without being seen by other players. Killing someone and then quickly appearing in another part of the map can greatly help you to deflect suspicion from yourself. But you need to carefully monitor if there is anyone around while you leave the ventilation hole. Also, do not forget that the ventilation holes emit a specific sound during use, and some of them are monitored by video cameras. Therefore, their use requires great attention and careful calculation.

Inattention to cameras

This particular mistake can only be made on The Skeld and Polus maps as Mira does not have a camera system. In between missions, the crew may have a little time to check the cameras and see who is where. Fortunately for the impostors, cameras are not available everywhere, so you can avoid having to kill in front of them. However, sometimes it is really necessary. Then a common mistake of those who nevertheless decide to kill in front of the cameras is that they do not pay attention to whether the red indicator is on. Be vigilant if it is on fire, which means that the observer will have all the evidence to convince the crew of your guilt, so it is worth postponing the murder until another convenient opportunity.

Give out your partner

Among Us games with multiple impostors, it is worth working together with your colleague, but you should be careful to see if this does not cause excessive suspicion. It is very subtle to feel that this or that moment is appropriate for the murder. An excellent example of this is the situation where one impostor can accidentally frame a partner by killing someone in front of him. Someone fourth can run into the room at this moment and he will no doubt that one of you is an impostor or even both. Therefore, carefully observe the environment before acting like that.

Performing an imaginary task

For those new to the game, it can be difficult to understand which tasks are real and which are not. This is because on every Among Us map there are many gizmos and gadgets with which you can get confused, which of them are intended solely for decoration, and which are for completing tasks. If you pretend that you are performing a task in a place where it does not exist, this will arouse one hundred percent suspicion. An easy way to avoid this is to use the Freeplay game mode to familiarize yourself with all the possible tasks on different maps.

Forget about sabotage

While killing as many crew members as possible is the main goal of the impostors, it should not be forgotten that they also have access to technology on the ship. This allows them to close doors, extinguish lights, and cause potential accidents that could kill everyone on board. They can be activated in the menu, which the impostors can call at any time, as long as the sabotage reload timer is zero. While this is an important part of the game, it is crucial to activating sabotage either by pretending to be on a mission or while running. This will help avoid people asking why you are just standing still. Also, do not forget that even if you were kicked out at a meeting, you can still help your partner (if there is more than 1 impostor in the game) by activating sabotage playing as a ghost.

Bad alibi

One of the main goals of the impostor is to ward off suspicions of betrayal as much as possible. It is important to keep track of the movements of the main group of players, and also avoid any mention of you being near any killings. Sadly, it’s not enough for the impostors to say that they were not on MedBay when the murder took place directly at MedBay. It is also inappropriate to claim that you were in a room that you were not in, as this can easily be objected to if someone says that he was in this room all this time and did not see you. You should divert suspicion from yourself as much as possible, be confident in your words, and be able to accurately retell your route, while, of course, missing the moment of murder.

Strange routes and movements

Crew members are instructed on where to go to complete the mission. For impostors, there is no special guidance outside of the fake task list provided to them. Therefore, one can suspect of betrayal of players who run strange routes. An example of this is when a player starts to move away only to immediately turn around and head back. It looks like he was trying to pretend to leave, and then quickly come back and kill someone. Always keep this in mind: avoid standing in strange places for long periods and do not move suspiciously.

Murder in front of someone

This is probably the most obvious thing to avoid and the most common mistake for Among Us players. Covert murder is the biggest element of success in every round of impostors because until the body is found, there is always a chance that someone else could be killed. Be careful and carefully calculate your route and the moment to kill to go unnoticed. Always try to carry out your evil plan in remote places of the map and immediately launch sabotage on the other end of it, this will allow you to move the crowd away from the crime scene and give time for additional kills in the round.

Suspect protection

In meetings, many strategies work for impostors. You can be quiet and let everyone suspect each other. You can also actively participate in conversations and just lie about what you did. But there is always the possibility that everyone will point to the player who is your fellow impostor. If this happens and he is accused, you can first try to defend him. However, it is also important to read the situation. Protecting an imposter who is guaranteed to get kicked out can be a death sentence for you. Sometimes it is better to support the public opinion and kick your partner out to divert suspicion from yourself a little.

Write your fu**ing article right now!

In addition to mistakes, of course, many good tips will help you become an unsurpassed space assassin.

1. Act quickly

The blitzkrieg tactics are still alive and well. Since it will be problematic to kill nine crew members at once, it remains to act in the logic of sabotage. You can disrupt the oxygen supply or start the process of destruction of the reactor in the very first minutes of the game ‒ the main thing, of course, is to try to do this without witnesses. The bewildered crew does not always have time to react to such impudent actions, and the victory from the hands of “crewmates” can be snatched immediately after going into space.

It’s a risky option, yes, but it still works. The only thing that can truly disrupt your cunning plan is unwanted companions or overly quick players.

2. Always move

Even though this positional rule is more suitable for shooters, moving into Among Us means constantly expanding your tactical capabilities. First, the movement can imitate well the violent activity, which is important for Imposter. Secondly, just by moving, you can catch a lot of players who are not lucky enough to be with you one on one.

Moreover, by mixing in the crowd during the discovery of a corpse, you can push unnecessary suspicions away from yourself. Your motto should be “at the right time, in the right place”. At the right time, you commit a murder, you sabotage in the right place.

3. Choose the right “tasks”

Everyone knows that one of the key tasks of an impostor is the maximum mimicry to an ordinary crew member. And an important part of this image is completing tasks that help the team move towards victory.

However, it is better not to approach some points on the map, because experienced players will quickly figure out you there. These include, for example, the asteroid cannons in the armory ‒ in the process of completing the task, the shooting animation is activated. Also, do not stand in the infirmary at the scanner and shields ‒ they light up when repaired. However, when the shields are activated, you can approach them ‒ here the animation works only once.

4. Be silent

Despite the many tips for “psychological attack”, the best tactic in the chat is quiet silence. It would seem that the idea is obvious: the less you perform, the less attention is paid to you. However, during the game, even the best thoughts are forgotten, and the desire to influence opponents in the chat leads to unexpected consequences.

Pretending to be a “fool” is one of the most effective strategies to reach the “late game”, which means getting closer to victory if you have not chosen an aggressive style of play. After the first corpse, it is best to write not even “who?” and “where?”, and a banal “skip”. Especially if the rest of the players are completely unable to decide on a candidate for elimination.

5. Remember your capabilities

Compared to the rest of the team, the impostor is a true superintelligence. Knows how to turn off the electricity, spoil the communication network and (even scary to say) close the doors! Active movement and ruthless killing are good, but your rich arsenal will not only add variety to the game but also make it much easier.

In conclusion, I would like to note the importance of situational decisions and the ability to adapt. You don’t always have to play by the rules, even if they are the rules of the natural assassin. It is more important to see the opportunities and not hesitate to implement them. Sometimes the risky elimination of a sluggish crewmember or furious support for an accusation in a chat is more beneficial than quiet patience.

Also, do not kill in the corridors ‒ this is easily revealed. Remember that when the light is turned off, the player’s vision remains on guard. And I would dispute the one hundred percent usefulness of ventilation: it does not seem an absolute blessing, and it has an unintuitive logistics of movement. Moreover, for careless trampling at the hatches, even innocent newcomers who were unlucky enough to run into a vigilant ally, let alone impostors, can fly out into space to ventilate themselves.

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