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The New Star Wars Saga

Last December, Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise drew a line under the new trilogy of the famous movie saga. Fans are sad but wait, the Jedi will still fight! Franchise-owned Disney and Lucasfilm have unveiled the Star Wars: High Republic saga.

new star wars

At first, when I found out that Star Wars would receive more prequels, I was upset. How much can you torment a poor franchise? A masterpiece became a film just for money exhaustion, and still, Disney can’t stop, but everything is different, this will not be a series of films. Films in this universe made by Disney only spoil the franchise, but this does not apply to comics, games, and books. All of them are still very interesting and exciting. Many cool things to write in Star Wars UK Twitter.

new star wars

So far this is not a new Star Wars movie, but a series of novels, children’s books, and comics, and if this story is in demand ‒ films and TV shows are just around the corner. The action of the new saga of the High Republic will unfold 200 years before the events of “The Phantom Menace”, the first film from the George Lucas prequel trilogy. The Jedi Order is still strong there. But, as always, powerful and numerous enemies threaten its existence.

new star wars

The announcement has opened up speculation about the future of the new Star Wars game franchise, as well as the nature of the next Star Wars movie trilogy.

It is noted that new works will not affect the existing characters of the universe at all ‒ during the period of the “High Republic” almost none of them was even in the world. The new era is described as a kind of “golden age” of both the Republic and the Jedi Order ‒ this is a period of general optimism, development and peaceful expansion. However, the galaxy will still have enemies. The Web is confident that enemies will be representatives of the faction known as Nihil ‒ such a conclusion was made based on concept art published by the company.

new star wars

Thus, this is a series of completely original works, which is not literary adaptations of any of the films or animated series, which opens up enormous opportunities for author’s imagination and allows you to introduce completely new characters and create a different atmosphere, while not abandoning the fundamental realities of the Star Wars universe.

new star wars

First Phase

The flowering of the Republic over the past years has been dealt with by a separate team of authors. Like the films of the Marvel cinema universe, works based on the heyday of the Republic are divided into phases. In the first phase ‒ only books and comics ‒ it lays the foundation of an era on which other authors will then rely. It is assumed that the second phase may include films, series and further Star War games (there is no official confirmation of this yet).

new star wars

The first phase will include 5 works for various age categories.

The first book of the series will be released in August 2020, it is called Light of the Jedi, written by Charles Soul. The presentation will take place at the Star Wars Celebration Festival in Anaheim. As previously reported, it will begin with the Great Catastrophe in the galaxy far. This event is compared to September 11th in the Star Wars universe. 

Somehow new villains are involved in it ‒ a gang of “space Vikings”, calling themselves Nihil, outwardly they resemble the heroes of “Mad Max”. The Jedi from the Core will have to deal with the consequences of the Great Catastrophe ‒ and, apparently, with Nihil themselves. One of the heroes of the book is a Jedi from the Wookiee race, a typical representative of which is the well-known Chewbacca.

new star wars

The next novel, The Test of Courage by Justina Ireland tells the story of the youngest Jedi Knight in the history of the order ‒ he is only 16 years old. The book will be released in September.

new star wars

The events of the third novel ‒ “Into the Dark” by Claudia Gray ‒ occur at the height of the Great Catastrophe. The plot focuses on an experienced Jedi and his Padawan. One of the heroes, according to the author, is “inspired by actor Matthew McConaughey.”

So far, according to official figures, Disney has no plans to make films or series on the era of Star Wars: The High Republic.

new star wars

Disney also plans to release two comic book series about The Rise of the Republic.

All this is a great reason for the next Star Wars game. The plot and new characters will be enough so that developers have a place to deploy. The so-called “high games” can be easily presented with a new book.

New Little Yoda?

Thanks to the video presented, it seems that another baby Yoda is on the way. Shortly after Lucasfilm executives and screenwriters involved in creating upcoming stories talked about the first phase of upcoming projects, the multimedia company introduced a trailer that raised important questions. The presented projects have nothing to do with cinema or television, at least until the four-minute trailer was filled with concept art.

new star wars

In the frame, in which there is Ian McCagg a designer of Darth Maul, you can notice a character similar to Yoda. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Events take place approximately 200 years before The Phantom Menace. This means that Yoda was about 600 years old at this particular point in time. For comparison, the child in the ”Mandalorian” series is 50 years old.

All this information has pleased me, as I look forward to new works on the Star Wars universe, and especially new Star Wars games!

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