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Naughty Gifts For Naughty Girls: Sexy Surprises For Your Girlfriend

Want to surprise your girlfriend or wife with something substandard and lecherous? We have prepared a list of romantic and at the same time sexy gifts to show all sides of your love. They are aimed to demonstrate how do you appreciate every part of her body, her soul and her mind. Maybe it will inspire you for some experiments, dirty boy!

1. Vibrators

What was the first fucking thought, that pooped into your mind? Of course, it is a good old vibrator! Why not offer it to your girlfriend to spend some time during a lonely evening, when you are far away. It’s an absolutely affordable doofer not only for one half of the couple. He, he! No limits in bed, a lot of variants of colors and sizes – everything to spice up your sex life. Go for it!

2. Sexy lingerie

It’s a totally amazing gift, that will satisfy both of you. She will be happy because of the new outfit, and you will be over the moon because of her horny look. It’s a little bit difficult to choose absolutely suitable lingerie without fitting. But there is a win-win situation: take her for lingerie shopping! And in the end – everyone is motified.

3. Adult board games

Something that will make you absolutely chuffed and funny – board games for couples. You may think that the choice is limited! It’s not true: naughty questions, hot interactions, sexy Truth or Dare and so on – the list is huge! Such kind of gift will be enjoyable for both of you. 

4. Aphrodisiac massage oil

Is there any girl that doesn’t like a massage? That’s crap! Everybody loves it, especially with aphrodisiac massage oil, that encourages a special mood. The best part is that this stuff is appropriate for both of you. Such oil is a modest gift with a huge effect. Noice!

5. BDSM accessories

If you want to go further and take your relations to the next level, you may present some BDSM accessories, for example, some leather stuff, whips, paddles, etc. The choice depends only on your fantasy and her limits. But, before buying that kind of gift, make sure, that it is acceptable for her. Otherwise, you will look like a sucker and her mood will be spoiled.

6. Edible massage oil candle

Well, it may be something quite new and interesting for your erotic life. You burn this candle to create a naughty atmosphere. But, that’s not all! After melting, the candle turns into edible massage oil. You get 3 in 1: atmosphere, massage oil, sexy sweets. Smokin!

7. Blindfold


If you are ready for some experiments in bed, buy a petey blindfold to diversify your sex life. It will increase her sensitivity to the absolutely new level. Naughty!

8. Vibrator for couples


For those who are bias-free! This is the gift, with which both of you may have infinite fun. While wearing it, you will feel new sensations simultaneously. For sure, it is remote-controlled, so you may be the master of new experience.

9. Sexy handcuffs

Anthem wares

You may offer to your chic gold and precious handcuffs, that may look like stylish jewelry. Those cool accessories are perfect for spontaneous naughty games!

10. Lube


Are you ready for the marathon sex session? Then you need some extra lubrication. Just pack it in a stylish and naughty way – and you get an irreplaceable sexy gift. Have fun and don’t forget to have a break for a snack!

Let’s summulate!

Keep in mind, that all that naughty stuff can be an addition to something more romantic! Jewelry, perfumes, flowers, etc. – there are no limits to your fantasy. All those sexy gifts are aimed to demonstrate your love and sensitivity according to your women. Make your sex life more colorful

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