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Why Starbucks Is No Longer an Icon of Coffee Quality

It’s a pity that thousands or even millions of Starbucks fans need to confess they drink shit. Why? Everything is simple – first and foremost, it is a large global brand with a huge customer flow – are you sure that they will do miracles with every cup of coffee?

Previously, that was possible when Howard Schultz only started his career and didn’t even know that he’ll publish his “Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time” and many other books. Years passed and their coffee doesn’t cause a stir anymore. On the contrary, even those who used to enjoy coffee from Starbucks say that it is now more like donkey urine than real coffee!


Okay, you might say that it’s not necessary to be a genius to crap someone’s efforts, so what’s the alternative? Where should people who love coffee more than anything in the world look for a cup of the best invigorating flavor? Let’s see…

Why Does Coffee Taste Different? 

If you have ever visited well-known Starbucks, you might notice that there are notes of bitterness accompanying every cup of coffee. People believed that it is burned or improperly prepared. And we agree with that, making coffee is not a job – it’s an art, and one should be a professional to make coffee play with new shades.

All you must know before getting your beloved beverage is that there are three types of roasts:

  • Light – if your coffee is roasted just a bit, the smell and taste will be mild and pleasant.
  • Medium.
  • Dark – this type implies bitterness in flavor because coffee beans are burnt. 

Yeah, man, coffee is so much like a juicy STEAK with its degrees of roasting! 


Dark Coffee = Popular Coffee?

This might seem strange but a dark roast is common in the US. That’s why everyone there enjoys Starbucks coffee – someone even can’t start their day without getting a bitter coffee-to-go.

Another reason why people love bitter dark coffee is a false prejudice that it contains a lot of caffeine. We are sure –  the stronger the coffee, the faster it wakes us up! And now, from a sleepy fly, we are turning into Captains America and Tony Starks, and we are ready to protect the planet from Thanos and other misfortunes, especially from the annual tax report at work.


Actually, this is a myth! The most strong coffee is lightly roasted – the concentration of caffeine is the highest there! What’s more, the flavor is extremely fruity. 

A medium roast means sweet and balanced flavor, because of chemistry inside beans. The glucose is heated up and not burned away. This is what a dark roast lacks – all the nice flavors are burned, so only bitter taste is left.

Still, the flavor depends on the quality of the beans – if they are expensive, even dark roast can bring you satisfaction.

The Price is Everything

Let’s return to Starbucks. They use a dark roast not only cause they want everyone to feel that bitter taste and laugh at your tortures, not. Dark roast is cheap, so it’s cost-effective for them. 

Low-quality beans are cheap – they grow and mature fast, so they can’t absorb the flavors during the growth. So, that’s the reason for the lack of pleasant taste. An ideal option for the mass market! 

So, you now know why Starbucks is not offering unique and flavored coffee. This would be just unprofitable. Still, we are not Starbucks haters, and all of us have a sin of coming to this cafe and getting a quick cup of strong espresso. Fortunately, many people are not gourmets at all, so they will continue making profit to the popular Starbucks empire.

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