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Travel Trends for 2020: What Has Changed?

Travel Trends for 2020: What Has Changed?

2010 has become a green light for all travelers. Traveling to other countries became much easier. The advent of short-term accommodation services, the inclusion of additional cities on tours, and the rapid growth of low-cost airlines have made our planet easily accessible. No one could resist the opportunity to see the “other world”.

Ads on social networks with alluring views of the islands and streets, local establishments and the beauty of wildlife helped to reach this point. Hundreds of accounts flocked around such offers like flies around honey. Instagram and Facebook offer innovative ads with an attractive price to a well-known country by using an individual approach. Moreover, the latest trends are trips to distant corners of the planet in search of a “genuine” true atmosphere to dive into unexplored places under the advice of an experienced guide or take a brilliant photoshoot in the most eminent and iconic corners where historical events took place.

The desire to make a sporting event out of travel, as it has been the previous 10 years, will go away. It’s boring just to visit every country in the world before forty or mark three top places on your travel map… Now, most booking agencies and inspiration sources lead travelers to the idea of how to spend every minute of their vacation as efficiently and unforgettable as possible.

That’s why the so-called “slow journey” becomes more popular. Its essence is maximum immersion and penetration under the skin of a place, its history, spirit, and atmosphere. This idea allows you to relax as much as possible to feel a new strength and intensive inspiration. Well, “slow travels” are eco-friendly and have a lot of benefits. It is confirmed by most environmental trends.

Zero Trail Travel

Some eco-activists already know about zero-track travels. These trips reduce carbon emissions in nature through the use of environmental modes of transport, special aircraft, electric cars, and bicycles. In 2020, this particular trend becomes one of the tops.

The Cool Effect company, which compensates carbon dioxide emissions, plans to release tools to minimize environmental pollution during the holidays.  

Many airlines, including EasyJet, aim to offset emissions from their entire fleet. Tour operators also take part in these eco-programs ensuring that our trail on the earth also disappears. The market leader is Natural Habitats now. In 2019, this tour operator began offering routes with minimal cost. Now the company is promoting the idea of ​​nature care. If the traveler books a trip to climate change and helps wildlife, he or she has guarantees and privileges for the whole year! For example, one of the bonuses is the compensation by the company of all customer needs for a year. The calculations are based on indicators of the size of the house, electricity bills, monthly expenses, as well as the fare considering the mileage of the car. Together with key experts from the World Wildlife Fund, participants of this eco-program can see whale migration to Cabo.

Among other companies that compensate environmentally-friendly travels, Metropolitan Touring is the largest tour operator in Colombia and Ecuador, as well as MSC Cruises. One of the travel companies Intrepid Travel is changing the vector from carbon-neutral to carbon-negative this year, which means total environmental friendliness and minimizing emissions.

In our life that is so automated to the smallest detail, there is so little natural idyll. That’s why living gardens become the highlight of most hotels. Maybe it sounds boring, but nature in the 21st century can surprise people. The opportunity to be alone with trees, flowers, birds in places as Gleneagles, a cult Scottish estate, is the best opportunity!

And at Dromoland Castle in Ireland, which age has reached 300 years, visitors have a chance to attend an official tour through the garden with the main gardener Dorothy Madden. But the most inexplicable combinations for relaxation may be found on another part of the Earth. The best evidence is Hampton in the US, where the new Shou Sugi Ban has focused not on the ocean, but on the harmony of Japanese gardens.

In Marrakech, to better emphasize its identity, the hotel is expanding its territory to create the so-called “nest”. Here guests can dine surrounded by palm trees, vines, and aromatic plants. It creates an unforgettable experience from contact with the beauty of nature.

But the exotic does not end. Perhaps the most striking example was the new Airelles Château de Versailles outside Paris. Here, guests are allowed to sleep in the palace, with unrivaled views of 2000 acres of gardens.

Most of the space looks epic green. Even the Alain Ducasse restaurant is housed in a glazed greenhouse that constantly brings pleasure for the eyes of visitors outdoors.

Caution: Your Vacation May Begin Before You Leave Home

If next year you decide to book a villa in Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, a surprise awaits you. After all, you do not have to pack your bags, get in a taxi and go to the airport. Your vacation will begin right at the exit of your fucking home!

Gallant butlers welcome you at your home and will kindly take you to the airport, along the way treating you to the most sophisticated food, and creating an atmosphere on the way. The option is also valid if you live in Chicago, New York, San Francisco.

An equally pleasant gift awaits you upon returning home. This will provide an opportunity to extend the feeling of relaxation as long as possible.

The new Mauna Lani, which has just opened in Hawaii, offers its visitors an additional experience before arriving at the hotel. This is either sending a special Arlo Skye suitcase or an invitation to classes in the room closet.

