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Seven Unrevealed Secrets of Jeffrey Epstein

On Wednesday, May 27, the world finally learned a little more about the American multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The mysterious death of the financier, Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, 70-year-old fuck, his relationship with Prince Andrew ‒ everything is detailed in four episodes of Netflix’s documentary “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.”

1. Orgy Private Island of Jeffrey Epstein

About a year ago, on August 10, 2019, a scandalous sociopath-financier was found dead in his prison cell. Where he was awaiting trial in the case of girls’ prostitution who have not reached the age of majority. If he had proven guilty, he would have received 45 years in prison.

At the same time, the security service, which was on duty that evening when Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, didn’t fulfill its duties. The guards didn’t check the cells every half hour according to the rules. And the records, according to the assumptions of the investigation, were faked. That’s why the first thing that was investigated as a result of the suicide of a billionaire was materials regarding the actions of security officers.

Jeffrey Epstein

The death of Jeffrey Epstein took away all the questions about pedophilia, the influential environment of Epstein, his family, finances, and manipulations with girls. Thanks to a series of Netflix documentaries about Epstein and director Lisa Bryant, I managed to find out many important points regarding weird sexual contacts, male friend’s fuck, relationships with recognizable people, like Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton. All this was possible to learn through exclusive interviews with people who knew Jeffrey.

I also managed to find out about the plea bargain that the multibillionaire concluded in 2008, probably covering the other accomplices of the crimes and refusing to further prosecute the investigation. Among them were many of his employees, who were also aware of his affairs and signed the non-disclosure act. This is what made it impossible to find out all the important information.

Director began filming a documentary about the rape even before his suicide, when in a few months he was only supposed to be arrested for sex trafficking in minors, both in New York and in Florida.

Jeffrey Epstein

The Bryant team had to prepare thoroughly for the filming of the interview. This applies to both creating a secure environment and maintaining confidentiality and encryption of information so as not to be intimidated by interested parties. The film crew used encrypted communication and stored all digital media in a special safe. The director was already arrested, and then the real promotion of the case began. The director and the team flew to the Caribbean to begin an investigation on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island of 70 acres. But despite the fact that the financier was already out of the house, his presence there continued to be felt.

This happened when the crew was heading from the public beach to Jeffry Epstein’s private territory on the island. And then the team was surrounded by quad bikes. People with weapons drove them away.

“It was clear that they came just for us,” admits the director of the Netflix project.

Lisa Bryant also confirmed that the island continued to be under the control of employees of the financier. They sent an important signal “it’s dangerous to contact us.”

The team was amazed that the person who was supposed to lose control during this time still influenced such processes.

2. It’s Not My Fault

Now, we will tell you about the frankest and important details from a conversation with the director of the film “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.”

So, prosecutor Sarah Ransome talked about her incidents on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in 2006. The girl shared that before landing on the Caribbean, strange events had already begun. That’s what she shared:

“Suddenly, Jeffrey arranged something similar to BDSM with another young girl. Everyone else pretended that nothing was happening, and just ignored the 70-year-old fuck. It all seemed frankly strange to me that no one shows any reaction to such an open call to society. And then for some reason I also decided to do, like everyone else, I pretended to be sleeping. In fact, only then I realized how traumatic this event was, how difficult it was to stand and watch like that. I needed to trust my feelings, but I still couldn’t….”

Then Ransome said that on the first night she was the victim of violence from Jeffrey Epstein. He also abusively treated her during her entire stay on the island.

Since the territory was closed, Ransome had no chance to leave. She attempted to escape but failed. Jeffrey Epstein almost immediately found the girl and warned her about round-the-clock surveillance on his private island and the inability to be unnoticed.

Jeffrey Epstein

Another accuser, Virginia Roberts, said that the island was one of the favorite places of a pedophile billionaire. That’s because getting to it was almost impossible, he was very distant from other particles of land. Jeffrey Epstein’s private island was often called the “Pedophile Island” for a male friend’s fuck. But the real name Jeffrey gave it sounded like “Orgy Island” because this is what happened constantly there.

