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Why LOL Is So Hated

Rarely is something so hated and loved simultaneously as much as League of Legends. Having a saturated history many players just have too many emotional strings tied to the game. Still, League of Legends is losing players every day. Find out the main reasons why this continues to happen and take a glance at some fair points for continuing the LOL gameplay, no matter what. 

i hate league of legends

Why I Don’t Play League of Legends Anymore?

If you’ve been in the game for more than two years, you’ve probably had the urge to quit it all and never go back. You’re not the only one. Starting from the game itself and ending with the community. Let’s try to see the bigger picture with the help of the following examples. Who knows, maybe by the end of this article you’ll have the answer to the question above. 

Reasons Why You Hate LOL

The Internet is packed up with reasons to hate LOL. People are asking themselves how much time they’ve wasted on the league. No wonder. Here are the 5 most common reasons why do you hate League of Legends. 

Matchmaking sucks 

i hate league of legends

The matchmaking algorithms are seriously a total mess. The aggregator combines people who have almost no skills with players who are light years ahead. As a result, nobody enjoys the game. One of the reasons why this happens is because there are just too many smurfs in the game. Yet there may be a solution to this problem. For example, the MMR must be scaled faster and restrict the newly made accounts. 

Anti-bronze culture 

i hate league of legends

What if you were told that the majority of the players are Bronze. For unknown reasons this never-ending circle of keeping up with the Joneses works out very bad for the community as a whole. When a player is trying to evolve and play harder, he/she encounters an avalanche of criticism and bullying. The inaccurate matchmaking system just adds fuel to the shitstorm fire.

Sadly, most players have the attitude of “best player out here”, while there is a very simple rule to remember anywhere in life. It all begins inside out, not the other way around. 

Why isn’t there a sandbox mode in LOL?

i hate league of legends

This is a super logical question if you think about it. Wouldn’t there be less non-qualified players and less toxic dialogs if people just had the opportunity to train? Now, it is truly difficult to maintain a high level of performance. Not everyone can afford to invest that much time in gaming. That brings up the LCS, which has become the alternative when you don’t get the numbers of champion and item changes. 

New champions and reworks 

i hate league of legends

This one is quite positive actually. One thing Riot has for sure, are the talented artists who create the characters. Every single one of the 126 is unique and gorgeous. Their silhouettes are recognizable, so you won’t mix them up during the game. 

So if you quit playing some time ago and somebody comes up and tells you that Annie is back older and Taric is completely reworked, wouldn’t you want to come back to remember the good old days? 

Why is everyone so toxic in the league of legends?

The amount of people who just can’t handle playing the game is subnormal. Passive-aggressive comments are a daily basis in LOL. And people who just can’t cope with losing are also in large quantities. A solution to this could be a more wide list of the reporting process. At this point, a hybrid between automation and human review is a must. 

To sum up 

You can either hope Riot will listen carefully to all the decent variants of solving the League of Legends problems. Either more and more players will transfer to playing some other game, which has a less toxic community and a better chance of getting in the right matches. 

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