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What is Valentine’s Day About? Everything You Need to Know About It and Even More

The 14th of February is one of the most hated and loved holidays in the year at the same time. How come this day has such a diverse reputation? Is it all just a marketing scam for our consumer society or maybe there is something more? Let’s sort out this fucking holiday once and for all!

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This is a fucking long read, so if you are in a hurry to buy your beloved a shitty mug or smth I ain’t stopping you, beat it!

Where did it all start

There is a shitload of legends, but here we’ll give you two of them. Of course, all of you heard the absurd story of the saint Valentine, who was helping men and women get married in times of the cruel Aurelian II (who thought that men fight better without women on their minds). So the story goes in two ways.

The first is that, once Valentine was sent to prison, he met the sentinel’s daughter, because obviously in the prisons back then they also had a “bring your child to work day”. And of course, he fell in love with her. Before his death hour, he sends her a letter, telling her how much he loves her. Unfortunately, she read it only after his death on the 14th of February.

The second way of the legend is even more bizarre. There Valentine is a patrician, who secretly turns his slaves into Christians. This was fucking illegal, so he got caught with a man and a woman at the moment of their wedding. Long story short, he was from the upper class, so he wouldn’t be killed, but the slaves were dead meat. Wishing to encourage the doomed co-religionists, Valentine writes them letters in the form of red hearts, meaning Christian love. A fucking blind girl was supposed to transmit the messages to the newlyweds (it’s funny how one gives such a task to a blind girl), but unexpectedly Valentine himself came into the dungeons and persuaded the guard to let his servants go in exchange for his life. Before entering the death arena, Valentin passed the last letter, sanctified by faith and kindness, to the blind girl who, after this, of course, received her sight and became a one of a kind beauty.

The marketing never sleeps

Most certainly every hallmark holiday is a marketing scam. It’s not a secret that everyone around is trying to seduce you, more accurately speaking, to seduce your wallet. Christmas, New Year, St Patrick’s day, etc. If you have even the slightest intention of spending money, advertisements will help you (or even make you) decide how much and on what. Only an idiot wouldn’t use such a wonderful legend for making some extra cash. And what we mean by extra you can see in the table below.

It’s all in your head

But wait, don’t get all radical and violent. After all, you are the one who decides (or so it should be). The main triggers of buying things on Valentine’s Day, sadly are the guilt feeling and self-doubt.

Why? Because if you have a partner and you remember to buy them something only on Valentine’s day, it’s probably not because of your faithful love, but more because of all the ads around. And the other side (more often women crave it) is when you need a present for Valentine’s Day so that you can feel loved and valued.

What the actual fuck, people, Love isn’t about giving and receiving presents. It’s about you both being happy every single day, and every single day helping out each other, to grow together and shit. So in a way, it’s fucked up when you show your love once a year, but it’s cool if you have the additional opportunity to give some gratitude to your partner (it doesn’t have to cost a fucking fortune though).

And what about the lonely hearts

It’s not a fucking secret that people who don’t have a partner tend to feel even more shitty on 14 February. And here again, the substitution of concepts takes place. Who the fuck told you that you can share your love only with your partner??

For fuck sakes, if you are the forever alone type, just fucking organize a romantic time for you parents or just tell your friends you love them. If you don’t speak to any of the people above, then it’s fucking time to start!

Get your shit together and put it in a shit museum. If nobody loves you, then chances are you don’t love yourself… So give your self some quality time. Take that bath with wine you wanted for months, but never had the time to. Go to a fucking opera, not for the music, just to look fucking fancy. I don’t know, give yourself a go. You don’t need a gf/bf to feel good!

What is it about Valentine’s Day. Everything you need to know about it and even more. In conclusion, we just hope you twifters are happy with yourselves, no matter what day or month it is!

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