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Most Interesting Events on Hi-Rez Expo 2019

Recently, the annual Hi-Rez Expo 2019 exhibition on November, 15 began its work in Atlanta (Georgia, USA). The development company showed many changes expected in their games in the near future, as well as prepared a lot of entertainment for the players. There were also game tournaments in this studio.

Expo is the end of the year for the company. Fans finally find out the world champions in various disciplines. See what awaits their game next year, and see some new updates, and sometimes new games (like last year).


At the expo, the company prepared a lot of entertainment.

Playable stations

What is the point of going to an event dedicated to games without the opportunity to play it yourself?

hi rez expo

It’s not only a tournament where you look at the pro players’ game. This is a huge exhibition where everything around is designed to make you more interested in your favorite game. And of course, you will want to play! Many computers were located there for these purposes.

The panels with fan art or new game skins were very beautiful.

hi rez expo

For developers, the opinions of the players and their feedback are extremely important. Therefore, every year a meeting is held with the community. This year there was a special place in their all-new couch section in the community area.

hi rez expo
hi rez expo

And of course the cosplay contest! It featured a lot of good cosplay, for the community it’s always good and beautiful entertainment.

hi rez expo
hi rez expo

But there is not only the fun part. The event was also the venue for Smite and Paladins tournaments.

Smite world championship

This is the main tournament of the year for this game and it was selected the strongest 8 teams in the world. They gathered to find out the new champion and compete for the title of the strongest.

The prize fund of 300 thousand dollars was shared by the following teams:

The 1st place and winners of the tournament: Sk Gaming

The 2nd: Team Rival 

The 3rd – 4th: Dignitas and Renegades

The 5th – 8th: eUnited, Pittsburgh Knights, Splyce and Sanguine esports. 

Paladins world championship

Just like in Smite, the Paladins have their main tournament of the year. It is not surprising that 8 teams met there, and the prize pool is the same. 

The 1st place and champions of the world this year: Ninjas in Pyjamas

The 2nd: Pittsburgh Knights

The 3rd – 4th: Team envy and 

The 5th – 8th: Kanga esports, Reenegades, Spacestation gaming, and Natus Vincere. 

Well, the most important and interesting thing for us, readers, those who have not seen cosplay and have not watched professional games. It is updated on the games that you and I can play from home.


Very soon, a new deity will appear in MOBA SMITE. This was told by the development team from the studio Titan Forge Games, responsible for the development of the game.

This hero will be the Guardian of the Gods Heimdall, who is entrusted with guarding Bivrest, the bridge connecting Asgard with other worlds. He will join the Scandinavian pantheon and will act as a hunter, throwing huge axes at enemies. At the same time, there is a place in the character’s arsenal for the legendary horns and swords. You can experience Heimdall’s will true power in December.

The creators also published a small teaser dedicated to all those deities that will appear in the game during 2020. One of them, for example, will be Baba Yaga, but the creators didn’t disclose the names of others, although some assumptions can be made from the description of the characters.

Leading game designer Smite AJ Walker couldn’t talk about the abilities of the future character, but suggested that gamers will be satisfied.

With the words of Walker and the published video, in the game, as in Russian fairy tales, Baba Yaga will live in a hut on chicken legs and fly in a mortar. The game designer explained that the developers have just started creating a character and that they really want to meet the expectations of gamers.

The latest novelty presented by the developers was a visual map update for the “Duel” mode. Fight on it with other users will be in the seventh season.

SMITE also announced that it has teamed up with Red Bull Records for a new soundtrack, bringing in exclusive music themes from AWOLNATION and Beartooth.


As part of the thematic exhibition, the company Evil Mojo Games shared new products that await users in the multiplayer shooter Paladins. The first novelty will be a new hero, who is already forty-fourth in a row. The new hero will be Tiberius, the warlike tiger, capable of using magic to control his huge blade and smash enemies at a distance with the help of throwing glaives. The champion will be available in January and will be one of four heroes planned for 2020.

The developers also plan to hold the Champions Meeting again so that its participants can vote for the necessary changes in the gameplay. At the moment it’s known about four skins that were created on the basis of those received from the community and will be included in the combat pass of the third season. For the fifth – “Sweet Witch” Evie – a custom concept art was also used, but it will be available to players with the first update next year.

These, of course, are only the main changes and events that were shown at the Expo. But at least, guys, you can have an idea of what is happening there and it is possible in the future to buy a ticket for the next such event! 

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