TWIFT | Lifestyle | Miley Cyrus channels the Beatles in a socially distanced live concert

Miley Cyrus channels the Beatles in a socially distanced live concert

Miley Cyrus who got the best of both worlds grabbed our attention yet again when she was in the spotlight, but this time in an unusual way. 

Until recently the best that our beloved performers could do to help us distract from everything shitty that is going on in the world was to put on a show from their living room. Miley, however, decided to set the trend again during Global Citizen‘s ‘Global Goal: Unite for Our Future’ livestream event at the end of June. Alongside Justin Bieber, she participated in a live socially-distanced gig that took place on an empty football stadium. 

Miley Cyrus channels the Beatles in a socially distanced live concert
Miley Cyrus channels the Beatles in a socially distanced live concert

Miley made us feel like everything was okay for a second during her take on the timeless classic by the Beatles ‘Help!’. The song was specifically picked in order to send a message to the communities that have the hardest time coping with the pandemic of COVID-19. The stage that Miley used was a huge platform saying ‘Help!’ and Miley performed standing at the dot of the exclamation point. The singer wore a blue sparkling outfit by Alexandre Vauthier and looked great as usual during her show at the empty Rose Bowl stadium. 

In typical Miley tone, the singer opted for a country-style version of the song. She presented us with an emotional performance that let us know she sympathizes with the communities who are severely affected by the pandemic and its consequences. The Hannah Montana actress connected with the virtual audience and it was incredible as she sang ‘Help me get my feet back on the ground’.

Watch the video and enjoy it

Regarding ‘Global Goal’ (hosted by Dwayne Johnson) Miley shared on social media: “I dedicated this performance to everyone who is working tirelessly for testing, treatments, and vaccines so all of us can come together in places like this empty stadium…. I can’t wait to be together again.” Furthermore, she disclosed that what she found magical and inspiring about performing was the people themselves and their energy when they celebrate music together, which is unfortunate because being together is impossible now but it’s all we need. 

In addition to singing the classic Beatles song, Miley was also a participant in a panel meeting (including some big names like Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway), whose aim was to discuss how marginalized communities have been treated during the coronavirus pandemic. Another topic of the panel meeting was the recent protests happening all over the world in light of the murders of unarmed black Americans at the hands of white police officers. 

Miley also talked about her generation and how it is desperately seeking a much-needed change. She shared that she’s trying to learn from different organizations during the last few weeks and this is pretty much how she spends her time nowadays… just trying to be a good student while absorbing information and helping any way she can. Miley’s opinion is that the only way to achieve real change is first trying your best to learn (from Global Citizen or any other project that focuses on people’s needs).

Miley and the organization that she’s founded (The Happy Hippie Foundation) believe in the young minds and what they aspire for. Through her non-profit (Happy Hippie), Miley is trying to give voice to Black activists. We agree with Miley when she mentions that young people nowadays are ready for change, and they work every single day towards achieving it through their voice and opinion. Especially during the last couple of months, activists have been managing to pull through a lot. While it is true that temporary change takes a lot of time and is a hard process, young people are determined, and they want to make it last. They want to achieve something bigger than themselves and are motivated by seeing the small victories getting bigger and bigger by the day. 

Miley also shares a thought that many of us have been having lately and it’s related to the new ‘normal’. The world has been a pretty intense place to live in these past couple of months and what a lot of us have always found encouraging to keep going was the idea that one of these days it will all come back to normal. But the reality is that we can no longer go back to our normal previous life. And this is a huge problem for a lot of millennials.

We always try to go back to a state of mind when everything was okay and try to recreate that. Not to be dramatic… but that’s a huge issue. Isn’t it better to face reality and try to make it better than it is currently? Instead of always reverting back to the past isn’t it normal if we live in the shitty present but at least try to make it better? Those are the questions Miley and her organization ask. Miley and her peers do not want to go back to normal under any circumstances. They want to improve, inspire, and achieve their goals. So should we. 


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