It is unclear whether wealthy guests will enjoy such a creative leisure organization. But the tendency to expand hotel options has long been seen in the tourism sector.

All-Inclusive Is Not just Two Habitual Words

Several resorts in 2019 were distinguished by their maximum variety and luxury. Thus, Blackberry Mountain opened in February with a program that includes everything from food to pottery and yoga. Compared to its older brother, the Blackberry Farm Hotel is an ultra-luxury class, where you have to pay for each service separately, everything is quite convenient here. So, a tree-climbing session costs about 175 dollars. Another $250 will cost parachuting. For a seven-course dinner with wines, you will need to pay the same amount.

Now let’s move to Chile, where a room at the Puro Vik hotel will cost $1200 per night. The system “all-inclusive “allows you to use all the services in unlimited quantities, including a bar and horse riding.

Marriott International takes part in a similar flash mob. The company acquired the universal brand Elegant Hotels. Now all seven of their Caribbean hotels will be updated. According to the hotel president, there is a huge public demand for luxury class and an all-inclusive system.

If you have ever given $ 32 for the cheapest glass of wine at your hotel in the Maldives, then this approach will greatly ease your life. Of course, some of the all-inclusive programs are designed for you to spend your entire budget in only one hotel. But in fact, they free travelers from the thought of linking desires to the dollar equivalent. And this option is priceless for many people.

Travel Clubs Back in Business

Travel clubs are associated with outdated agencies and programs that sell discounts on trips. Today, this sphere is being modernized and acquires a completely new meaning. This is becoming one of the most difficult ways to book travel.

For example, Inspirato Pass, a special subscription that acts as a buffet “all the places you can travel to.” Its cost varies from 2500 dollars a month. You will have as many nights as you wish in all partner hotels, luxury homes, or even on cruise ships.

From exclusive experiences, VIP access to sporting events is also included. There is an option for booking more than one trip at a time or traveling with a large company. In this case, the cost of services will increase proportionally.

The “third house” platform is curious. Thanks to it, the owners of mansions, unusual and extravagant holiday homes, can exchange them, renting each other’s property at the lowest price.

Also, there is a Priora membership club for fans of cultural events. For the second year running, the company has been creating various events. The famous “Nomadic Clubhouse” are like intimate parties only for club members. For example, one guest will celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi at the invitation of Maharaja Jaipur; another will spend a long weekend in Uruguay eating the fire-cooked dishes of the legendary chef Francis Mallmann.

Clubs in Hotels are Far From Boring

For many years, there has been a practice where hotels attract local residents to their doors ‒ both to generate additional income in restaurants and to give them a “genuine” atmosphere. From a guests` point of view, this idea is very entertaining. After all, having flown to Jamaica or the Maldives, I would like to talk not with my employee or friend, but to hang out in a fun local company. This is the idea that many hotels sell.

Check out Aman Resorts, whose Manhattan-owned property opens this year with 50 million apartments and a first-members club.

All registered guests will receive exclusive access, along with guests and residents, to the hotel’s three-story spa.

Other resort meccas are ready to offer the same program: Six Senses, Dorchester Dubai, Auberge Commodore Perry Estate in Austin, Texas, and Almanac Vienna. They will be opened with membership clubs next year.

Some of them focus on spa and wellness offers. The rest is about access to the organization of frequent events.

High-tech Resorts of the Future

Somadomes, Bod Pods is the idea of ​​healing and wellness using virtual reality technology. The latest recreation facility has just debuted at Four Seasons Resort Oahu. They have presented the space device Sensync, which is able to manipulate all five senses. During a 20-80-minute journey, the virtual reality headset “takes” guests to deep space, ocean bays or zen gardens. This smart machine emits similar sounds and smells, simulates wind and temperature, and uses real data about your breathing and heart rate to understand that you are relaxing.

Somadomes at the Ojai Valley Inn is a standalone module focused on meditation and light therapy.

Cruise Transformation: Less and Greener

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will be opened in the summer. It will be one of the pioneering companies that promises to change our minds about cruising.

Small ships, that look more like boutique residences than the floating pieces of Las Vegas, will be deployed around the world. This will make it possible to observe remote coastal areas.

We are not talking about 200 passenger ships, which are already used by all luxury cruises. These will be more independent, like the “floating ryokan” of Guntu in Japan. You will have a chance to observe a stunning view of the Seto Inland Sea from its sushi bar.

Innovations will give even greater freedom in the contemplation of beauty in different parts of our planet. That’s why, travel, open new pages of the big book of this world, get the most unforgettable impressions in the new 2020!  

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