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The Best Decade for Women Sports

Women are increasingly joining the “men’s” sports. The popularity of women’s competitions is gaining momentum. Competitions between the sexes are not surprising – the beautiful half of humanity strives for sports peaks with men. Despite the fact that women did not manage to get to the Olympics at the first attempt, they have been increasingly proving that they can compete with men.


In 1973, the famous tennis player Billie Jean King fought in a sports match with Robby Riggs, which became one of the most striking examples of the battle of the sexes.

The racket master Riggs, already at the age of 55, said that he could easily beat any strongest sportswomen.

Margaret Court took the first challenge, but she was defeated and only strengthened Robbie’s confidence. King took revenge and luck was on her side. The tennis player defeated Riggs in all three sets. By the way, this example cannot be considered adequate – Riggs was 26 years older than the opponent, and after winning against Court he said that he would be defeated in a new match.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding is the game women are very interested in. Record holder Anky van Grunsven from the Netherlands competes with men in dressage, where both sexes contest in the same conditions. She probably can`t calculate the number of her victories against men.

The female athlete participated in seven consecutive similar competitions and took three gold in a row in the individual championship.

Grunsven managed to win Olympic gold in 2004 while being pregnant. This was her first victory at the Olympics, but not the last.


The girls managed to succeed in this “non-female” sport. The 34-year-old Danica Patrick from the United States is the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. Danica became famous thanks to the North American series of circuit races. She took first place in the IndyCar series in Japan and won the title of the first woman in the world to become a champion. Her name stayed in the history of racing competitions, although in recent times Danica has been showing fewer results. Despite many victories, she could not achieve this again.

Motorcycle Sport

Even in the more non-standard sport for women – motorcycle sport, Anastasia Nifontova dared to compete with men. The motorcycle racer coped with the marathon distance in extreme conditions and beat a significant part of male rivals. Her participation in the race was threatened due to the infamous among CIS athletes “meldonium”, but luck was on Anastasia’s side and the competition took place.

Ice Sports

The female half of humanity decided ice sports were not only figure skating and began to master hockey.

Hockey player Manon Rhéaume achieved unprecedented results. She owns one of the most famous achievements in sports. Manon not only played along with men but also brought victory to their team. Of course, the victory was not ruled out only by her merit, but her participation significantly strengthened the female sports spirit.

The beginning of the female presence in hockey was laid thanks to her, one of the world’s most famous hockey players. Manon has signed a contract with the Trois-Riviere Drivers, a Quebec junior hockey organization. She was considered to be the third goalkeeper of the roster, and she was honored to become the first player – a woman of the Canadian Hockey League.

One of the matches was attended by general manager Phil Esposito and he was delighted with the goalkeeper’s game. The fact that a woman was standing at the gate was unknown to him. A talented athlete was invited to the Lightning training camp, where she continued to improve. She managed to defend her goal in 7 cases out of 9 attempts to score a goal in them. Later, Rhéaume signed a professional contract and took the honorary title of the first and so far the only hockey player in the club of the strongest hockey league of our day.


In soccer, women have also their “stars”. Lieke Martens from Holland is recognized as the best soccer player not only in Europe but also in the world. Her abilities are compared with the skills of Ronaldo and Messi. Thanks to the talented Lieke, the women’s team won the European Championship. The men’s team is still inferior – they are improving their skills and striving to reach the previous level, but the ladies have significantly advanced.


Alpine skiing has always been more loyal to girls and opened up opportunities for them to master this sports direction. By the rules, you need to compete with your gender. But Lindsey Vonn defeated women more than once, and she was no longer interested in it. Therefore, the skier decided to participate in the men’s world cup. Even the men agreed that this is a good idea, which can attract more attention to the sport.

Lindsey’s question is still being considered and there is no way to be sure of a positive answer.

There are too many women who have achieved success in sports to list them all. And there is more and more women’s sports news.

So just keep watching!

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