TWIFT | Lifestyle | Comedian Casper Christensen has finanlly transformed into the ultimate asshole.

Comedian Casper Christensen has finanlly transformed into the ultimate asshole.

OK, folks, be ready for the word “asshole” to be used here quite often. 

Casper Christensen is appearing in a new role, and it’s gonna be another new version of him in the “Sorry Norway” series. And, in all fairness, there is no more suitable expression but “asshole” when speaking of what Casper Christensen had turned himself into – over and over in his career.

casper christensen

So, what’s now? Well, this asshole wrote the film script and directed the new series “Sorry Norway”. Asshole is not a good word, sorry, but it is ideal for describing what Casper Christensen does to himself because it is also not beautiful. But it’s fun. 

Here are a few factors that have influenced the development of Casper Christensen as Denmark’s largest and best asshole. In a way, his perky character started in The Tea Team, but many of us never found out. 

The asshole’s expression found its sublime form in The Clown much later, where he managed to be completely terrible and still have the majority of the audience on his side. 

Well, if you have to choose between a rich, fun asshole having fun, or Frank. C’mon, who wants to be Frank?

As for retrospective, the ultra-popular radio show became the final party and a celebration of peace, where young people could afford everything if they were sure that people would be there to dominate and make fun of.

casper christensen

For instance, Jade-Laila, Kira Eggers or Klokkelærlingen. Casper Christensen was the circus owner, who controlled the robber boys Mads Wangso, Soren Sondergaard and Ian Gintberg – they were always shouting “POOOLKA”.

In the Casper & Mandrilaftalen he was also called Casper. But there we were completely beyond the bounds of surrealism. A little closer we came to “Far from Las Vegas”, where he is also was called Casper and he was a comedian.

Here he hosts a non-existent morning show, Jump Start, between originals who are far from playing themselves. Klaus Bondam, Sophie Stogaard, Frank Hwam, and Lars Hyershoy play on the channel completely crazy people. Of course, Casper is happy and tall in his hat, but he is still too milky among all to make the right impression.

Thus, the big, long breakthrough was funny enough when he turned into an asshole two years later. From the very beginning, he finally got to a common point with the asshole “Casper Christensen” in “Clown” on TV2. Here the asshole becomes a cult genius. The personality is right in the middle between boring Frank and giant rapist Lars Hyersha. Here, Casper is deeply, deeply not sympathetic, but successful and, most importantly, energetic and enthusiastic. An awkwardly enticing way.

He says that Michael Karoe’s child is a “lousy donkey”, claiming that 95 percent of his decisions are correct. He convinces poor Pivert to try heroin, promising that he will do it himself. And, of course, he does not. 

My personal favorite moment is a second in the first Clown movie. Casper meets Frank before embarking on a canoe trip, which he announced the Tour de Fiss. With bare enthusiasm, there is a cleaning lady who lies quietly, washes the floor of his giant office. Sublim style asshole.

In Casper Christensen’s new series, Casper is quit for sexual assault and almost kicked out of Denmark. This makes this incarnation of Casper Christensen’s asshole the greatest, but in a way, it seems like total humiliation. Here he is not Frank’s tough colleague, he is almost a rapist. Nothing wrong, in fact, there are no friends and no one who loves him. No one even among the audience. 

Even reports of harassment are unconditionally ridiculous. We hear actor Stephanie Potalivo talking about the filming of Living from Bremen, where Casper Christensen has … very thin linen pants. And then he starts taking his linen pants off. 

Radio host Iben Maria Zeuten told how he demanded to undress while shooting for Radio24syv. “Now it’s becoming very objectivizing,” says Iben Maria Zeuten, and continues: “But it doesn’t look cool. The man is 50 years old. Finally, this is something completely different for a man of my age. A completely different physique. And a number of others … uh … testicles.

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