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Anders Holch Povlsen: about the death of three children of the richest man in Denmark

Anders Holch Povlsen is the wealthiest man in Denmark. But alas, the number of funds cannot keep you away from all the bad things in the world. A terrible sorrow has happened in the Anders family, he lost the most precious — his children. What took their lives? And why is Sri Lanka a place a businessman hates now?

On April 21 and 22, 2019, a terrible tragedy has occurred in Sri Lanka. At 8:30 am, the first of six bombs exploded. The victims of a series of explosions against local Christians and tourists were 321 people. About 500 more were injured. More than 80% of the dead are residents of Sri Lanka. One of the victims were tourists, the children of the richest man in Denmark. Anders Holch Povlsen will never hear the laughter of his little ones again. Three of his four children died in a series of terror attacks.

Anders Holch Povlsen is the shareholder of the online store Asos, the owner of the network Bestseller, the richest man in Denmark. He would never have imagined such an outcome even in a nightmare. On this terrible weekend, his family went to Sri Lanka to celebrate Easter, when that irreversible happened. Anders Holch Povlsen’s family was one of the happiest. Shortly before the tragedy, the businessman said about the decision to leave all his fortune to the children.

Anders Povlsen is 46 years old, 28 of them he runs a family business — the Bestseller clothing chain. It is worth noting that he’s the sole owner of the company. He also owns parts of large fish in the business world:

27% of Asos chain stores in Britain;
10% in the German retailer Zalando;
a share in the Nemlig online store;
a few percent of ownership in the Klarna company.

It can be argued that he would give all his wealth to bring his family back. But, even the $5.7 billion (an estimated state of Anders Povlsen), cannot create a miracle.

By the way, the love of his life, his wife, Anders met at Bestseller. The woman came to work for him. The couple had four children — Alma, Astrid, Agnes, and Alfred. He considered his family his greatest wealth. But, alas, the terror attack didn’t spare anyone in those terrible days. Before the tragedy, Alma, the daughter of a businessman, posted a photo of her two sisters and brother. They sat so nicely by the pool on the island.

On April 18, photos were posted online, and on April 21 three children of Anders Povlsen was gone. In Sri Lanka, on Easter Day, 8 explosions thundered. Three were in Catholic churches in Colombo, Negombo, and Batticaloa, the next three others were in large and popular hotels. The seventh explosion occurred in the west of the island, the eighth in a residential complex in the suburbs of Colombo. One bomb that was found near Bandaranaike International airport was removed before the explosion.

Children of Anders were buried on May 4th. It is reported that only the youngest daughter of a businessman was able to survive. The heart is breaking from watching a video where she cuts off a ribbon with an attached bunch of balloons. They were tied to the coffin of her little brother. Astrid let go of the balloons, helped the souls of her relatives to fly to heaven, but mourning would remain in her heart, in the heart of her parents, and in the hearts of all the victims of that fatal day forever. Three little white coffins, devastated parents, shrill silence. It was the funeral of the children of Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife Ann. On Saturday, the parents said goodbye forever to 5-year-old Alfred, 12-year-old Agnes, and 15-year-old Alma.

Why these fucking suicide bombers can decide who should live and who should die? If they wanted to make their protest, let them cut off what they wanted, rather than deprive the lives of little angels who can no longer tell their parents how much they loved them. And parents will never see how beautiful they could be when they grow up. This is not the first tragedy, where people who are sick in the head cynically take lives not only their own ones but also the lives of other people, small children. It’s terrible, and above all, this doesn’t yet come to an end.

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