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Valorant. Everything You Need To Know About The Game.

Riot Games announced the tactical top-down shooter Valorant ‒ it was teased back in October last year under the name Project A.

Now, in addition to the official name, we received a ton of information about the game from gameplay to system requirements, and the release date was also reported, Valorant will be released “in most regions of the world” in the summer of 2020. The game will be free-to-play.

Battles in Valorant take place in the “5 by 5” format: one team acts as defenders, the second ‒ as attackers. Each match goes up to 13 wins (that is only 24 rounds): each team will have time to be both an attacker and a defender.


In terms of approach to characters, the game is relatively similar to Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, both visually and in gameplay: players choose agents with unique superpowers and skills, in addition to firearms ‒ its arsenal is common. Сharacter differences will create “extraordinary game situations.” Unlike other team shooters, an agent is chosen for the entire match. The specific skill set of characters is not disclosed but the skills will be different: to collect information, to break through enemy defenses, to control the battlefield and so on. For example, you can create a curtain to obscure the enemy or call a reconnaissance drone.

Despite the presence of abilities, including magic ones, the emphasis in the gameplay is on accurate shooting. TTK is very small, so the shootings will take place at lightning speed ‒ 3-4 killings in the body or one headshot are usually enough to kill. The return also has to be reckoned with, it is noticeable. Weapons, by the way, need to be bought at the end of each round. Machine guns, pistols, knives, bows and so on are available.


Riot promises that game servers around the world will work with minimal ping in most large cities (promise less than 35 ms for about 70% of players) with the help of the Riot Direct network infrastructure, which the company began to develop back in 2014. The network code of the game will accurately determine the hit. All servers will work with a tick rate of 128: characters will move at 128 FPS even if someone has a bad Internet connection (then the game will automatically “smooth out” the hero’s movements). Those are situations when you shoot at the enemy and you die first from him anyway, because the shots were not counted on the server-side. It’s like shooters moving on the map, jerking or running in place.


From the first day, Vanguard’s powerful anti-cheat will work with “instant punishment” of cheaters and an architecture that requires confirmation on the player’s actions server ‒ so it will not be possible to teleport characters to accelerate with foreign programs. The fight versus wallhack’s, for example, is provided by the “fog of war” system, which limits the enemy’s visibility to a moment before direct eye contact. Roughly speaking, a cheater with WH will not only immediately start anti-cheat but simply will not see anyone through the walls.

Esports journalist Tyler “FionnOnFire” Erzberger shared his opinion on the new shooter from Riot Games:

“Valorant is 50% Counter-Strike, 30% Rainbow Six Siege, 10% Overwatch and 10% anime.

It looks really fun, aesthetically looks extremely attractive. It will be very popular, but it will not become a killer of any major eSports discipline. I’m mostly Phoenix, see you at the World Championship in 2021,” tweeted Tyler.


Valorant is developed as a competitor to the main esports shooters: Overwatch and (to a greater extent) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Riot even invited CS:GO pro players to the office as consultants. Nevertheless, Valorant is very different from the Valve shooter, although it uses similar ideas in the gameplay.

Valorant Style

While CS:GO is styled like real-life combat, Valorant events unfold on Earth in the near future. Visually, the game is very close to League of Legends: a contrasting palette of bright colors, clear edges of objects. The comparison with Overwatch, which combines pseudo-realism with a slightly cartoonish style, is also true.



There are no real guns in Valorant ‒ instead of them, there are analogs of modern firearms and futuristic models. For example, there is a Kingdom gun ‒ a high-tech rifle capable of killing an enemy with a headshot. At the same time, there is a Revolver, similar in strength to the Desert Eagle from CS:GO. The preview also shows a futuristic analog of the AK-47, adapted to the world of the game.


Another big difference is the sights. Aimed fire can be made from all types of weapons, but it will not give such a strong advantage as in other games.

