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Top 10 Safest Cars In India

Are you looking for a car that won’t kill you? We hope that you won’t have any accidents on the road ever, nevertheless, it’s better to think in advance!

Global New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) conducts regular new car safety checks. These are the results of their crash tests and 10 safest vehicles in India. They are ranked in order of the AOP (adult occupant protection) scores. So, if you’re looking for something high-quality and secure, consider such cars:

#1 Mahindra XUV300 – AOP score 16.42

10 safest car

The XUV300 is on the top with its highest protection score as of today. It also got 5 stars and 16.42 points out of a possible 17 from NCAP and yes, this vehicle was made in India! 🙂 

However, there’s room for further improvements for child protection, as the car got only 37.44 points out of 49.

As for safety measures, this Mahindra is equipped with two airbags, 4-wheel brakes, ABS and cornering brake control, anchorages for child seats, and seatbelt pretensioners.

#2 Tata Altroz – AOP score: 16.12

10 safest car

Another India-made car that got five stars is the Altroz premium hatchback. As the previous exponent, it got a high score for adult protection ‒ 16.12 out of 17. Child occupant protection has yet to be improved, as the car now has 29 points out of 49.

The jurors considered the Altroz’s body as stable and able to withstand loads. It is equipped with two airbags and ISOFIX seat anchorages by default.

#3 Tata Nexon – AOP score: 16.06

10 safest car

Back in 2018, the Nexon was the first vehicle from India that got five stars from NCAP. This model got the stars after the manufacturer added a seatbelt reminder and side-impact protection. Now it ranks third among the safest cars in India with 16.06 points for adult protection and 25 for child protection.

Except for ABS and two airbags, there are also emergency brake assist, stability control, and rollover mitigation.

#4 Mahindra Marazzo – AOP score: 12.85

10 safest car

This car was the first middle-class MPV that got full four stars from NCAP. It received 12.85 and 22.22 points for adult and child protection respectively. 

The Marazzo is staffed with ABS, 4-wheels disk brakes, child seat anchorages, and some other features by default, in every Marazzo car.

#5 Volkswagen Polo – AOP score: 12.54

10 safest car

Every year, this model is listed in the top five when it comes to passenger safety. It has come a long way from zero stars in 2014 (yeah, it wasn’t equipped with airbags) to four stars in 2021.

After the vehicle got two airbags, ABS, and other staff for occupant protection as standard, it holds one of the first rates annually. As for the points, the Polo got 12.54 and 29.91 for adults and children. 

#6 Mahindra Thar – AOP score: 12.52

10 safest car

Though Thar received the 12.52 score for adult occupant protection, it is one of the leaders in children’s safety. NCAP awarded it with 41.11 points out of 49 for the latter.

The standard versions now come with two airbags, ABS, stability control, child seat mounts, and 3-point seatbelts, as well as a roll cage.

#7 Tata Tigor – AOP score: 12.52

10 safest car

Interestingly, this compact sedan received 12.52 points for adult protection and impressive 34.15 points for child occupant protection, though it is not equipped with ISOFIX seat mounts by default. However, its safety has been strongly improved thanks to the update which implies a new front-end that fits all the safety requirements. This allowed the Tata Tigor to take an honorable seventh place in the top ten.

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#8 Tata Tiago – AOP score: 12.52

This Tata is pretty much alike to the previous exponent, and it also got a four-star rating and the same number of points from NCAP (12.52 and 24.15). As you can see, both vehicles are safe enough for the driver and their passengers, the only difference between them is the body type. Tiago is an entry-level hatchback.

#9 Suzuki Maruti Vitara Brezza – AOP score: 12.51

10 safest car

This car is the only Suzuki Maruti representative on the top 10 safest cars list. However, the manufacturer should introduce more improvements to overcome competitors. As for child occupant safety, the Vitara Brezza received only 17.93 points out of a possible 49.

As standard, the model comes with two airbags, ABS, front seatbelt pretensioners, and ISOFIX seat mounts.

#10 Renault Triber – AOP score: 11.62

10 safest car

The basic version of the seven-seat Triber is the tenth and final representative of the safest cars in India, according to the NCAP rating. Just like others, this model comes with two airbags, ABS, and good protection for front passengers. As for the children’s safety, this car from the French manufacturer received a 27-point score, which is not bad compared to other models on the list. However, it doesn’t have ISOFIX seat mounts, which may be important for people who have children.

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