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Will cannabis ever be legal in Denmark?

It’s a really long route for Danish people to legalize our favorite plant. Denmark is the site of one of Europe’s most frustrating cannabis legalization fights right now. Despite that cannabis is profitable for the country and there are already many stockholders who are ready to invest, including Canadian firms Atlas Biotechnologies, Aurora Cannabis, Aphria, ICC International Cannabis, The Green Organic Dutchman and Canopy Growth.  

Still, Denmark can even make it through with medical marijuana. The government is engaging stakeholders about the future of the country’s medical cannabis pilot program, but industry and government sources say the talks are at an early stage and a decision won’t be made until after the scheme’s formal evaluation next year.

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Fortunately, some steps are made. Cannabis-based medications are available here with a prescription. This includes Sativex, a full-plant-based spray. Marinol, a THC synthetic, is also available by prescription. 88% of Danes support medical reform. Medical test results from trials are also likely to open the conversation more. However, that is still the future. Denmark’s four-year medical cannabis trial program launched Jan. 1, 2018.

Although it will take much time until we see coffeeshops in Denmark. 50% of the population favors full legalization. However, cannabis is still illegal here. Technically, the use of drugs including cannabis is not illegal. Everything else, starting with possession is.


This is a dichotomy that both confuses and upsets the Danes. There are many attempts to discuss it. City officials in Copenhagen keep trying one avenue. However, their request for a drug trial has just been shot down for the fourth time by the federal government. Officials are responding to local drug-fuelled violence.

The “free town” section of the city called Christiana has long been tolerated as an open cannabis market. The original intent was to supply local residents with home-grown weed. Unfortunately it has also turned into an open drug market. It attracts tourists and gangs alike.


In an effort to shut this down, the Christiana market was razed after a gunfight last fall. City officials are still trying to get a limited, regulated rec market off the ground. We can only wish patience to our Danish weed buddies. Stay strong, time will come.  

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