Points system

Each match in Valorant takes place on the best-of-24 system (up to 13 wins), and not the best-of-30 (up to 16 wins), as in CS:GO. The teams here are also divided into attackers and defenders, not terrorists and counter-terrorists. In theory, this will attract a large audience and sponsors who do not like the context of Counter-Strike shootings.


Loot boxes

Valorant doesn’t plan to use the loot box system. The game from Riot Games will add the Battle Pass and various cosmetic items that can be purchased for money.


The developers confirmed that in the shooter they will make an in-game store with skins for weapons and sprays. They will also be available as rewards from the Battle Pass.

Valorant Agents

The main unique feature of Valorant is that instead of faceless shooters, there are agents with superpowers that affect their playing style and team strategy as a whole. Like Overwatch, agents have the usual abilities and ultimates, but Riot claims that they only serve as “tactical capabilities.” The main thing in the game is the shooting itself.

At the start of Valorant, not all heroes will be open ‒ you will have to buy closed ones.

Valorant Executive Producer Anna Donlon explained how the progression system will work in a shooter. At the release of the game, there will be ten characters, but only five will be opened ‒ the rest can be unlocked using in-game currency or real money.

Previously, the authors confirmed that in the shooter they would make an in-game store with skins for weapons and sprays. They can also be obtained as rewards from the Battle Pass. It will be divided into two types: free and paid. In the second version, the player will be able to get more content ‒ Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare work on the same system.

Types of character abilities

The base ability is automatically available to the player in each round. How many times and how often it can be used depends on the character.

Purchasing abilities mean that each character can buy two additional abilities in the store before the start of the round. According to developers, it resembles the grenades in CS:GO or other similar items that help the player in battle.

Ultimate ability (ult) is the character’s most powerful ability. To use it, you need a certain number of charges that you can earn for killing enemies or completing tasks (for example, defusing a bomb). To accumulate charges and get the ultimate ability, a player may need three or more rounds.

Valorant agents and their abilities



He owns a powerful arsenal of attacking abilities that are effective in an open battle with the enemy.


– Hot Hands ‒ throws a ball of fire that sets fire to a small area when dropped to the ground. Deals damage to enemies, but heals your hero.

– Blaze ‒ creates a wall of fire that blocks the view and causes damage to anyone who passes through it.

– Curveball is a blinding grenade.

– Run it back (ult) ‒ marks your current location and starts the timer. When the countdown has come to an end, you will be reborn in the identified place with full health. The ability acts in the same way if you are killed during the countdown timer.



A fast and agile character who specializes in roundabout maneuvers and point attacks from the back.


– Cloudburst ‒ throws a smoke grenade that limits visibility in a small area.

– Updraft ‒ after a little preparation, the hero makes a high jump.

– Tailwind ‒ quickly overcomes a small distance in the travel direction.

– Blade Storm (ult) ‒ uses several throwing knives that deal moderate damage and can kill an enemy when hit in the head. Each kill increases the number of daggers.



A character who uses toxins and toxic gas in battle. Some Viper abilities consume a secondary resource called fuel.


– Snakebite ‒ releases a projectile that creates an acid puddle on the surface.

– Poison Cloud ‒ Throws a gas bomb that emits a cloud of toxic smoke. It consumes fuel.

– Toxic Screen ‒ creates several gas emitters that can be manually activated to create a toxic gas wall. It consumes fuel.

– Viper’s Pit (ult) ‒ creates a poisonous cloud and covers them with a large area. Enemies captured with this trap will be easy prey for Viper.



A well-aimed archer, whose abilities help to track the movement of enemies.


– Shock Bolt ‒ launches a projectile that emits destructive pulses of static energy upon impact.

– Sova Drone ‒ uses an unmanned aerial vehicle for reconnaissance maps. Can mark enemies with darts.

– Recon Bolt ‒ fires an arrow with a sonar that detects and marks nearby enemies while they remain motionless.

– Hunter’s Fury (ult) ‒ releases up to three energy charges that can move along the entire length of the map, breaking through the walls. Affected players take “almost fatal damage” and their location is revealed to the Sova team.