Sarah Ransome admitted that she was amazed at how the staff turned a blind eye and continued politely to meet the sexual rapist when he arrived on the island with a new batch of girls. Almost everywhere he had a cover: “On the Virgin Islands, at the airport everywhere they smiled at him sweetly. Although I suppose they all knew what he was doing with the girls, they were silent,” says Ransome.

Jeffrey Epstein

3. The Brave Defender

The Epstein case began 14 years ago. Then, in March 2006, he received the first complaint from a woman in Palm Beach, who reported that her 14-year-old stepdaughter was corrupted by a pedophile financier. As reported, she was brought to the mansion and paid her $ 300 for massage and undressing in front of Epstein. After a year of investigation by the police, it became known that the billionaire paid several more girls and did the same with them. After the search, it became clear that the remaining victims were also under 18 years old. A large number of cameras were found in the house, in almost all rooms and nude photographs of different girls. The media later said that it was those photos that were used for further blackmail. In total, the FBI received about 36 applications from women.

However, Epstein had refused all charges in court sometimes calling the questions about debauchery offensive and untrue. Sometimes jokingly answering that he would act as lawyers had ordered him, so he couldn’t tell any details, even if he wanted to.

Jeffrey Epstein

The director of the filming process about Epstein for Netflix said that she appealed to all representatives of the defense of the accused. But almost no one agreed to comment on the history of the multi-billionaire rapist to the camera. The only one who agreed to share information with the director was Alan Dershowitz. Lisa Bryant noted that accepting the invitation by Alan was a big surprise for the whole team.

“We were all shocked as far as Alan Dershowitz was ready for public dialogue,” shared the director of the film.

4. Prince Andrew is in Play Too

Another victim Giuffre stated that Alan Dershowitz said insulting phrases to her. However, the lawyer denied this and continued to deny it even during the interview. He constantly, according to Bryant, tried to protect himself. The lawyer filed a counterclaim last fall because of defamation in response to Giuffre. 

Giuffre made a public statement stating that Dershowitz, the pedophile financier Epstein, and Prince Andrew behaved socially unacceptable to her, using insults. They met in March 2001 in the London house of Epstein’s employee Ghislaine Maxwell. However, she later denied all evidence and denied any allegations.

Already from the series, you can see how Giuffre recalls their joint meeting: 

“When Andrew knocked on the door of Ghislaine’s house, we sat and drank tea… She has a favorite guessing game. Then she went to the prince and asked the question: “How old is Virginia?” And he answered: “She is 17 years old.” And his answer was absolutely correct. This was a joke, they laughed. And then the prince confirmed: “My daughters are also almost the same age already.” 

After that, according to Giuffre, the whole company went on vacation to the Tramp nightclub in central London where the prince was dancing. The girl said that she asked Epstein to take a photo with her whole family. However, after the photo, Ghislaine told her that now she should do the same for him what you do for billionaire Jeffrey. It was then that Prince Andrew used sexual violence against her.  

Jeffrey Epstein

All evidence by Giuffre was confirmed by Epstein’s employee Steve Scully, who worked for a financier from 1999 to 2005. He was engaged in the maintenance of information equipment and telecommunications on the private island of a billionaire. According to the worker, about a hundred trips took place before his eyes, during which different men came to the island to Epstein, including the well-known Prince Andrew, who had sexual relations with girls. 

“I saw when Prince Andrew visited the private island of Jeffrey Epstein in 2004. He came to the pool with some girl, I didn’t know her. She was completely naked. They had a prelude. Andrew clung to her and hugged her,” shares Scully in the movie.

After many years, when he was shown a photograph of Giuffre, he stated with absolute certainty that it was she who was pictured then.

Director Lisa Bryant shared that in Buckingham Palace she was denied shooting and interviews. But at the same time, she was in Australia with Giuffre at the very time when they published a video of Prince Andrew with a number of charges.

