TWIFT | Europe | Denmark buys new equipement to hunt submarines

Denmark buys new equipement to hunt submarines

In the century of modern technology and new humanitarian science, Denmark (like many others) continue investing in weapons. And now they will be able to hunt submarines.

The military analyst believes, the new sonars could bring Denmark up to another league in NATO, which is now focused on Russian submarines in the Baltic Sea and in the waters around Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The Navy’s nine Danish Seahawk helicopters can look forward to having high-tech sonar equipment fitted to spot submarines.

The defense has once again taken a shopping trip in the United States and this time has put in place an advanced system for tracking submarines in the shopping cart. The price is just over $1.3 billion.

The Danish procurement includes nine special dip sonars that can be fired from the Armed Forces’ new Seahawk helicopters into the water to give an overview of what is moving beneath the surface.

In addition, there are 600 so-called Space, which can be laid out over a larger sea area for “sniffing” submarines.

The Navy’s chief, Rear Admiral Torben Mikkelsen, says this is actually one of the things that NATO wished they could do better. So there is no doubt that now Denmark wilk get it fully implemented, walking in the new league.

At the Defense Academy, military analyst and war captain Anders Puck Nielsen also sees the new dip sonars as a significant strengthening of the Danish defense.

The new equipment gives the Danish a very exciting perspective. This means that they can now join some of the American, British and French operations in the area called GIUK Gap. GIUK stands for Greenland, Iceland and the UK (UK) and the term GIUK-Gap refers to the large sea area between Greenland and the UK.

Sad to see the NATO arena as a kids’ playground where when you have a lot of toys, the main bullies start valuing you, especially when you buy the toys from one of them. But if you don’t have enough toys, you just can’t be on the playground.

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