A spy soldier who specializes in detecting the enemy and traps.


– Trapwire ‒ establishes a “stretch” between the walls, which detects and immobilizes opponents for a short time. It can be reused after the operation.

– Cyber ​​Cage ‒ sets a trap that, when activated, slows down enemies passing through it. Installed traps can be detonated one at a time or all at once.

– Spycam ‒ places a portable camera that can be controlled remotely to shoot darts at enemies.

– Neural Theft (ult) ‒ steals information from a killed enemy, revealing the location of its allies.



This character controls various types of orbital weapons. It can bombard a map, create smoke screens or damage enemies.


– Incendiary ‒ throws an incendiary grenade that covers a large area with fire.

– Stim Beacon ‒ summons a special beacon on the map, which increases the speed of fire to any nearby ally.

– Sky Smoke ‒ causes several smoke screens on the map that block the view of opponents.

– Orbital Strike (ult) ‒ causes an orbital strike on a small area that deals with deadly damage in a few seconds.



Sage is a medic character who can revive allies and slow down enemies.


– Slow Orb ‒ creates a zone that slows down anyone who passes through it, and also does not allow heroes to jump.

– Barrier Orb ‒ creates a large impenetrable wall.

– Healing Orb ‒ heals Sage or her ally within seconds.

– Resurrection (ult) ‒ the ability allows you to revive an ally and completely restore his health.


An adroit saboteur character who can teleport on the map, destroy or blind enemies.


– Paranoia ‒ launches a shadow clone, which for a while blinds all enemies that touch it.

– Shadow Walk ‒ teleports Omen a short distance.

– Dark Cover ‒ throws a ball that explodes when it hits the ground and releases a spherical shadow, blocking the view of the opponents.

– From The Shadows (ult) ‒ allows you to teleport anywhere on the map after a delay of several seconds. Enemies can see the “shadow” of the character at the destination and cancel the teleport, killing her. After teleporting, Omen becomes invulnerable for a short time.

Valorant Plot

The plot will be unfolded soon. To protect the Earth from a mysterious threat, the countries of the whole world united and gathered a general detachment of soldiers with superpowers. Each agent represents its corner of the planet: China, Russia, USA, Morocco, Korea, Great Britain and other countries, each with its national color and easily recognizable appearance.

The individuality of the heroes is almost the first thing the developers mention. Valorant characters differ not only in appearance but also in character: each has its background and separate funny phrases. And judging by the roster that we were shown during the presentation, you will find someone to your liking. Take even a pyromaniac dude named Phoenix, a Brimstone soldier, a mysterious Russian archer named Sova. 

Maps are created with the expectation of “thousands of hours” of competitive play and the ability to think through a variety of strategies. Considering that developers use Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players as consultants, such a statement should not be unfounded.


Valorant developers want to add new modes to the game after release.

This was mentioned by the Riot Games game designer Trevor Romleski in an interview with IGN Nordic. According to him, the developers of the shooter intend to use the ideas that are implemented in competitive modes by competitors in the genre ‒ CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty.

In the first gameplay videos, Valorant already demonstrated the mechanics with bomb disposal, which are used in classic competitive matches in CS:GO. Romleski said that before the release of Valorant, developers would focus on this particular mode, but after the release of the game, they would have more freedom for experimentation. According to the game designer, the studio does not intend to completely copy other mechanics, but will strive to “provide players with a fresh look at the genre.”

The gaming community suggested that over time, Valorant could add the classic Team Deathmatch mode, which is presented in many shooters. Riot Games may also feature modes with capturing flags, holding control points, or freeing hostages.



Minimum requirements for the game at 30 frames per second:

  • CPU: Intel i3-370M.
  • GPU: Intel HD 3000.
  • Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • 1 GB of video memory.

Recommended requirements for 60 frames per second:

  • CPU: Intel i3-4150.
  • GPU: Geforce GT 730.
  • And the maximum ‒ for 144+ FPS:
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz
  • GPU: GTX 1050 Ti

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