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The annual standoff between Konami and EA on a “football field” flared up with new power and what is unexpected, a slight restart of Pro Evolution Soccer — eFootball PES 2020 was rated by media higher than their rival, FIFA 2020. 

it will hardly affect the EA sports “creation” as of  the sales and overall revenue, but it`s an interesting situation, especially taking into account a particular rethinking of the Konami series

The situation is also remarkable because of the user’s rate of FIFA 20 on Metacritic, a horrible 1,2 points of 10 against encouraging 8,7 points as for PES 20.

pes vs fifa

Players complain that the last time when FIFA seriously changed was 3 years ago, and the last versions are just slightly changed variants of FIFA 18 mechanics.

Rethinking of PES is being complimented for a serious remake of fundamentals that is remarkably winning against the stagnant competitor.

It will be interesting to know whether PES 20 can get some part of the FIFA audience, therefore providing a strong basis before the start of a new generation of game consoles. 

Maybe it will somehow show EA, that releasing a “new version” with just some freaking trivial changes will lead them to nowhere? And they will finally do something for the fans, but not just taking money from them? Or not? Or now Konami will take the lead for years leaving EA biting their nails?

What do you guys think? Put your thoughts in the comments!

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