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Venues in Denmark you should check in 2019

Fucking Awesome Holiday: List of 2019 Copenhagen Festivals

Are you not a lazy ass? Here is something for you! List of 2019 Copenhagen festivals will help to spend your holidays great and feel all shades of FUN. With this magical calendar, you will not yawn with a boring and dull tour guide in the capital of Denmark. 

Copenhageners will always find something to celebrate. Life’s in the style of a party, right? This is exactly what a brave tourist needs. They enjoy all types of events with cool music, booze, and many other entertainments. Of course, local sights are worth your look, but you don’t need to deprive yourself of simple pleasures and joy. This is a sin, ask Jesus and he will confirm.

The Copenhagen Spotlight 2019 Party Calendar 

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2019

festivals in Coppenhagen

From July 5 to 14, the pride of Denmark’s capital city will take place. This festival involves the whole of Europe already for decades. Believe it or not, but you can fly into space under such mighty rhythms. So, tourists and residents of Denmark should be very careful. Good music inspires! For 10 long and bright days, Copenhagen turns into the jazz capital of the world with the best musicians, where mere mortals come to listen to them and enjoy. Well, or just to see and touch their idol. Only one thing is guaranteed – jazz everywhere, even if you go to the boudoir, you will not hide there from inspiring jazz music. 

Copenhagen Summer Festival

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From July 28 to August 8, we are expecting too much heat. Since 1969, the summer festival gathers fans of interesting parties in the heart of Copenhagen. After all, the best artists will come there to play great compositions of classical chamber music. Event organizers want your damn heart to beat faster (it’s not about tachycardia).

Copenhagen Opera Festival

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From July 29 to August 5, a heavenly place for opera lovers will open its gates. For seven days, world-famous singers will fill the streets, halls, and houses of Copenhagen. Also, unknown musicians will be able to show their hidden talents. 


festivals in Coppenhagen

From August 1 to 4, one of the grandest festivals in the Universe will take place. Electronic music like an all-consuming drug is indescribable. You can just feel it! Go crazy with the first notes and not go back, you will have an evening of your life! Note, “Strøm” was created to strengthen the power of Danish electronic music. These days you will find enough activities for all ages, also free.

Copenhagen Pride

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From August 13 to 18, in the last month of summer, a free love festival will be held in Copenhagen. We are talking about the LGBT festival and Pride parade. If this party is for you, why not visit a place where there are no restrictions. Parties, concerts, free people, open communication and everything as it should be, yeap? Pride people are welcome even to those who don’t like a man of the same gender. Not a problem! Gay you or not, nobody cares. Love is the main thing! So, everything will be wonderful. Only if you are an ardent hater of such a love, you will get punched in your pretty face. You never know when you can mix up the festival of electronic music with the LGBT parade. It will be awkward, so it’s best to carefully read the event dates.

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

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From August 23 to September 1, visit the festival to spend the summer without a shame. Have you heard that the kitchen in Copenhagen is like a love spell? Good devil! This is a little piece of paradise for lovers of delicious and tasty food. Here you can treat your taste buds to the fullest, steal the fucking awesome recipe or even a Danish bun!

Culinary parties during this period are for different financial audiences. Even if you have no money, spending time with fun is real. So fly to Copenhagen and send the damn laziness away, which shouts: “It’s not bad at home either, dude!”


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From August 10 to 11, will be a festival in Refshaleoen where you can have a little drink. Delicious food, cool music, and BEER – everything you need to feel happiness. Besides, an impressive list of cool musical groups is promised. This is a new festival that promises to be unforgettable for tourists and people of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Yoga Festival

From August 24 to 26, will be held a festival for those who have known Zen or are in its active search… The weekend is dedicated to yoga at the Copenhagen Yoga Festival. It is sin not to know harmony, while the event will take place in damn cool places Thioren, Amager Strandpark. It is so beautiful there that you can drop your jaw in wonder. Here will gather like-minded people who want to know their essence, the possibilities of body and soul, to find themselves in this big and senseless Universe.


From August  23 to 25, a festival of culture will take place in the harbor of Copenhagen. It is completely free, despite the fact that there will be many interesting events. Kulturkhavn will become a cultural epicenter for a passionate party-goer. “Culture Festival at Copenhagen Harbor” is open to everyone, so excuses are not accepted!

World Music Festival

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From September 5 to 9, the World Music Festival is waiting for you to come. For those who missed summer relax or just want to continue a cool party. Autumn has prepared the world music festival. The most delicious tracks for fans of the coolest music. Copenhagen will gather talents from all over the world. Only here you can truly lose yourself in the world of music. The variety of genres and the hospitality of Copenhagen to new styles will take your breath away!


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From September 27 to October 10, will be an interesting festival for film fans. Now you will say: “Well, finally something for us!” Yes, prepare for parties devoted to high-quality motion pictures.

The images film festival in Copenhagen, at least once in a lifetime, everyone must visit. “CPHPIX/Buster” will gather together people of different ages, showing high-quality movies from a wide range of countries and cultures. Perhaps you can find inspiration to make your own movie whether it is drama or horror (maybe porn, there’s no accounting for taste).

MIX Copenhagen LGBTQ Film Festival

From October 26 to November 4, prepare your eyes for the MIX Copenhagen LGBTQ Film Festival. Those who were at the Copenhagen Pride are smoothly moving to new adventures. MIX Copenhagen LGBTQ Film Festival is one of the oldest festivals dedicated to gay films. It is the most ambitious in Denmark. The main purpose of the event is to explore the sexual boundaries of man. Aesthetic, informative and fascinating! Not for everyone, of course, but someone will like it. Maybe you, cool man. 

Copenhagen shows the coolest festivals for every taste every year. Do you want to deepen into the world of opera? Don’t mind, bro, come on! Are you exploring the sexual boundaries of a human? We know how it is, dude, go to the LGBT festival. Urgently need a dose of electronic music? Well, visit “Strøm”. Do not sit on the place, you lazy ass! Spend time extremely fucking good!

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