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Top 10 Dumb News Headlines

From top news resources to some small media. Here is the list of dumb news headlines for you to laugh at.

Never read or watch the TV news in the morning! Not because of the eternal apocalypse in the world or a hemorrhoid commercial. It’s the mistakes of journalists and ridiculous headlines that will blow your brain. In the morning, stupid news is not what you need to start your day with. At lunchtime, in an atmosphere with delicious coffee and muffins, you can laugh at funny stupid news from journalists who couldn’t even re-read what they post on the website or broadcast. Let’s see a list of dumb news headlines!

Any journalist knows how important the headline is for the materials whether it is news, an article or a note on a couple of sentences. But just in pursuit of originality, the workers of the feather and voice recorder sometimes share such dumb news pearls that the meaning of the headline takes on a completely different shade. Well, or just someone does not verify what dumb news headlines he or she writes. In short, two points flourish here: someone likes to be smart and gives schizoid articles, while someone just doesn’t give a fuck.

1st place: The Sun Caught on Fire like the Brain of Viewers

dumb news headlines

The stupid news on Fox 26 is the pearl of our rating! Since looking at it you can’t just stop with the laughing, well, or crying, it depends on your reaction. Here, only the facepalm emotion is the answer to the dumb news about fire on the sun.

2nd place: CNN Is Not The Same

dumb news headlines

Study: “internet trolls are jerks” is an example of ridiculous headlines on the great CNN! Perhaps for some blogs, this is normally not so stupid news for lighting, but here I think it’s too much. The fucking study of the century! Someone pretty got high before releasing this crap on the CNN channel.

3rd place: Schizophrenia From The American Media

dumb news headlines

The dumb news that bugs flying around with wings are flying bugs is even more shit than the previous stupid news about the study. Perhaps for the tired-of-news journalist, all this seemed just a brilliant observing, but stop, let’s be honest with each other ‒ what kind of crap I’ve just read? They devoted a whole news material to this stupid info! Karl, what’s wrong with this fucking world?

4th place: Stupid News Today from the American Newspaper

dumb news headlines

When you see the dumb news headline “Health officials: Pools, Diarrhea Not Good Mix”, the only thing you could imagine is mass trips of people with diarrhea to the pools. Hmm… Journalists have made interesting conclusions… They don’t say bullshit, that’s how it is, the truth is why to write about so stupid news in the newspaper!? If there is a massive crapping of pools ‒ all this is justified. Then okay, Veronica Rosman, write further your brilliant articles and do your job.

5th place: The Best Performance of Athlete Tiger Woods

dumb news headlines

He is good at golf. Journalists could not come up with more dumb news headlines under Tiger’s athletic face. Well, unless to write one more thing ‒ good at sex, good at playing poker. Guys, anyway he is a 15-time winner of the Major and he is worth such ridiculous headlines. Maybe Woods is not just good at it? High five for this dumb news headline! 

6th place: Unbelievably Obvious Stupid News at 4 NEW YORK

dumb news headlines

Study: Youngest Child Considered Baby of Family. Read, read that again and now repeat this shit in unison what the fuck is this!? Most likely someone needs to be stopped with “discoveries”. So, you know, there will be no room for normal news. This is the kind of stupid news journalists who love to smoke before posting or uploading to the plot and trying to put it in our heads.

Let’s go further, we still have interesting stupid news today! Exhale, as there will be many emotions.

7th place: Some Funny Stupid News for Those Who are Afraid to Gain Weight

dumb news headlines

In short, if you did not know how not to gain excess weight, pay attention! Right now, on your head will drop a sensation as the pigeon shit: “Researches: Overeating Can Set Stage For Obesity”. Stupid news today is fine as we see them a lot. Probably you just need to take this and while reading the crap answer your indignation: “Okay, I will eat less.” Then close the newspaper and go busy yourself with something more useful or pleasant. Read a normal book, watch a scientific broadcast, just shut up. The third point seems to be much more useful than sensations and ridiculous headlines from some media.

8th place: How to Broadcast about The Murder

dumb news headlines

“Man killed to death”. This is very interesting not stupid news. You see, we get a double murder here. Well, or we face the artwork of an illiterate employee of the channel. But the main mission is completed ‒ the attention of the viewer is fully focused on ridiculous headlines!

9th place: Shocking News about The Weather

dumb news headlines

Seems there is no limit fo people’ stupidity. Although there will always be new strange findings by journalists who deserve to get into the funny stupid news section. One of such dumb news headlines is “rain creates wet roads”. Amazing, right? Who would have thought this is even possible!

10th place: Mysticism in an American Newspaper

dumb news headlines

Here is a headline in one American newspaper DAILY SUN: “Man kills himself and runs away”. It sounds very funny. Our dead are like that, they like to run around to scare children. It’s like a story of a beheaded chicken who was running for some time. Yes, a ridiculous headline and a bit terrifying.

And this is only a small part of the stupid news today, which is often launched and published in newspapers or broadcasted. Strangely, a group of editors does not look at the fact that information is being published to people. Well, sometimes you can neigh from the heart, though sometimes it’s all so absurd that it’s worth crying.

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