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CS: GO Sets a New Record for Average Online Players

CS: GO news. After the release of the Shattered Web operation, user interest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive increased. Steam Charts statistics show that over the past thirty days, taking into account the first days of January, an average of 470,592 players was in CS: GO. The peak online indicator was 777,724. Thus, the game updated its previous December record of 457,000.

Experts believe that CS news has several reasons for success. At the end of 2018, the game began to be distributed according to the Free-to-Play model. In November 2019, the “Shattered Web” update was released, which added a system of combat passes, the appearance of fighters as well as a large number of balance changes. It is very good news for CS: GO esports.

On November 23, the peak online in CS: GO reached 777 thousand players ‒ this is the maximum number for a shooter since 2017. The record for online in CS: GO was set in April 2016 and was 850 thousand simultaneous users.

The latest major update to CS: GO with the operation Shattered Web was released on November 19. Skins for counter-terrorists and terrorists were added to it. The developers increased the price of SG 533 to $ 3 thousand, and also reduced the cost of FAMAS and Galil by $ 200. Together with the change in cost, the accuracy of the dispersion of bullets for both guns was adjusted.

Cache returned to the list of competitive matchmaking cards in the patch, and Vertigo again underwent some changes. Studio, Jungle and Lunacy maps have also been added to various modes.

Shattered Web is the first CS: GO operation in two years. It adds special characters called “agents” to the game. Both parties can use them ‒ terrorists and counter-terrorists. Players will have to complete missions and earn stars to unlock these characters. For completing missions, users will also receive rewards in the form of skins from the collections of Shattered Web, Norse, St Marc and Canals.

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