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STALKER 2 Developers Dropped a New Teaser Trailer!

The renowned STALKER videogame universe creators at GSC Game World published the 2020 last day STALKER 2 teaser trailer showing the fragments of gameplay we may experience once the long-anticipated FPS is finished. The details on STALKER 2 have been scarce since its official announcement which took place back in 2018. 


Allegedly, the first stages of STALKER 2 development were initiated in 2011. But, unfortunately, not long after, the company went into shambles and closed down. Some of the GSC team specialists eventually went on to form 4A Games ‒ another renowned developer of the Metro game series.

In the last December’s press release, the revitalized GSC stated that the completed game will look almost exactly like what the teaser trailer shows. There will be a dynamic change of decorations, the well-known post-nuclear catastrophe world filled with exhilarating landscapes, and constant vibes of inevitable danger.

The new game highlight is pretty abrupt but is still quite impressive. This time, the STALKER Call of Pripyat main character is switched by another protagonist named Skif whose main objective may be to investigate what happened to the owner of the PDA he comes across. The trailer is accompanied by the atmospheric and very popular in Ukraine and Russia “Liniya Zhizni” (LifeLine) song by the band “Splin”.

The previous trailer that we saw during the Xbox Games Showcase had already demonstrated some of the possible game locations and general world scenery. The final version of the game should hit PC and nextgen consoles Xbox exclusively. STALKER 2 will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass loyalty program.

GSC Game World has not made any official remarks as to other compatible platforms, but the terms “temporary console exclusive” gives off a direct hint that the game may be released for Playstation 5. The developers also noted that the latest-gen consoles won’t be covered for sure.


With all the unsatisfactory Cyberpunk 2077 commotion among PS4 and Xbox One console players, a vast majority of STALKER 2 anticipants are afraid to get a similar underdone, not sufficiently polished creation as a result. But let’s hope for the best, shall we?

As for the final date of release… The teaser trailer indicates the newly-arrived year of 2021, but the developers themselves are yet to make more precise official statements in this regard as well as concerning the STALKER 2 system requirements. 

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