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7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life

Explicit and active sex gives a man physical pleasure, emotional shake-up, and a feeling of fullness of life. Intimacy is based on libido – sexual desire, pushing a person to love adventures. Frequent stress, age-related changes, and bad habits dull the craving for sensual pleasures. 

To return the former desire will help a special diet, which is based on products that increase libido. We will tell you what food you need to introduce into the diet so that you “want and could”.

Aphrodisiacs for an active sex life

Male sex drive is controlled by the production of testosterone. The higher its level, the more sexual activity a man shows. During adolescence, testosterone is produced in excess, and after thirty years, the production of the major male hormone is gradually decreasing. For the synthesis of androgen, the body requires the following substances:

  • iron;
  • zink;
  • manganese;
  • copper;
  • vitamins A, D, C, and group B.

Eating large quantities of food containing the above trace elements increases testosterone levels and enhances male libido. The stimulating effect of aphrodisiac products has been noticed since ancient times.

Easily digestible meat, nuts, herbs, and spices fill a man with energy and kindle his passion. By the way, such food comes in the evening, when testosterone production decreases, and you are planning a romantic meeting, and you need to impress the lady of the heart.

Ноw to increase libido in women and men? The answer is in the food list below.


Shrimp and oysters, squid, and octopus stimulate sexual desire, improve erection and increase male fertility. Seafood contains a lot of protein that is quickly absorbed – in just a couple of hours. These tasty and healthy foods for libido give a pleasant feeling of fullness without feeling full.

Oysters are especially rich in zinc, the lack of which can lead to male impotence. It only takes two oysters to get your daily dose! Champagne and oysters will make the evening not only romantic but also hot!

7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life


Nuts are a storehouse of desired minerals and fatty acids. They contain a lot of zinc, magnesium, calcium, manganese, vitamins A, C, K, E, and elements of group B. Let’s name the types of nuts that are most useful food for sexually long time:

  • walnuts – increase sexual desire, help to establish hormonal levels, protect against infertility;
  • roasted almonds – has a positive effect on reproductive function and prevents the problem of rapid ejaculation;
  • cedar – restore the body after physical exertion, slow down aging, normalize blood pressure and increase potency;
  • hazelnuts – activates testosterone production, strengthens the heart muscle, and improves blood flow.

Nut-honey mixes are also suitable for libido boosting. Such mixtures are taken 1-2 tablespoons 4 hours before a love date.

7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life


Greens contain vitamins E and A, which slow down the aging process and promote the production of endorphins – hormones of joy and relaxation. B vitamins improve metabolism, restore energy balance and favor sensual arousal.

Cilantro is rich in calcium, necessary for nerve impulses transmission, and iron, which increases the body’s endurance. Coriander leaves also contain zinc and copper, which are involved in androgens production. Finely chopped cilantro is eaten fresh – it goes well with meat dishes and spicy hot soups.

Green cilantro (coriander) has a specific bitter-tart taste and a sharp spicy aroma. Not everyone loves these foods for libido, but it is helpful for men’s health and the sexual sphere.

7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life


The spicy ginger root not only adds flavor to food but also provides blood flow to the perineal area, which is necessary for a good erection. Ginger improves the functioning of the genitourinary system, triggers the active synthesis of testosterone, and strengthens the body’s defenses.

Coffee connoisseurs can prepare their favorite drink with the addition of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and rosemary – this coffee will invigorate and set you up for love exploits.

Note that alcohol also acts as an aphrodisiac. Red wine, champagne, and cognac stimulate blood circulation, improve mood, and relieve internal tension and anxiety. Against this relaxed background, sexual desire easily arises, but it is important not to overdo it with alcohol so that a pleasantly started evening does not end on a sad note. 

7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life


For good, include avocados in your daily diet, so you can stably increase male strength and please the female sex. First, it contains saturated omega-3 acids, which are very good for the heart. Secondly, avocados include vitamin B6 and folic acid, which can increase your energy by several points. And, of course, several advantages of this evergreen at times improve male libido.

7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life


Honey is a unique natural sweetness that enhances desire and improves erectile function. Pure honey is rich in iron, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, copper, and vitamins B5, B6, B8, B9, B2, and B3. As a male aphrodisiac, the following varieties are preferred:

  • buckwheat;
  • lime;
  • chestnut;
  • acacia;
  • ginseng.

Adding honey to the diet improves blood circulation, strengthens the nervous system, prolongs the time of sexual intercourse, and increases the concentration of seminal fluid.

7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life


The history of the pomegranate as an aphrodisiac is inextricably linked with the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty – Aphrodite. She made a great gift to all the people of the Earth. It is believed that the very first pomegranate tree was planted on the island of Cyprus by Aphrodite herself.

The pomegranate is full of seeds from the inside. These seeds are enriched with elements that are beneficial to the health of the reproductive system of men and women. Pomegranate juice is a well-known female libido booster. For this, pomegranate seeds began to be considered symbols of fertility, the fruit itself was an aphrodisiac, and pomegranate juice was considered a “love potion”. Furthermore, the juice of the pomegranate has become associated with the blood of a virgin. And the process of breaking the pomegranate itself with the deprivation of virginity.

7 Foods to Help Boost Your Sex Life

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