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12 Possible Reasons We Haven’t Found Aliens

What do you think? Aren’t we attractive to them, or are they simply afraid of contact? Maybe this is why aliens won’t talk to us. Are they even real?

There are about 400 billion stars and at least the same number of planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Approximately 300 million are inhabited or at least habitable. But if there are so many potentially habitable worlds, where the hell are aliens? Here are some possible reasons. 

We are alone in the whole universe

A lot of us believe that aliens exist and that there is a habitable planet around us, we just haven’t seen it yet. But what if aliens just don’t exist? What if humanity is the only intelligent species in the universe, or the Earth is the only planet where life began?

Civilizations self-destruct 

Just imagine… Life began on some planet, developed, aliens built cities and went into space, but then something happens – and all grandiose plans go tits up. 

Life moves too slowly

Another option that explains everything is that the average civilization in the universe exists for too short to start making contact. But this is not due to the craving for self-destruction, but because of some natural causes.

Space distances destroy the interplanetary friendship

With current technologies flying to visit another civilization is an almost impossible task. And considering that the universe is expanding and the distances between galaxies are only increasing, the prospect becomes even sadder.

Aliens are hiding

Planetary scientist Alan Stern suggested that many alien civilizations may exist not on the surface of the planet, but under it. No radio waves and signals will break through the ice from above.

Aliens exist in virtual reality

The aliens could decide that the real universe is too boring, and go into virtual reality, abandoning even their physical bodies. Are we all also waiting for the metaverse from Zuckerberg?

Alien life forms are too alternative

Other forms of life could theoretically exist in their own dimensions, micro universes, multidimensional spaces, and so on. They can be nitrogen-breathing phosphorus creatures or something made of hydrogen living in the atmosphere of giant planets. 

Aliens are afraid of us

Maybe alien creatures simply don’t want to risk contacting other species and jam their radio transmissions so no one can track their planet.

Our technologies are too different

The problem can be that another civilization may well use alternative technologies and leave no trace. Let’s say they use signal compression methods different from ours, which is why their data is perceived as white noise.

 Aliens are too developed

Probably aliens are more developed than humans and don’t contact us, not because they cannot, but because they don’t want to. It is much more interesting to light quasars and push black holes together than to spend time with some stupid creatures.

 Intelligent species haven’t yet developed enough

An alternative to the previous point of view: alien civilizations exist but are at a too low level of development. This is a very good explanation for why they don’t talk to us.

 Aliens are already here

You can’t dismiss the idea that government agencies are concealing the presence of aliens. Or maybe liens are already amongst us, observing humanity, we just haven’t seen them yet.

So what do you think? Are aliens real yes or no?

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