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Resident Evil 3 lockpick locations and padlocks tips

In Resident Evil 3 Remake, yellow padlocks and closed lockers can be found almost from the very beginning of the game. As you progress, you will also come across padlocks and even safes. Inside all this, useful things are always hidden – from cartridges to weapon upgrades.

All of this gear can go a long way towards increasing your chances of defeating Nemesis, especially if you’re playing on a high difficulty level. However, you will not be able to open these caches until Jill finds the lockpick.

In RE 3, the lockpick is one of the key items. And if you want to know how to find this useful tool, as well as figure out where all the stashes are hidden, read this article further.

How to find a lockpick in Resident Evil 3?

resident evil 3

It is impossible not to find the lockpick in the game. It will appear at Jill as part of the story. When you go back to restarting the local electrical substation, you will find a small box in the hands of one of the corpses. The lockpick is hidden in this box.

And unlike other games like RE 7, this lockpick does not break after use. That is, with one pick, you can open all the yellow padlocks that you find in the game.

Padlocks in Raccoon City

resident evil 3

Electrical substation

Right in the place where you find the lockpick, you will have the opportunity to use it for the first time. There is a yellow padlock on the mesh door. Just use the lockpick and you can go through the infected corridors of the substation. And when you return, do not miss the wardrobe lockers on the ground floor under the stairs. In one of them, you can find ammo.


In the side room of the garage where the bolt cutter is located, you can find another locker. Open it and you will get the spray.

Toy shop

At the very beginning of Raccoon City, next to an alley that is on fire, there is a store. The door is locked with a yellow padlock. If you open it, you will enter a building where you will find documents, a jewelry box with a gem, and one of 20 statuettes of Mr. Charlie.

The green gem found here will come in handy for the quest with the clock.

Donut diner

The diner has a safe room, and next to it you can find a wardrobe cabinet. It is noteworthy that a hand grenade and a red gem are hidden here.

Supermarket door

In the city center, the supermarket has a door with a yellow lock. Inside you can find a blue gem.


In the offices, in the back room, where you get through the corridors, you will find a massive wardrobe on the wall. It is locked with chains that can be cut with a bolt cutter. Inside is a shotgun. There is also a case with a yellow lock. There is a spray hidden in the case.

Metro station

resident evil 3

On one of the floors of the station, there is a case with a yellow lock on the table. Inside are shotgun cartridges.

Sewer laboratory

In the far corner of the laboratory, which is located in the sewer, you can find two locks at once. In this case, you can find a component for explosives, which is needed to obtain shells for the grenade launcher.

The house behind the gun store

There is another house with a staircase near the house where the weapons store is located. There is no point in searching it completely, just find another case with a lock. Inside – shells for a grenade launcher.

Padlocks in hospital


If you open the door, you can go down to the underground warehouses. Explore the entire territory in search of useful things.


resident evil 3

On the ground floor near the reception, you can find another case with a lock. It contains ammo for the Magnum.

Emergency exit

In the locker near the emergency exit, where the zombies tried to break the glass, there are pistol cartridges. You can pick them up only on the way back. Get ready to deal with the hunter.

Staff room

resident evil 3

Shotgun shells are hidden in a locker around the corner near the entrance to the staff room.


There is a locker at the far end of the laundry. Look between the shelving. Inside are hidden cartridges for the Magnum.

Reception of laboratory

When playing as Jill on the first floor you can find a locker, inside – explosive cartridges.

Other simple key locations with stashes. Safes


You can get to the storage by going up the stairs near the donut diner. Inside there will be a safe, and next to the magazine of the owner of the pharmacy. The journal contains a hint for the combination of the safe. Be careful when examining the premises. The safe contains a sight for a pistol.

Police Station West Office

resident evil 3

Examine the office and find a safe and a combination for its lock. Be careful when you start sorting documents in a dark room with stairs to the second and third floors.

In the safe, you will find a hip bag. Besides, you can get a hip bag if you complete all the conditions of the quest with the clock.

Hospital, the post of a nurse

You will have to try to get the combination to the lock of this safe, but the reward is worth it. First of all, you need to find the locker room key. It lies in the courtyard of the hospital. In the dressing room, in one of the lockers, you will find an ID card. Go with it to the operating room, where you will find a document that lists the missing items. The code combination is also written there.

Please note that you will be able to pick up a high-capacity magazine for a rifle if only you play by Carlos. When Jill returns to the game, the contents of the safe will disappear.

Combination locks at the police station

If you are careful, you will find two lockers with combination locks in the police station. Interestingly, the codes for these locks are identical to those used for the same locks in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. You will certainly find useful items inside the lockers, but don’t expect anything special.

Locker on the third floor

resident evil 3

This locker is in the hallway, next to the shower room. The code combination is written on the photo inside the vault. Look near numbered lockers. You will receive rifle ammo as a reward.

Locker in the shower room

The code combination for this locker is written on the whiteboard in the control room. This room is at the very beginning of the police station.

A flashbang is hidden in the locker.


When you complete the whole game and decide to play it again, you can get the lockpick at the beginning of RE 3. To do this, you will have to buy a cheat code from the in-game store. This way you can search for other stashes that you missed when you played the game for the first time.

Also, when you open all the locks of all the stashes in the game, you will receive bonus points, which can also be spent in the in-game store. The store is unlocked after completing the game for the first time.

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