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Drive in 2139 Instead of 2021! Become the Law!


Have you ever wanted to crash into your boring office and smash everything there using an armored car? Have you dreamed of showing your enemies who’s the boss? Have you thought about being the law just as Judge Dredd?

Well, maybe you are not such a crazy psychopath, but just a fan of sci-fi movies from the distant 90s. Then at least you can pretend to be a freaking taxi driver in a grim future. Ecto-1 is too expensive? General Lee is only available as a replica (and also too expensive)? Batmobile is already gone back to the future? Worry not, stand out from that movie-cars nerdy crowd with that exceptional Taxi based on a Land Rover that is even older than the movie it was made for! 

Yes, if you remember such cars from these iconic movies, then you are probably falling apart, and we understand you — the same old fart writes this article.

Come On, What’s It All About???

So, the point is that some guy has posted this armored car for sale on Craigslist. Long story short:

  • This armored taxi is based on a Land Rover 101 Forward Control with a right-hand drive. 
  • The body is made from fiberglass.
  • Its motor starts and runs (we might doubt that’s an original ancient shit from the 70s, but who cares — are you going to drive it, really?). Anyway, you can replace it with a diesel engine to piss off a variety of activists all at one shot. 
  • The odometer is broken, but we believe the owner won’t give a fuck. 
  • This armored car for sale is so outstanding in its design that will get more attention than Google maps cars, I’m not even mentioning Lambos! 
  • Damn, this exhibit won the first prize at the 2003 CES for JBL Audio!
  • Last but not least, its price isn’t so fucking high, so every fan of the law in the person of Judge Dredd will be fighting for the right to own it. $25,000 and this armored taxi will be yours! However, its title is said to be missing, though.

Is Executing the Judge Dredd Law With This Car Possible?


By the way, if you are looking for a pistol, bat, brass knuckles, and of course, money to win the battle for this car, I have good and bad news for you:

  • The good news is that this armored car for sale looks extremely close to its original prototype — an armored taxi from Judge Dredd. Sweet!
  • The bad news is that this vehicle isn’t as durable as Marvin Heemeyer’s armor-plated bulldozer (in fact, it’s a freaking sad story) to destroy the abode of your offenders. It’s made almost from cardboard and its purpose is to decorate the fan collection of some nerd. Also, driving such a monster is not allowed by the law (not Judge Dredd law), still, you won’t be sent to a life sentence in a prison, to which you will need to go through the desert with filthy cannibals. You’d rather get a fine from the police.

All in all, if you’re not afraid to buy a car with a missing title, ask the person who placed this armored car for sale for more details. At least you’ll be able to resell it later for a more considerable price when new movies about the law of Judge Dredd draw the public attention.

Write your fu**ing article right now!

However, be careful, Land Rover might just be waiting for 2139 to establish mass production of such vehicles (basically, Land Rover 101FC, who are we trying to fool?) and your precious collectible won’t be so valuable anymore.

Be that as it may, it’s worth it to buy such a car! Until then, both you and your great-grandchildren will have time to say the famous phrase of Judge Dredd “I am the Law” more than once, sitting in this car. Bloody hell, it’s awesome!

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