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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

The tale of a fight against a deadly virus, shown in the resident evil game franchise, continues to become more potent in current realia. For all 20 years that the franchise existed, no one could have imagined that such descriptions as “relevant” and “educational” would ever be applied.

Resident Evil 3 gave a new look at the current situation, describing the aftermath of a deadly T-virus outbreak in a small town, created by Umbrella company. Compared to the game the current world situation is not frightening: the streets aren’t on fire and free of zombies. 

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The third part of the series also has multiplayer, but a little more casual compared with the two previous parts. In some things, Resident Evil 3 differs majorly from the first two parts. The story comes out more linear, with fewer side branches then the original. The player takes control of UBCS (Umbrella Corporation Security forces) and also Carlos Oliveira, Jill Valentine’s beloved hero, which adds to the game a romantic line. 

Carlos is armed with a powerful assault rifle, expecting to fight a single blow wave of numerous enemies. Jill on the other half is forced to act more cautious, and combine any tools she has to optimize the usage of deficit ammo and firepower. 

The main antagonist of the game is virtually indestructible Nemesis, who constantly follows the heroine setting her up against different resident evil bosses Each monster has mutation stages and some weakness that eventually gets it beaten. 

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The fans of the series will dive into a world of significantly upgraded but familiar locations, including Rakkun City Police Station, where you can see a recording of the last 24 hours before Resident Evil 2 events.

Despite a bunch of terrifying mysteries you have to uncover, while simultaneously being attacked by giant spiders inserting larvae into Jill which she then vomits during the healing ‒ the third part is more geared towards story development rather than horrific aftermath typical for the previous enclosures.  

It can hardly be said that a full reboot of the game was a total success for Capcom. Even with a clever history setting that makes Resident Evil 3 more logical and consistent than previous versions, it doesn’t look completely innovative or as intense as the previous one. Even the providing of a general gaming experience that displays a little more variation doesn’t help. 

As in the original, Resident Evil 3 is quite a short game, where the first try, although it will take up to 15 hours, with the improvement of skills, the period of completion can be reduced to about 120 minutes, which says a lot.

Recognizing this unpleasant fact, the developer company added a separate multiplayer mode Resident Evil Resistance to the release. Past experience of implementing multiplayer in the game was not all positive, but in this case, a good prospect can be seen.

A distinctive feature is an asymmetrical battle 4vs1: a group of survivors must leave the dangerous territory, and the creator of traps, zombies, and bosses, the Umbrella Corp. mastermind, must prevent them. People are strongly pressed by a hard deadline, which can be extended by healing teammates or killing enemies. In this part of the game, new characters and abilities are available to the Resistance. People interested in action combat will be engaged, playing as a group of 4, as well as the Makiavelian types would enjoy the role of an evil mastermind. 

The Resistance gameplay process is an integral part of the Resident Evil universe. It is fresh, original, tactful, but it needs to be significantly improved, which can affect the players’ first impressions, and thus the Resident Evil switch review.

Resident Evil 3 is hardly able to fully defeat the shortcomings of his predecessor. However, this original, thoughtful, beautifully decorated modern version of the survival horror classics is fully capable to brighten up the time of stay in self-isolation. 

Capcom released  Resident Evil original on Xbox, PS4, PC.

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