Lisa Bryant shared that Virginia was really very upset because of her BBC interview. Giuffre had no hope that Prince Andrew would react so coldly in the interview. She expected that his conscience tormented him at least a little. However, this didn’t happen, he was absolutely calm. 

5. Mazes of Fucking Blackmail

Jeffrey Epstein’s death brought together those who supported the idea of a conspiracy that the billionaire was intentionally killed. However, a New York forensic medical examination denied all these rumors and after the autopsy found that death was a result of suicide.

However, Cyril Wecht, an unknown pathologist who was associated with the Epstein family, said there was not enough evidence for suicide. He noted that there were only three fractures of the hyoid bone. And this was not what happened as a result of hanging or other suicidal acts.

Another accuser of the controversial multibillionaire Chauntae Davies, who was with Epstein, Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton on a special charity trip to Africa, agrees with this version.

“Many wanted the death of Jeffrey Epstein, he owned a lot of information about different people, and of course, it was beneficial for many to kill him. A lot of blackmail both in the form of photographs and videos.”

Jeffrey Epstein

In addition, Giuffre reported that the financier had a huge number of hidden cameras, especially in showers, toilets, bedrooms, and massage rooms. The girl confirmed the house was monitored every fucking second. Jeffrey Epstein watched everyone, it was such a way of further blackmail. He didn’t think that he was to blame for something when he conducted surveillance. On the contrary, he showed that he could easily get away with it.

But the director of the film from Netflix speaks about Vanity Fair ambivalently.

“Of course, there are a large number of those who would like his death, they are influential people who could have evidence,” confirms Brian.

She also expresses doubt about other versions:

“It’s unlikely that we’ll ever know the truth. Now it’s only clear that this is a suicide, and until the opposite has been proved, it makes no sense to talk about it.”

6. Go to Hell from Jeffrey Epstein!

Two days before his death the multibillionaire wrote a will in which he transferred over $ 570 million to a trust in the Virgin Islands. So, he expected his departure from the world.

Then the expert in the field of wills Patrick D. Goodman suggested the New York Times to use this way of maintaining confidentiality regarding money. After all, it’s the only way to hide it from prying ears and eyes, and this retains confidence in one individual in this matter.

In the film, a journalist from Fox Business speaks on this subject. He calls this legitimate step to transfer the will to the islands “the release of tragedy to a new level.”. Indeed, that’s how the victims could not get compensation from Jeffrey Epstein. And this once again confirmed that the rapist financier didn’t repent at all. But rather committed another unpleasant act showing that he remained right and blamed himself for nothing.

Jeffrey Epstein

Lisa Bryant also added that the money that the billionaire bequeathed now just lies on the account and there is little benefit from it in contrast to how victims could have needed this as compensation. But his act is really shameful and shows the level of his narcissism, selfishness, and sociopathy.

7. Lessons from Epstein’s Story

According to the director, the best-case scenario for those who survived Epstein’s violence is that the deal with him was cut short in 2008. This agreement was concluded under this deal to waive any legal proceedings, which was a good sign for several dozen victims of pedophile violence. So, the lawyer Brad Edwards, who led the case of about 20 prosecutors who filed a lawsuit against Epstein, claims that he used the maximum leverage to continue the fight and punish the sexual rapist for the sake of those girls who survived and continue to feel the traumatic experience.

But this hard process takes time since Jeffrey Epstein had a lot of friends who supported his offenses. After all, it really was a powerful, international sex trade turnover.

Jeffrey Epstein

Finally, Lisa Bryant added that now, thanks to the film, the whole world can see what such stories can lead to and draw your own conclusions. And of course, now victims of violence can count on the support of the world community and talk about their stories without fear of condemnation and reproaches. What about rapists such as Epstein, they will no longer be let out of sight in society, and moreover they will not be allowed to go unpunished. Perhaps he really punished himself having committed suicide.

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