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World of Warcraft Players Find Out Where is Mankrik’s Wife

After the release of Shadowlands supplement, fans of World of Warcraft knew exactly the answer to the question “where is Mankrik’s wife.” This question is already 16 years old: the search for a wife began immediately after the release of World of Warcraft.

Mankrik — Orc, the main character of the “Lost in Battle” quest. Together with his wife, they fought with the quillboars, but there were too many enemies. Most of the quillboars rushed after Mankrik, but then new enemies attacked his wife. The orc did not know how the fight might end.

Mankrik asked the players to find out what happened to his wife.

Mankrik's wife

It was not an easy quest. That version of WoW was hardcore, and therefore there were no signs on the minimap and the only clue was “somewhere in the south”. Many players spent hours, if not days, completing the quest.

In the famous Barrens chat, the question appeared again and again: “Where is Mankrik’s wife?” and it quickly became a meme of the 2000s.

Mankrik's wife

The end of the story of Mankrik’s wife was sad: after a long search, the players stumbled upon the beaten corpse of an orc and informed Mankrik that his wife was dead. After the release of the Cataclysm expansion, the quest with the search for a wife disappeared, and there was a monument in the Barrens — so fans learned that the name of Mankrik’s wife was Olgra.

Mankrik's wife

As it turned out, in the Shadowlands, players can meet Olgra. Add-on events take place in the world of the dead. We discover that after her death, Olgra ended up in Maldraxxus — the land of the Necrolord Covenant, where the undead live. In Maldraxxus, Olgra has risen to the rank of decimator and fights the enemies of her Covenant.

Mankrik's wife

You can talk to Mankrik’s wife, but she does not remember her husband. But she remembers her killers.

Olgra can be found in the Burning Thicket — it is the western part of Maldraxxus.

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Probably, several fresh quests will be dedicated to Olgra. In them, we most likely learn about the death of her character and the fate of Mankrik — so maybe he’ll be back. Thus, the story that began 16 years ago is finally coming to an end.

Mankrik's wife

And now some World of Warcraft news — the eighth expansion to the World of Warcraft named Shadowlands was released on November 24.

Shadowlands is a world between worlds, where the souls of the dead dwell. Life and death depend on the balance in this world. The characters will travel here to uncover a conspiracy and help the legendary Warcraft heroes return to Azeroth — or leave this world forever.

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