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The Fifa 2020 eWorld Cup

The FIFA eWorld Cup was held on August 2-4 in London. The 32 best players from Spain, Germany, England, France, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, and other countries fought to become the champion of the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 and win 250000 thousand dollars.

For the first time, FIFA was showed in six languages: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese. The group stage draw looked like this:

Group A – Xbox

Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt (ENG) – # 1

Michael “MegaBit” Bittner (GER) – # 4

Tom “Stokes” Stokes (ENG) – # 5

Pedro “Resende” Resende (BRA) – # 8

Dani “Dani” Hagebeuk (NED) – # 9

Javier “Janoz” Munoz (COL) – # 12

Tassal “Tass” Rushan (ENG) – # 13

Ebio “Ébinho” Da Costa Filho (BRA) – # 16

Group B – Xbox

Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary (KSA) – Seed # 2

Lucas “DaXe” Cuillerier (FRA) – # 3

Niklas “NRaseck” Raseck (GER) – # 6

Nawid “GoalMachine” Norzai (CAN) – # 7

Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen (GER) – # 10

Marcus “MarcusGomes” Gomez (AUS) – # 11

Fouad “Rafsou” Fares (FRA) – # 14

Kilian “Zidane10” Pita Ossario (ESP) – # 15

Group C – PlayStation

Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba (ARG) – # 1

Lev “LevVinken” Vinken (NED) – # 4

Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkous (GER) – # 5

Diogo “tuga810” Pombo (POR) – # 8

Fatih “Üstün” Üstün (DEN) – # 9

Victor “Tore” Dos Santos Coelho (BRA) – # 12

Erhan “DrErhano” Kayman (GER) – # 13

Marco “Marko” Brijeski (AUS) – # 16

Group D – PlayStation

Corentin “MaestroSquad” Thuiller (FRA) – # 2

Stefano “Pinna97” Pinna (BEL) – # 3

Joksan “Joksan” Redona (USA) – # 6

Chris “Didychrislito” Holly (USA) – # 7

Flavio “Fifilza” Brito (BRA) – # 10

Gonzalo “RastaArtur” Pinto (POR) – # 11

Henrique “Zezinho” Lempke (BRA) – # 14

Tim “TheStrxngeR” Katnawatos (GER) – # 15

Fifa 2020 eWorld Cup

It was a surprise that one of the favorites, Tekkz, who scored the most points in the Global Series was defeated by Megabit in the group’s seventh-round and unexpectedly flew out of the tournament.

The funny fact is that the representatives of Germany did not win the eWorld Cup until this year. They were the leading national team in the last year’s eight-player grand final. This year everything has changed with the triumph of MoAuba.

Speaking of titles, not a single reigning champion has retained his title since the start of the tournament in 2004. MsDossary looked as if he could be the first to defeat everyone on his path, but Mohammed stopped the carrier car.

Never give up! Player Nicolass99fc proved at the tournament that you can go far even with a bad start. He was without points after three matches. He kept his composure and reached the Playstation finals, but the future champion stopped Nicholas. 

At last, two challengers clashed. The best Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players fought for reaching the final. The grand final took place on both consoles. 

The 23-year-old champion was asked about the success of his victory:

— “FIFA has been on the market for more than a year, the game has not changed much and only a few updates have arrived, the game is fully learned. That’s why I played so little time before the World Cup, like never before. In such a tournament, it is simply important to go through your game and stay relaxed. Don’t be nervous no matter how big the scene is. I was in the semifinals at the last two world championships and now I have won. Well, I just feel comfortable there. I don’t need to train a lot, because other players often play worse when they get nervous.” 

Fifa 2020 eWorld Cup

Mo also added that he was surprised by the audience support that gave him confidence in the final:

—  “I was surprised that so many people were supporting me, especially the British guys,” — he said after his victory. —  “It was great and everyone who knows me understands that I enjoy playing in front of a crowd. Thank you.”

The German from Werder received a grand prize of $250000 US dollars and the worlds` champion title.

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