TWIFT | CS:GO | Valve Company Releases a New VR-Mode for CS: GO

Valve Company Releases a New VR-Mode for CS: GO

Valve decides to take on a new gaming mode for Counter-Strike Global Offensive in virtual reality

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Valve’s decision to release the latest version of Half-Life for virtual reality was quite controversial at the time. But the first reviews of Half-Life: Alyx have already appeared and those who have tried a new product, note the huge number of innovations and say that virtual reality allows you to get game experience in its fullest.

As it turned out just recently, after having completed the development of Alyx, experts in virtual reality turned their attention to the CS: GO and immediately began to master it. That is how the idea of VR-mode for the CS: GO appeared.

Valve developer Robin Walker said that they planned on moving the CS: GO on the Source 2 engine. This means that it should be quite easy to implement the idea with VR. Everything has already been done for that goal. CS: GO in VR mode is expected to be released in the next 8 to 9 years.

Walker also says that Valve has already managed to determine the pitfalls that await the game in the new format. In particular, one of the most significant problems encountered in the development of CS: GO VR, was the movement. When the map Dust 2 was first downloaded into virtual reality, the user immediately tried to walk, fell, and hit his head on the box. Many of the creative solutions that developers now employ come from that very moment.

When asked about implementing the competitive aspect of CS: GO, Walker replied that he was well aware that virtual reality would require much more space since this was about local networks. The developers are going to introduce innovations and create a map out of cardboard boxes in the entire arena representing the map. In the process, they figured out that headset wires could cause problems and confusion with interference ‒ so they plan to abandon them completely and instead employ wireless devices.

The valve is also studying ways to implement virtual reality modes for different IP addresses. Gabe Newell recently performed virtual reality testing for Dota 2 and was able to fully calibrate the ranked MMR in first-person demo mode. After the test was done, he claimed it to be quite straightforward. “What were you all doing before?” he asked his colleagues and competitors.

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