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Dog care Taboos: Never Do That to Your Four-legged Friends!

We bet you don’t know everything about dogs, even if you have a pet. Why? Okay, food of which color you should never buy for your little friend? Ha! This is not another stupid idea, this is a fact that can save your dog’s life! 

If you have a dog, you might have noticed their weird behavior and thought ‘what a dumb dog I have’ instead of worrying about your pet’s health. However, dog care expert Dr. Marty Goldstein states that some innocent situations can signalize about serious problems. 

Doctor Goldstein is one of the top veterinarians in the US and he knows every mistake people make when caring about dogs. The good news is that we – media people – convey the sense of the correct dog care to readers, so your pet will thank us after you read this article. 

According to the doctor’s experience, more than 50% of old dogs (10+ years) suffer from cancer and this makes us cry as 40 years ago, this indicator was half less. 


By the way, before you say: ‘This is bullshit, only others have problems with their pets due to owners’ stupidity – they feed their dogs with trash, and mine is happy and has brilliant hair like in a shampoo advertisement! You journalists always do the same – make sensations from shallow shit!’, read this fact:

Dr.Goldstein’s golden retriever Daniel lived 20 years! Almost twice as long as dogs usually live. And if you learn three warning words on the food package, your friend will live longer too.


Three Warning Signs for Dog Owners:

  1. Does your dog eat everything they can find? Grass, human food, dog’s food, trash… This can be a warning sign!
  2. Bad breath is another thing to pay your close attention to. It might signalize of both dental issues or more serious health problems.
  3. If your dog has joint problems, this is the final stage and you MUST visit a vet immediately!

First of all, Marty says that tragedies happen mostly due to unhealthy food containing hazardous chemicals. 

But what the actual fuck? We see only words ‘NATURAL’ and ‘HEALTHY’ on the packs with dog food. So what? If you see ‘Dick’ on a fence, will you consider that there’s one behind it? Manufacturers hide information about lawsuits like Blue Buffalo did in 2017. If you don’t notice a problem this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

What Should You Avoid?

Dr. Marty Goldstein highlighted three ingredients that should be avoided. If you see one of them on the dog food package – throw it to a dumpster and kill the person who was recommending this shit to you and be happy that your dog will be alive when you get released from jail. 

  1. Preservatives

These components let dog food be fresh for months or even years. Imagine, how much chemicals they contain. They are not natural for the dog’s body, so it can’t digest them properly and preservatives make it impossible for nutrients to be digested. What’s more, such ingredients are often toxic and carcinogenic.

  1. Meat byproducts

You’re not a Jedi master of dog care if ‘meat’ and ‘meat byproducts’ mean the same to you. In fact, this is waste left from processed meat, which doesn’t contain any healthy elements. On the contrary, such shit usually contains unsavory things – beaks, tumors, feet. Disgusting and poisonous. Your dog would never eat that if that wasn’t flavored!

  1. Fillers

These are corn, rice, soy, barley, wheat, oatmeal and so on. Dr. Goldstein defines ‘fillers’ as ‘anything else except meat that’s placed in food for dogs. You shouldn’t have an Einstein’s ingenious brain to get the point – manufacturers do that for the economy – meat can’t be cheap by default. Keep that in mind when trying to find cheap food for your 4-legged bro. An extra dollar can cost you their entire life. Think twice, dude!

What If Your Dog Already Eats Such Food?

Game over, dude, game over… For manufacturers which product you’ll never purchase again! And as for your little fluffy friend, be careful with their health and behavior. If you notice smelly breath and poop, joint problems, itching, weight gain, allergies, grab your dog and hurry up to a vet’s office.


We hope that a veterinarian will be as much caring for dogs as Dr. Marty Goldstein and there will be a happy end!

Finally, keep in mind that your dog can’t control what they eat, so you are responsible for the good bacteria in your dog’s gut!

If you want to read more about healthy nutrition for dogs, visit Dr. Goldstein’s blog – he writes a lot of dog care tips you’re lacking now!

If you prefer watching YouTube instead of reading, here’s his YouTube channel!

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