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What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.16.5?

Pubg mobile latest update 0.16.5 added a new map and season 11.

Thanks to patch 0.16.5 in PUBG upcoming, the mobile version of the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground shooter, the Domination mode, new maps for the Arena and additional balance edits have appeared. Also, the developers launched the 11th season, where you can get various awards.

pubg mobile mode Domination update

The team returned the Warehouse training map to the game and balanced the weapons. For example, at Arena, the damage from a thunderstorm shot dropped to 45.

PUBG next update 0.16.5 showed us a new transport – a snow bike, which will replace a regular motorcycle on the Vikendi map. This is a fast and maneuverable vehicle, but not very durable – the bike explodes with 20 7.62 caliber bullets fired into it.

The New Team Deathmatch Mode

Another notable innovation is the new Team Deathmatch mode and a new map for it called Town. A large, realistic map that gives players an exciting gaming experience! The difference between the new TDM mode and the existing one is that two teams of four players each will need to capture and hold three points on the map. Players will receive points for controlling these outposts. The team that managed to earn more points will win. Also, there will be Boxes with super-weapons that can be activated to get a big advantage.

Another update in 0.16.5 will bring the arena-training mode to PUBG Mobile. This is a classic TDM mode that was present in the game before the preparatory tables. Players will be able to choose weapons in the old style taking it from tables in the spawn area. 

The original version of the Warehouse map reappeared in the Arena training mode. It is great for players who want to improve shooting. On the training map, players can pick up any weapon. Instead of using weapons from a ready-made kit. But players will still use sets in Arena mode maps. The rest of the Arena rules will remain unchanged.

PUBG Mobile Season 11  

More missions, new unique rewards and a large number of futuristic skins! Multitasking missions have appeared so that players can complete more tasks in various modes, including the Arena. Complete tasks in any mode and get rewards for missions.

Improved instructions for missions, as well as their display. Weekly missions can now be grouped and displayed by type. This will simplify tracking their progress.

Improved display of rank rewards. In preview mode, the item is now displayed on the character. And some items will be displayed separately when zoomed.

Keep waiting for the next PUBG mobile updates!

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