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Miley Cyrus broke up with her husband because of another woman

Miley Cyrus has chosen female love. Serious family ties didn’t impress girl, so she began a stormy affair with no less sexy blonde Kaitlynn Carter. One of them didn’t even have time to get a divorce when the press got hold of hot female kisses. Oh, Miley, the poor guy got to live with that.

The divorce of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth is in the public eye for a long time. The newlyweds lived in marriage for only seven months and then broke up miserably. It turns out Miley Cyrus cannot call their family life sweet. Of course, when you look at her and ex-husband, it seems that it’s a perfect union. But usually, when the camera turns off, it’s time to show the other side. Miley doesn’t talk about these moments. She just can not call their relationship perfect.

Miley Cyrus: skeletons in her closet

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Many fans said that such cockroaches in the head of Miley Cyrus will die with time. But now the girl has successfully broken family ties with Hemsworth and dove right into the arms of a young lady (with whom she also broke up a month ago). The representative of the artist added that the fans shouldn’t add up their story that the 26-year-old singer and the 29-year-old actress are developing and changing “as partners and personalities,” so they made the only right decision to end the marriage. So what was the purpose to legitimize their relations? It’s worth noting that the romance of Miley and Liam lasted about 10 years. What are we talking about, if they had enough time to understand how much they fit together? Miley said that she loves girls, and then went again to Liam. Weird Hollywood intrigues!

We remind you that rumors about the breakup of Hollywood lovebirds spread after Cyrus stopped wearing an engagement ring. Everything was supported by photos that were released by several American publications, where the artist kisses Kaitlynn Carter on a yacht. It turns out that Miley has long been fall for the female part of society, for the most part, she still couldn’t understand who she needed at all.

The companion of the singer, during the breakup with Hemsworth, was the 30-year-old blogger Kaitlynn Carter (ex-lover of the older brother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner Brody Jenner).

It’s clear that the girls were not united by the big word “love”, just two chicks decided to smooth out the bitterness of separation in each other’s arms. Regarding Miley’s marriage, the girl added that this relationship was unique but complex. She believes that hardly anyone can understand them.

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Kaitlynn Carter attends the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards on June 15, 2019
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Even before her marriage, Miley Cyrus didn’t hide her interests in women. The actress is outraged by the fact that if she got married, everyone gives her a fucking image of an excellent straight-A student and a housewife. She never had the desire to stand in an apron and cook dinners, she doesn’t like being a stereotypical wife. Miley likes women and always liked. But she categorically didn’t want to give birth to children and doesn’t want to! The star rightfully believes that she can choose the direction of her life (no doubt no one will forbid her). The famous performer called not to condemn her, but to try to accept the choice of each person.

— “They expect us to give birth to children to support the world’s population. And if this is not part of our plans, it immediately causes so much condemnation and anger that people even come up with new laws to impose this on you without thinking about what you can get pregnant as a result of violence. If you don’t want to have children, people will feel sorry for you, believing that you are a cold, heartless person who is not able to love,” — added Miley Cyrus.

If you are not aware, Miley’s ex-husband dreamed of creating a strong family with children. But, as we see, Cyrus didn’t share the plans of the ex-spouse.

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter, who else was in the arms of the singer

Miley’s personal life has always been more scandalous than her career. As for her art, here the star as an exemplary excellent student is gaining more and more bright peaks every year.

Cyrus began to declare her bisexuality in 2014-2015 (an affair with her ex-husband began in 2010). The girl calmly talked about her experience immediately with two women at the same time. Probably her lover was very shocked, although the romance lasted too long for all this to come as a surprise to him. By the way, Miley in the past, a very long time ago, when dinosaurs still lived on the planet, once wore the purity ring. Now it’s even funny to hear about it, but the baby was trying to be a good girl. But who needs this correctness in the modern world?!

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In the summer of 2015, the singer began an affair with Stella Maxwell (model, Victoria’s Secret angel). The singer then said that she loves girls! Although if you look at her ex-girlfriend, you can understand her… A little later, in an interview for Elle magazine, Miley added that she adheres to pansexuality. What a twist! But, to be honest, we are not surprised!

After breaking up with Miley, Stella Maxwell began to build a relationship with another actress Kristen Stewart. Well, Edward is okay, but Bella has thoughts about female love! Probably Robert Pattinson wasn’t good at all if she was attracted to girls. It was rumored that the fragile Stuart even beat her during a conflict with Maxwell. But love survived and girls made peace. Bruises on the body of the “angel” are no longer found!

Returning to Miley Cyrus, the star, after making loud statements, still hadn’t decided who she wants to be with. She tried to have time to love the whole world! After Stella, Cyrus dove into a hug to Liam Hemsworth. The baby returned home. For three years they were connected by close relations, and in 2013 they made an engagement. These guys for a long time couldn’t understand what they needed. The problem always existed, but they couldn’t solve it.

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Between the breakups with Hemsworth, Miley managed to start an affair with the son of Schwarzenegger. In 2017, the scandalous performer announced that she had no gender at all! So that’s how one person lives, sings, searches herself, in the end, she concludes that she has no gender. Again “that’s quite a twist” and wonderful miracles!

It‘s very symbolic that before the “final” breakup of the Cyrus and Hemsworth couple, their house was destroyed as a result of a forest fire. Perhaps, for dear Hemsworth, it will be easier without his lover. She is in search of herself and doesn’t strive for a strong family life, and the actor wants this. So they have different ways. While fans are crying bitterly over the fact that the Hollywood sweetest couple made the supposedly final decision to break up, we will recall a few more details.

It turns out that Liam is not a saint. Miley Cyrus wanted to save the marriage by contacting a family therapist. Alas, Hemsworth refused the help of a specialist, which put an end to their long and stormy romance. A few months ago, the couple officially announced a divorce. Men, we can understand him, when your wife runs to the girls for more than one year (without you), it’s time to change something. Dude, look at the woman who is only interested in men! Maybe then it’s possible to build a family. Just stay away from Kristen Stewart, there you will surely run into the same problem. Edward discouraged her from dating men. In general, we feel sorry for him, because Pattinson even bought a house for their family nest, but the actress wanted a female hug. Oh, this Bella, but that’s another story!

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